Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360) Walkthrough

20. Backtrack - Geothermal Valley


Tombs: 2
Relics: 4
Documents: 5
Survival Caches: 4
Coin Caches: 5

Bull's-Eye - Shoot all targets in the bull's-eye with an arrow
High Diving - Dive off all the high dive locations
Tossing Gourds - Toss a gourd into each of the open barrels

A Hearty Meal - Gather mushrooms / Gather boar meat
Ancient Secrets - Recover knowledge from tombs

Now that you've completed the game, you can go back to Syria through the Syrian Cliff Base Camp, the Syrian Catacomb Base Camp, or the Syrian Tomb Base Camp.

Explore - Use fast travel to explore the world

Head back to the Valley Farmstead Base Camp, the first one you encountered in Geothermal Valley, and look at the stairs leading up. TARGET 7/8 is to the left of the arch. Head into the town. Near the blacksmiths (there are 2 Remnants working outside) is TARGET 8/8 in a bare tree. Go to the challenge tomb locates at the top left of the map. However, before entering the cave, use the broadhead arrows to climb a sift-wood tree to the cave entrance's right to collect AUTUMN (DOCUMENT 29/33).

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Enter the cave, kill the bear, and break the wall. After going through some water and another crack in the wall, you'll challenged by a simple "puzzle" that just requires you to be patient and not get swept away by rushing waters. Get through the puzzle and light the Whirlpool Sanctuary Base Camp. Grab SCROLL CASE (RELIC 10/13) nearby. Examine the strap to earn more XP. Disarm the ceiling spike trap and then collect IVORY JAR (RELIC 11/13) to the right after the trap. Climb up the stairs and collect THE AFTERMATH (DOCUMENT 30/33) to the right. Continue forward through the roots.

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Start by diving down and heading right to collect an ARCHIVIST MAP on the floor. Then go to the center hallway and connect the boat with the middle post. Use the boat's crank to pull the boat to the center of the room. Facing the codex, look to the left post and pull the boat to the post. Enter the room near it. At the end of the room, there's a mechanism that will drain the water when you pull it, so pull it until all the water drains. Quickly head behind you and then connect the mechanism to a crank and pull it to keep the mechanism from resetting.

Return to the boat and pull it to the opposite end of the room. Enter the room nearby by diving under the arch. Use this room's mechanism the same way as before, but this time connect the mechanism to the boat from the mechanism's location. Use the high ground to then get back to the boat and pull the its crank to keep the water drained. Head down the center corridor, blow up the barrels by the gate, and collect IRON GRIP (SECRET 7/9).


Head back and make sure to grab A NEW PURPOSE (DOCUMENT 31/33) at the top of the stairs, before the roped barricade. Pull out your map to locate COIN CACHE 5/9 southeast of you, near a challenge tomb.

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Head over to MONOLITH near the Ruins Encampment Base Camp, the one we couldn't translate before, and translate it. Then use your map to collect COIN CACHE 6/9 near the crypt entrance south of you.

Return to the Remnant who gave you the drone mission (they're on the west side of the map) to start A HEARTY MEAL (MISSION 4/4). The boars are at the same place where we unlocked the Bacon! achievement and mushrooms are all over the place, usually in caves. Use your map to collect COIN CACHE 7/9 south of you. Near the cache is a tower that has DIVING BOARD 3/4. Dive from it.

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Take the bridge to the place where Sofia gave a speech. Take a left (as oppose to going right to the Ruins Encampment Base Camp) where you'll find DIVING BOARD 4/4 and a cave to explore. Enter the cave and light the Hidden Ravine Base Camp. Jump across the gap with a spool swing and grab the EXPLORER SATCHEL to the right. Slide down, jump the next gap, and climb the craggy rock wall. Cross the log and collect SURVIVAL CACHE 17/20 to the left. Continue until you fall.

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Swim to land, turn around, and go up the right set of tracks to find ROPE RING (RELIC 12/13) and UNREPENTANT (DOCUMENT 32/33). Rotate the platform the minecart is on 180 degrees and then push the minecart down. Near the wheel that you used to rotate the platform is a rope post. Use this to create a zip line to the other side. DICE (RELIC 13/13) is on the first floor. Examine the die that has more than one face with six dots on it to earn more XP (those dirty cheaters).

Head to the second floor and dig up SURVIVAL CACHE 18/20 to the left. Use the crank to bring the floor down and then use the other crank to rotate the platform so that you can push the minecart onto it (you'll want to rotate the cn_LS clockwise). Rotate the platform back to how it was, move the platform back up, and push the minecart down. Head down and dig up SURVIVAL CACHE 19/20 to the left of the entrance you just made. Collect THE OVERSEER (DOCUMENT 33/33) and GEOLOGIST (SECRET 8/9) inside the room.

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Fast travel to the Cliffside Lookout Base Camp. Use your map to find COIN CACHE 8/9 north of you. Use your map to find SURVIVAL CACHE 20/20 west of you. Now, pick up a gourd (they're not pumpkins) and toss one into BARREL 1/5 behind the cache. BARREL 2-3/5 are hidden behind some foliage near the gourd patch (you can press cn_RS to switch shoulders if you're having trouble seeing the barrels from an angle).

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BARREL 4/5 is on the high ground to the right of barrels 2 and 3. Facing barrels 2 and 3, turn around and go around the house to your right. Near the house, in an area inaccessible to the player, is BARREL 5/5. Fast travel from the Cathedral Courtyard Base Camp to the Ridgeline Base Camp to collect COIN CACHE 9/9 near the diving board.

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Fast travel to the Hidden Refuge Base Camp in Soviet Installation.


Time Codes:

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