Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360) Walkthrough

14. Story - Geothermal Valley: Part 2


Tombs: 4
Strongboxes: 8
Crypt Treasures: 2
Relics: 13
Documents: 33
Murals: 4
Survival Caches: 20
Coin Caches: 9



Silent Night - Sneak or fight through the occupied village

As you enter, open STRONGBOX 6/8 and sit at the Cliffside Lookout Base Camp. Continue by jumping from the hanging beam to the zip line. Turn around from where you land to pick up ON THE THREAT OF WOLVES (DOCUMENT 17/33) on a crate. Head back to where you landed, but instead of swinging across the hanging beam, drop down to a metal barrier and open STRONGBOX 7/8 behind it. Exit the shack and go to the right of the stairs. Collect SUMMER (DOCUMENT 18/33) and SURVIVAL CACHE 12/20 across from the document, near the rock wall.

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Climb up the tree and jump to the "tree house" with the zip line to grab the ARCHIVIST MAP from the table. Zip line down and go through some water until you see a guard. Drown him with cn_Y and get progress on the Glub Glub Glub (drown 3 enemies using a water finisher) achievement.

Silent Night - Pass through the occupied village to reach the monastery

Kill the rest of the guards and then enter the house to collect ATTACHMENTS (DOCUMENT 19/33) on the floor to the right. Jump over to the other side of the house.

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You'll get a small cutscene and a large group of guards will be in an area. Dispose of them as you see fit. After that, go back to where you entered the area and look at the campfire. Take a left until you get to a burning barrel. FORGIVENESS (DOCUMENT 20/33) and STRONGBOX 8/8 will be near the burning barrel. Using the climbable tree near the collectibles, climb on top of the roof above the burning barrel and across to the ground. Head right and pick up ON BEARS (DOCUMENT 21/33) on a table. Burn the flammable barrier (remember, you have fire arrows now) to enter the cave and collect THE SERMON (DOCUMENT 22/33) inside.

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Head to the objective beacon and enter a roofless house that has the end of a zip line above it. Collect INITIATION (DOCUMENT 23/33) in the house. Continue forward and get a small cutscene. After the cutscene, kill the two soldiers and dig up COIN CACHE 4/9 to the right near the spiked wooden fence and rock wall

Take out the rest of the soldiers. Before entering the building with computers, head left from the entrance to find THE GOAL (DOCUMENT 24/33). Head upstairs to find LOST IN MEMORIES (DOCUMENT 25/33). Follow the objective to a new area.

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Silent Night - Scale the Cathedral to find the entrance

Follow the stairs down, collect ARMOR OF FAITH (DOCUMENT 26/33) at the bottom of the stairs, and light Cathedral Courtyard Base Camp near it. Open your map and collect SURVIVAL CACHE 13/20 near you. As you head to the objective beacon, take the stairs near the wall. In one of the corners, ARROWHEAD (RELIC 8/13) will be on a box. Examine its base (opposite of its tip) to earn more XP. Continue and kill a guard. After that, you'll have to make a jump with your wire spool. VOW OF POVERTY (DOCUMENT 27/33) will be on the floor at the top of the stairs. The rest of this section will get you familiar with using the wire spool. It will also have two more guards in the way.

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