Rise of Glory (WP)

Windows Phone

Rise of Glory (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Rookie10 (10)Kill 3 enemies without getting killed
Wingman10 (10)Kill 5 enemies without getting killed
10 Kills
10 Kills11 (10)Accumulate 10 enemy kills during gametime
Instructor11 (10)Kill 7 enemies without getting killed

Least Earned

10000 Kills
10000 Kills25 (10)Accumulate 10000 enemy kills during gametime
5000 Kills
5000 Kills24 (10)Accumulate 5000 enemy kills during gametime
1000 Kills
1000 Kills22 (10)Accumulate 1000 enemy kills during gametime
500 Kills
500 Kills19 (10)Accumulate 500 enemy kills during gametime
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