Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360) Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Skill Tree

I'm not going to list all of the skills, as there is a lot more than the last game, but I will list the skills that you should consider grabbing.


  • Thick-Skinned / Iron Hide / Heart of Stone
    • These skills will reduce incoming damage from different sources (i.e. melee, fire, explosives)
  • Deadly Force
    • This one is required for an achievement
  • Adrenaline / Strong Medicine
    • Give you invincibility for a short time after a stealth kill and applying bandages, respectfully
    • Fast Healer and Field Medic allow you to bandage quicker which work well with Strong Medicine


  • Double Shot / Triple Shot / True Shot
    • These will allow you to one shot most enemies with a bow headshot as long as you zoom in on an enemy. Headshots give you additional XP. This also allows you to take down multiple enemies with one shot. Along with these benefits, the bow makes no noise, so guards won't be alerted to deaths far from them.
    • Finesse allows you to earn more XP from chaining headshot kills which works wonderfully with these skills.
  • Bow Expert / Pistol Expert / Rifle Expert / Shotgun Expert
    • These give additional XP when you finish an incapacitated enemy. I wouldn't suggest getting all 4 unless you constantly use all 4 weapons.


  • Avid Learner
    • This allows increases the XP earned from various collectibles, and since we're going for all of them, is a very useful skill to have early on.
  • Eye for Detail
    • Highlights challenge objectives when using Survival Instincts
  • Intuitive
    • Allows you to see certain collectibles though walls and reveals crypt entrances on the map.

Supply Shack (Shop) and Coins

Coins are scattered around the world and in certain containers that are highlighted when using Survival Instinct. You will need to buy everything in the shop for an achievement, but there aren't many useful thing to buy in the shop. There are some weapons, outfit, and small weapon upgrades. The Crafting / Enchantment / Refinement Tool (the name changes when you find the lower tier tool in a strongbox, although you can only find 2 tiers) allows you to upgrade your weapons and can help you earn an achievement early. The best item is the Rope Ascender which allows you to ascend zip line fast. Again, you have to buy all of them, but it's not too beneficial in the end.

Walkthrough Key

Underlined and bolded text will match the objective that shows up on the top center of your screen.

UPPERCASE BOLDED TEXT will indicate the collectibles that can be found on the map

UPPERCASE, BOLDED, AND ITALICIZED TEXT will indicate mission objectives or challenge items

Italicized text will indicate achievement names

Underlined text will indicate new base camps (base camps already visited will not be underlined)

After every few collectibles, a picture will be shown to help show where the item(s) is/are

A video along with time codes will be at the bottom of the page that show the route of the written walkthrough

Use Your Map

If you're stuck or confused, it's possible that an archivist map, explorer satchel, or monolith have already revealed the collectible on your map.

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