Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360) Walkthrough

11. Story - Abandoned Mines


Strongboxes: 2
Relics: 1
Documents: 5
Murals: 1
Survival Caches: 3
Coin Caches: 3



Shortcut - Find a way through the mountain

Follow Jacob through the path. You'll eventually be split from Jacob and have a short action sequence. After the action, head to an open cave where you'll have to kill three guards. Push the elevator button across from where you entered to bring the elevator down. Next, push the minecart across the tracks and collect SURVIVAL CACHE 1/3 to the right of the end of the tracks. Jump on the minecart and climb up where you'll receive the COMBAT KNIFE. As long as you have the Brawler skill Deadly Force, you can use the knife to perform 25 stealth kills to unlock:

Blade of Justice in Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)
Perform 25 special stealth kills with the knife
  • Unlocked by 1,661 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 1.76) 5,169

Use it to cut the rope of the suspended crate and the elevator. Climb the elevator and the craggy ice wall to reach the top where NOBLE EFFORTS (DOCUMENT 1/5) is on a crate. This will raise your Russian level to level 3.

Continue forward until Lara mentions the Lost City. MISSING MEN (DOCUMENT 2/5) is on the floor to the left, before the spike trap. MURAL 1/1 is up ahead with the Pantheon Corridor Base Camp after the trap.

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Shortcut - Break through the door

Continue up the stairs to the open area and kill all the soldiers. Under the 5 murals of people in a semicircle that are not collectible is RESISTANCE (DOCUMENT 3/5). Turn around and go to the second depression in the floor (both depressions have some water). Turn left and grab the CRAFTING TOOL (STRONGBOX 1/2). This will help you towards the Weaponsmith (Fully upgrade one weapon) achievement. Go past the second depression and collect RADIO SILENCE (DOCUMENT 4/5) on some boxes to the left of the machine with the zip line.

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Go up the zip line and then go down the right one. You'll latch onto a truck that's about to fall. Shimmy your way to the left to pull yourself up. Push the cart perpendicular to the truck off the edge and then connect the cart near the truck to the crank at the top. Pull the cart up and then cut the rope. The truck in front of you will fall as well as a truck behind you, making a new path out when it falls. Follow the new path and you'll eventually drop down and have to deal with some soldiers. After the initial wave, another one, covered by a smoke bomb, will come down. In the back left corner, before reaching the craggy ice wall, is SURVIVAL CACHE 2/3. At the very back, on the edge of stone floor, is a MONOLITH. Head back to where you dropped in and collect COIN CACHE 1/3. Continue to the objective beacon and climb the craggy ice wall (careful, as the stairs before the ice wall will crumble beneath you and you will slide down). Head down some stairs and to the left is A FATHER'S SWORD (RELIC 1/1). Examine the broken piece to earn more XP.

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Jump across the stone pillars behind you and collect COIN CACHE 2/3 near the flood light in the corner. Near the cache is an EXPLORER SATCHEL, but be careful for the spike trap between it and the cache. Get back and path and tear down the roped barricade. On the left, right after the barricade, is a raised platform where BROKEN TRACKS (DOCUMENT 5/5) lies on a crate. Jump back down. You'll have to climb another craggy ice wall, but there's a trap at the base, so be careful. In the next open area (which is the same one as before) there will be more soldiers, including one with a riot shield. Once they're killed, back track a little to collect COIN CACHE 3/3 (use your map to find it). Follow the objective beacon and climb the ladder. At the top is STRONGBOX 2/2 and SURVIVAL CACHE 3/3. Climb the white-marked wooden wall and an ARCHIVIST MAP will be on the left.

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Zip line down and shimmy right. Once on land, push the cart with the crank to a position where you can connect it to the giant bucket with a roped arrow. Use the crank to pull the bucket under the falling water to fill up the bucket. You'll then have to run for the door in an action sequence and a cutscene will start playing.

Warming Up - Enter the Valley

Exit through the water (there's a spike trap right before it!), climb up some stairs, zip line down, and enter the Geothermal Valley.


Time Codes:

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