Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360) Walkthrough

15. Story - Flooded Archives


Strongboxes: 1
Relics: 2
Documents: 5
Murals: 3
Survival Caches: 3
Coin Caches: 3



The Cathedral - Find a way inside the Cathedral

Keeping up with the previous section, start climbing up to the objective beacon. You'll get a cutscene once you reach the top with a break in the middle where you have to shoot some generators.

The Cathedral - Find the Archives Entrance

Once you have full control of Lara again, turn around and collect BROKEN BONDS (DOCUMENT 1/5) to the right. Go into the cave

Glimpses - Find a way down into the Archives

Rest at the Chamber of Records Base Camp and translate MURAL 1/3.

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Head down through a passageway of burning people. When you reach the end, shoot the vessels of Greek fire.

The Atlas - Retrieve the Atlas from the Archives before Trinity

Climb down the stairs, turn right, and grab DEATH AND REBIRTH (DOCUMENT 2/5) on the pedestal. In the big room with the atlas, spool swing across two hanging beams to reach THE EXODUS (DOCUMENT 3/5).

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Grab the atlas and unlock:

The Key To It All in Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)
Recover the Atlas (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 3,635 tracked gamers (70% - TA Ratio = 1.19) 5,167

The Atlas - Survive Trinity's assault and escape with the Atlas

Trinity soldiers will attack you. Once you take them down and head into the next room where more soldiers will come down from the roof. Shoot a poison arrow at them to kill most of them. When you reach the door, even more soldiers will be breaking through the door. Keep a poison arrow notched and release it once they break through. Continue forward.

Dark Waters - Find a way out of the Archives with the Atlas

You'll reach a water section where you'll obtain a REBREATHER. This allows you to stay underwater indefinitely.

Rising Tide - Find a way to escape with the Atlas

Once you get back on land, shoot the Greek fire vessel near the statue's wooden support. We're going to have to break the other two, so start by going behind you, under the arch with the light source. You will see Dillon's shadow getting stabbed. Continue on and kill Morse and the rest of the crew. Jump down and bring down the roped barricade in the corner across from you. Climb up the craggy rock wall nearby, head right at the top of the wall, and collect PENNON FLAG (RELIC 1/2). Beware of two traps on the way to it. Jump over the two traps and take the first right you see where you will drop down to a wooden platform. Jump a gap to the right and climb up a ledge. Follow that path and grab the EXPLORER SATCHEL at the end. Drop down the gap you jumped over and collect SURVIVAL CACHE 1/3 under a chandelier with fire and unlock:

Keen Eye in Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)
Keen Eye25 (15)
Unearth 40 Survival Caches
  • Unlocked by 1,903 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 1.64) 5,167

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Now for the puzzle. Start by releasing two Greek fire barrels by pulling the door at the nearby objective beacon. Tie a barrel to each side of the mechanism across from the door. Push both barrels off and then pull one side. Go to the right and spool swing across to the barrel. Cut the barrel from the rope, push it into the water and blow it up near the wooden support.

Go back to the rock wall near Morris' group and the roped barricade. Climb up the rock wall, take a left, but this time go to the end of the passage. Make a jump diagonally left and collect THE GREATER GOOD (DOCUMENT 4/5) on a stone pedestal. Then go translate the MONOLITH to the left of the document. Head to the other side of the room and rest at the Greek Fire Depot Base Camp in front of the statue. From the camp, climb up the stairs and SURVIVAL CACHE 2/3 will be to the right.

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Climb up the stairs with water flowing over it. There are three guards in the next area. Since you have the rebreather, stay underwater and drown them all. Even if you didn't get the other water finishers before, you should unlock:

Glub Glub Glub in Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)
Drown 3 enemies using a water finisher
  • Unlocked by 3,300 tracked gamers (64% - TA Ratio = 1.24) 5,167

Climb the ladder near the place where you entered and pull down the roped barricade to your right. Follow the right path and when you see a ramp, look to the left and grab the ARCHIVIST MAP on the table. Take the left ramp (you'll have to spool swing across) and disarm the ankle trap by shooting the trigger on the floor. BATTLE STANDARD (RELIC 2/2) will be on the left, between two headless statues. Head to the right (where the other ramp lead) and pull down the roped barricade. Jump across to grab EXILE (DOCUMENT 5/5) on a crate. Jump down from the gap to the right of the document, and dig up SURVIVAL CACHE 3/3 under the Greek fire barrel dispenser.

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Start the next puzzle by releasing a barrel and blowing it up at the wooden barricade between the two statues. Release another one and as it passes the two statutes, tie it to the roped post to the left. Once it's in position, cut the rope and blow up the last support to get a cutscene

Escape the Archive - Run to safety

Get an action sequence.

Escape the Archive - Return to the valley

After that, you'll have to swim underwater. Once you emerge again, before going under the arch, collect COIN CACHE 1/3 to the right on land. Dive back into the water. Once you get on land again, open STRONGBOX 1/1 and translate MURAL 2/3.

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Exit the cave into Geothermal Valley once again.


Time Codes:

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