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Posted on 24 December 13 at 17:34
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First off, this is my first ever review, so I hope I cover all aspects for you. Constructive critiscism is welcomed.

You are in control of the Guardians. North, Bunnymund, Jack Frost, etc. Based on Fairy Tales characters. As long as children believe in you, then the Nightmares will be kept at bay.

There are 5 worlds, each with 5 sections in. The area maps all contain locations of collectables, and is generally very easy to follow. Opening the teleportation gates will allow you to travel between areas.

Graphics: Very well presented for a kids game, and the animation in the cut scenes is something I am a fan of anyway. No noticeable lag during the game making it poor viewing. Not AAA standards, but far superior to other games in the Kids & Family category

Music and Sound FX: Enjoyable to listen along to, well the music at least. The Guardians comments become repetitive at times, and towards the end of the game, you will have the Mute button on your TV at the ready.

Playability: Thr camera is fixed, but that by no means makes the game harder. Its always placed to make sure you see as much as possible
Essentially, its a button masher. Go to one place on the map, collect item, or kill the Nightmares then move on. Just mash the A button, and occasionally the X, Y or B for Special attacks. In essence, its a simple game for 1-4 players. Luckily, the AI is actually very impressive, and will keep on top of attacking the enemy.

Achievements: Now, I know this is why you are here. Its the same reason why I grabbed a copy of the game. 49 achievements, and they are all pretty straight forward, and you will have a lot of difficulty in missing any. I got them all in one play through. Just follow a guide, and you cannot go wrong. I got them all over a period of 3 sessions over 3 days in well under 10 hours total. The majority popped for me in the latter half of the game.

Overall: If your looking for an easy game to boost your score by 1000g, then you can do a lot worse. Its not the best game ever, and once you are done, you won't likely play it again. But its worth a rent, and you can do it in a couple of days. I give it a 3.5 stars rating, as it does become repetitive quickly, with little else to offer, but the fact its got good AI, and looks good keep that score up.

Hope my review was informative towards your decision to give the game a go. Again, any comments are welcomed. Good luck with the 1000g.
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Posted on 16 February 13 at 03:55
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Pretty easy 1000/1000. Very simple gameplay, basically just smashing buttons. Plenty of enemies, so buying all the gems is a breeze. Most of the forty-nine achievements come from just playing through and if you pay attention to the list before you start, it will only take one playthrough. All of the treasures, cage breaks, find your center, etc. are on the map and nothing is really hidden. There are a few achievements that require you to smash a certain amount of specific objects on each board. And one achievement in particular would be easy to miss (destroy all Nightmares, the Horses, on every board) if you don't walk all the way around every map. Just do everything on every board until you don't see anything on the map, then move on. Only took about 4-5 hours and if I was really trying, it probably would've went faster.
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