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Posted on 11 November 17 at 03:37
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Hello Guys and welcome to my next review. I try to give you some basic information about the game.

I got this game as a compensation from Microsoft, after the AoE: Definitve Edition debacle. So if you preordered the game and got refunded, you should get a code for download.

I played this game a few hours now and i show you what i like and what not:


Rise of Nations: Extended Edition is a RTS game similar to Age of Empires. Your basic option is to build up your "nation", get your economy running, buildung an army and defeat your opponents, as simple as that.

The gameplay varies as there are lots of options and game modes you can choose from. From Quick Play up to Campaign, there is everything what you would expecting from a modern RTS game.

Surprisingly there is a lot of it. If you wish to play a game with no bounds, you can choose quick play and set nearly everything. Choose whatever you like, from your allies, the nations, the teams, the map, style, variant of mode, population etc. The options to make your "quick" game most fun is absolutely possible. If you want to rush your enemy within minutes or want to make a long session, the choice is yours. (Example: In the game mode "Assassin" you get a target player and you only can fight against him or otherwise you will be punished).

Currently i didn't played the campaigns yet, so i will update this later.

The graphics looks very old to me. It reminds me of the graphical level of AoM (Age of Mythology) when it was released. It looks ok, but don't expect any high-definition visuals.
The graphic options are customizable, but i guess you can't really see the difference. You can change the resolution, but mine was low, because i got problems seeing the tiny words when i chose over 2700 pixels.

After playing some rounds, i got annoyed by the music and tone of the game. It is always the same, not much like AOE when you had more musical selection of a nice soundtrack. If you don't mute the sound effects, you will always hear the same tone, whenever you click on a button. So: Really poor musical and sfx elements.

This game has 38 achievements with a total of 1000GS. I don't think there will be an update. But you will be grinding again for achievements for constructing, destroying units and buildings. Lots of them. Luckily, there are methods of grinding these fast enough. Just look at the descriptions, so you can get your 1.000.000 resources and/or units. Yes. 1 goddamn million units to train. Ridicolous.
However, a few other achievements are quickly done, like winning in several forementioned game-modes or difficulties or multiplayer games.
In this case it is for your advantage, as you can boost the 100 won games by yourself. (Only counts in multiplayer). The difficulty related ones are done in minutes. Just acquire a team of 6 other AI's, make them "toughest" and wait a couple of minutes. Before you even start building units, your allies will already beat the shit out of the single enemy. The other achievements are campaign-related.

I played some rounds and did not encounter any bugs or glitches or broken achievements. Everything went without any problems and every achievement unlocked properly.

This review is NOT finished yet, i will give more information on this. So please be patient. This is only a first review, so you can get a feeling about the game.
If you didn't got the game by MS for free, then 20 bucks for this game is a bit overpriced. It is not that worth, as the game does not match the quality of AOE or other similar games in evolvement. It is feeling like a smaller version of AOE, but it has all basic things, you would expect from a RTS game.
So don't think this is a total disappointment. It is actually fun.

(+) Easy and nice RTS game
(+) Kind of old-school. Not overloaded with in-game pop-ups.
(+) Very helpful tips that you can adjust too
(+) Lots of options for your perfect game
(+) Multiple, funny game variants
(+) A whole load of different nations with its special abilities

(-) Pretty much expensive
(-) No good music
(-) Game Limitations (you can't build a second centre next to the first one)* (*=I will put more information on this later)
(-) Low graphics
(-) Extremely grindy, and boring achievements

So this was my first review of the game. If you vote negative, please tell me why. I will improve the critical spots.
If you don't understand anything, then i apologize, as i am not a native speaker.
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