Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360) Walkthrough

16. Story - Geothermal Valley and Soviet Installation


Tombs: 4
Strongboxes: 8
Crypt Treasures: 2
Relics: 13
Documents: 33
Murals: 4
Survival Caches: 20
Coin Caches: 9

Bull's-Eye - Shoot all targets in the bull's-eye with an arrow
High Diving - Dive off all the high dive locations


The Gathering - Find your way up the mountains to the Observatory

Start by digging up SURVIVAL CACHE 14/20 in front of you near some rocks and then head to the objective beacon. When you get to a point where you have to spool swing using a tree branch, look right to a wooden platform in a tree. Spool climb up to the platform to get THE VISITOR (DOCUMENT 28/33).

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Continue until you come to a waterfall. Go across the water fall, but stay to the left, going to the right will trigger a cutscene. Start off by lighting the Ridgeline Base Camp. Then grab the ARCHIVIST MAP on the table near the camp and dig up SURVIVAL CACHE 15/20 near the camp. Near the edge, shoot TARGET 6/8 to the right of the diving board and dive to the LEFT of DIVING BOARD 2/4 as diving off of the board itself seems to be buggy. Doing a successful swan dive will unlock:

No Guts, No Glory in Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)
Perform a 2.5 second or longer swan dive
  • Unlocked by 1,739 tracked gamers (34% - TA Ratio = 1.72) 5,169

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Climb back up by going up the path to your right (there's an objective beacon here). After crossing the bridge and the waterfall, keep a look out on your right side for people near a gravestone. Keep climbing up the path and break down the destructible barrier to your left to reach ANCIENT DAGGER (RELIC 9/13). Examine its base to earn more XP. Head to the right of the objective, to the left of the waterfall, to dig up SURVIVAL CACHE 16/20.

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Trigger the cutscene by heading to the objective beacon.


Tombs: 3
Strongboxes: 14
Crypt Treasures: 2
Relics: 18
Documents: 26
Murals: 12
Survival Caches: 21
Coin Caches: 9

Capture the Flag - Cut down all of the Soviet flags


The Rescue - Follow the Trinity helicopter to the old Soviet Weather Station

Start by resting at the Copper Mill Bridge Base Camp behind you. Grab SEPARATED (DOCUMENT 25/26) and BROADHEAD CLIMBING ARROW (STRONGBOX 11/14) near the base camp.

The Rescue - Infiltrate the Research Base

Dig up SURVIVAL CACHE 18/21 to the right of the strongbox near the tall wooden fence and grab the ARCHIVIST MAP hidden away to the left of the objective beacon. Climb up using the climbing arrows and read MURAL 12/12 at the top. Zip line down. Here is another chance to earn Zipper (perform a manual zip line transfer), but there is still a better point later on.

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Use the climbing arrows to make your way across the broken bridge. Climb the stairs and cut down FLAG 1/7. Continue up the path and cut down FLAG 2/7 by the shop (which you should use).

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Climb up the cliff side to the objective beacon with climbing arrows. Collect CONTACT (DOCUMENT 26/26) to the right on a table and open STRONGBOX 12/14 to the left. Go back to document 26 and look down the cliff. SURVIVAL CACHE 19/21 is down on the rock that juts out of the cliff. A little down the path, an EXPLORER SATCHEL is on a body to the right and SURVIVAL CACHE 20/21 is across from it, on the opposite wall.

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Continue to the objective beacon, into the cave.


Time Codes:

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