Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360) Walkthrough

12. Story - Geothermal Valley


Tombs: 4
Strongboxes: 8
Crypt Treasures: 2
Relics: 13
Documents: 33
Murals: 4
Survival Caches: 20
Coin Caches: 9

Bull's-Eye - Shoot all targets in the bull's-eye with an arrow
Hung Out to Dry - Cut down all the rabbits
Fowl Play - Catch chickens and throw them into the chicken pen
High Diving - Dive off all the high dive locations

Defensive Strategy - Gather 4 hardwood branches and 4 deer hides / Put resources into the basket / Deliver resources to the 2nd tower
Surveillance Disruption - Locate and shoot down the drones in the valley
Ancient Secrets - Recover knowledge from tombs

Prepare for Battle - Investigate the valley

After the cutscene, STRONGBOX 1/8 will be to your left. SURVIVAL CACHE 1/20 will be to the right of the strongbox. You can then rest at the Valley Farmstead Base Camp. Under the tarps, on a table is PLANTER VASE (RELIC 1/13).

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Climb down the stairs and jump over the low wall. Take the path to your right and a destructible barrier will be in your way. Tear it down and BEAR CARVING (RELIC 2/13) will be on the floor to your left and ARCHIVIST MAP will be on a table to your right.

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Come up from the path and head to the first house across from you, the blacksmiths. They will have WINTER (DOCUMENT 1/33) on a table to the left of the fireplace. Exit the door near the fireplace and head right to a ruined building. On the first floor, STRONGBOX 2/8 and FIRE ON THE HORIZON (DOCUMENT 2/33) will be on the floor next to each other. On the side of the ruin not facing the cliff is TARGET 1/8. You must shoot these with an arrow.

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Past the ruined building, near the cliff, is THE MOURNING (DOCUMENT 3/33) in between two people. Keep hugging the cliff side and you'll reach SNARED RABBIT 1/6 which you should cut down. Now start DEFENSIVE STRATEGY (MISSION 1/4) from the Remnant near the wooden tower near the cliff. For this mission, you will have to find the stacks of branches and kill deer for their hides. You may already have some supplies. Once you get the supplies, you will need to deliver the resources to various baskets. BASKET 1/2 will be next to the man who gave you the mission.

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Next, head to the house nearest of the ruined building, but not near the edge. This is the kitchen and it has SPRING (DOCUMENT 4/33). Turn to the left of the document and you'll see a shack with a CHICKEN PEN connected to it. You will need to catch 6 CHICKENS and throw them into the pen for a challenge. Past the shack, in the pumpkin patch, is a MONOLITH. Turn around and collect the newly revealed COIN CACHE 1/9.

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Head back to the kitchen and look at the shack with the chicken pen, head along the stone path (the one that doesn't lead to a wooden one), collect ON THE SMALLEST PREY (DOCUMENT 5/33), and cut down the SNARED RABBIT 2/6. Both of these will be near a tarp to your left. Continue to the path that heads upwards. Once you pass the bridge, there will be a small are to your right. SURVIVAL CACHE 2/20 is near the tree with the visible trunk, that is not by the edge, and by the rocks with moss.

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Looking down from the cliff, there will be rocks that bulge from the side of the cliff (they glow yellow when you activate Survival Instincts). Jump down twice and then once across to collect EXPLORER SATCHEL. Now jump towards the waterfall, where a faint edge can be seen. Get into the cave and break down a wall. Jump into the water and then get out. RIVKAH, THE ARCHITECT (DOCUMENT 6/33) can be found on the floor near a cliff right after getting out of the water. Jump down the cliff and follow its path. MURAL 1/4 can be found on this path. Continue down the path, go down a zip line, and CRYPT TREASURE 1/2 will be in a small room. Exit the cave.

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Back at the entrance, jump down into the water and get back on dry land to your right. MURAL 2/4 will be on stone pillar covered with vines and moss. Using the tree behind the pillar, jump on top of the pillar and collect ON LOCAL BIRDS (DOCUMENT 7/33).

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Now go to the other side of the river by using the broken bridge. Shoot down TARGET 2/8 near the tree without its outer trunk.Head right, follow the rocks on the edge, and jump down to the wooden bridge nearest to you (the one not touching the rocks). Shoot TARGET 3/8 under the railing and then jump to the other wooden bridge. Use the hanging rope coil to get across and collect EXPLORER SATCHEL to the left of where you land. Instead of heading down, crawl under the hole in the rocks and defeat the wolves on the other side. Hanging from the branch over the cliff is TARGET 4/8.

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Open the gate and follow its path. In the room that Lara is astonished, collect SURVIVAL CACHE 3/20 near the well-like structure. Climb the stairs and collect BELT BUCKLE (RELIC 3/13) on a table in a hallway. Right after the relic, light up the Infirmary Base Camp. Across from the base camp lies LAST PARTING (DOCUMENT 8/33).

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When you enter the tomb, collect SURVIVAL CACHE 4/20 to the right. Straight ahead from the entrance is NECKLACE (RELIC 4/13).

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To the left of the relic, connect the roped platform to the roped hook with a roped arrow. Back at the entrance, look left and pull out a cart as much as you can. Pull the roped lever above the roped bucket and then quickly tie the bucket to the cart with a roped arrow. Use the stairs to the right of the entrance to get up. After shimmying, grab HINTERLANDS (DOCUMENTS 9/33) to your left.Proceed into the room and collect the ARCHIVIST MAP and FAST HEALER.


Before exiting the cave, go into the pool of water on the right of the tomb's entrance and dive at the far right corner. Here you'll find an EXPLORER SATCHEL and SURVIVAL CACHE 5/20 to its left.

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Once outside the cave, crawl under the hole in the rocks, make a zip line with the rightmost roped post, and head to the lower ground. There will be a rock with a pole to your right. SNARED RABBIT 3/6 will be attached to the pole. Look around for a ruined wooden structure. Collect STRONGBOX 3/8 in the structure and then, facing the strongbox, turn right and head down the stairs to cut down SNARED RABBIT 4/6. Facing the strongbox, turn around and collect SURVIVAL CACHE 6-7/20 on the ground. You will want to use your map to find these.

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Make your way to the cave shown below and make sure to collect SURVIVAL CACHE 8/20 outside of the cave by climbing the craggy rock wall. ON DEER AND STAGS (DOCUMENT 10/33) is inside of the cave. COIN CACHE 2/9 is located near the cave (use your map!). Near the cache, is a tree you can climb to get up to a large, open "tree house" that has ON BOAR (DOCUMENT 11/33).

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Jump to the rocks nearby and you'll see a shack in front of you. This shack has A NEW DAY (DOCUMENT 12/33). There is a house in front of the shack's entrance with a female remnant outside. She will give you SURVEILLANCE DISRUPTION (MISSION 2/4). An ARCHIVIST MAP will be located in the house. Exit the house using the door to the left of the furnace. To your left is a guard tower with BASKET 2/2 at its base.

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Collect SURVIVAL CACHE 9/20 and COIN CACHE 3/9 at the bottom left of the map. Take down DRONE 1/4 while there as well. Near the location of the coin cache is another "tree house" that has SNARED RABBIT 5/6. Head back to the place that mission 1 was assigned to complete it and take out DRONES 2-4/4 on the way back (you can change which mission you're tracking by pressing cn_Y when the map is open). Once you turn in the mission 1, shoot TARGET 5/8 below the guard tower. Now go back and turn in mission 2.

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Jump to the rocks to get across the river and collect SURVIVAL CACHE 10/20 near the cave, but don't kill the boars (yet). Next, looking at the worn-down house near the boars, turn right and go to the bridge where, on the end opposite of Sofia, SNARED RABBIT 6/6 will be. Across the bridge, Sofia will be giving a speech. Take a right and light the Ruins Encampment Base Camp.

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Prepare for Battle - Light the Signal Fire on the Spire

If you feel like you can shoot a bottle in the air, the crate has unlimited bottles. Shooting one in the air will unlock Trick Shot (shoot a bottle out of the air), but another gun we get later in the game will make this achievement easier for those with less hand-eye coordination.

Progress the story by climbing the tower to light the alarm. Nothing of much importance happens in the tower except for obtaining the OIL FLASK which allows you to craft FIRE ARROWS. Light the signal fire to unlock:

Taking the High Road in Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)
Light the signal fire in the Remnant Valley (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 3,834 tracked gamers (74% - TA Ratio = 1.15) 5,167

Prepare for Battle - Rejoin Jacob at the upper village

Zip line down where STRONGBOX 4/8 will be. Travel down the path opposite of where the strongbox faces and enter the cave. Break down the wall and keep going deeper until you find MURAL 3/4 after a zip line. Hug the wall the mural is on and head down the cave. You'll reach AURORA, THE PHYSICIAN (DOCUMENT 13/33) pretty quick. Continue until you drop down. Then take the left path with water, to find CRYPT TREASURE 2/2. Exit the cave.

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Back outside, go back to tower where you lit the alarm and loop around the tower once. After the craggy rock wall, you then want to jump down to DIVING BOARD 1/4 and dive off of the board, into the water. Head back to the Ruins Encampment Base Camp. Pick up a chicken and switch to your bow with cn_up. This will drop the chicken on its head and keep its head down. What's happening is that the game doesn't realize that it has hit the ground. Shoot it with a fire arrow to unlock:

Rotisserie in Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)
Rotisserie30 (15)
Shoot a chicken out of the air with a fire arrow
  • Unlocked by 1,315 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 1.98) 5,167

Go back to the strongbox 4 and walk in the direction it's facing. MURAL 4/4 and a female remnant who will offer ANCIENT SECRETS (MISSION 3/4) will be in the ruining building in front of the strongbox. You will earn 50 coins from the remnant since you already have 5 tombs completed, but you will need 4 more to complete the mission. Use your map to collect SURVIVAL CACHE 11/20 near a half circle of stairs. Go up the semicircle of stairs and then up another set of stairs to find a monolith to your left, although you won't be able to translate it without level 7 Greek. Instead, get inside the building near the monolith and collect IRON COIN TOOL (RELIC 5/13).

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Head to the objective beacon. You'll tell Jacob about the helicopters heading for them and then Trinity's attack begins. You'll slug through the water until you get a cutscene and a PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN.

Prepare for Battle - Help defend the village against attack

Shoot through a few soldiers until you meet a flamethrower-wielding soldier. Direct attacks won't work, instead attack his fuel pack. A cutscene will play and you'll be tasked with going to the tower.

To the Tower - Follow the path up to the tower

In the building where the wounded are being tended, the hospital, THE ABANDONED CITY (DOCUMENT 14/33) is on a table. In the building with the long set of stairs near the hospital is a table with an ARCHIVIST MAP. STRONGBOX 5/8 is near the objective beacon.

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Jump down and light the Aqueduct Ruins Base Camp in the ruined building to your right. Near the base camp is a MONOLITH and an EXPLORER SATCHEL. Head to the cave across the from the ruined building. Follow the cave's path until you reach the burial sight after making a zip line to get across a body of water. At the burial sight, collect SILVER BASKET (RELIC 6/13) to the right, in between two pile of skulls. Climb up to the ground to your left and light the Aquifer Cavern Base Camp ahead.

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Start by collecting THIEVES AMONG US (DOCUMENT 15/33) to the right of the stairs, under the boat. Use the rope spool to the left of the stairs to get the boat closer to you (most of the spools are spinning and will drag the boat to them and then snap after a while). Next, use the rope spool in the middle. Quickly jump to middle once the second spool snaps. RITE OF PASSAGE (DOCUMENT 16/33) will be in the middle. Now connect a new boat to the middle-right spool and jump on it. As soon as you can, connect it with the rightmost spool (this one is not spinning) and jump onto the land. You may have to pull in the boat yourself for the rightmost spool. Pick up an ARCHIVIST MAP, GOBLET (RELIC 7/13), and ANATOMIC KNOWLEDGE (SECRET 6/9).

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You can now shoot 15 deer in the heart to unlock:

Quick and Painless in Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)
Shoot 15 deer in the heart
  • Unlocked by 746 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.63) 5,167

Exit the cave and head to the objective beacon.


Time Codes:

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