Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360) Walkthrough

21. Backtrack - Soviet Installation and The Acropolis


Strongboxes: 2
Survival Caches: 1
Coin Caches: 3

Capture the Flag - Cut down all of the Soviet flags

Head over to the MONOLITH near one of the caves. It was one that we couldn't translate before. Then use your map to find COIN CACHE 7/9 near the Logging Camp Base Camp . It's between a fence and a water tower. Cut down FLAG 3/7 near the fence near the base camp. Fast travel to the Installation Vista Base Camp.

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Use your map to find SURVIVAL CACHE 9/9 near the Installation Vista Base Camp. Zip line down and collect COIN CACHE 8/9 in a crevasse where the crypt entrance is. Go to the sawmill and cut down FLAG 4/7 at the top. Use your map to collect COIN CACHE 9/9 by climbing halfway to the top of the small mountain east of you.

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Head to STRONGBOX 13/14 in a cave on the northeast side of the map. It has a metal barrier at its entrance. Outside the cave is FLAG 5/7 on a red cylinder. Now head to STRONGBOX 14/14 in a cave with a roped barricade at the entrance. Exit the cave and look to your right to find FLAG 6/7 near a watchtower. Go to the Copper Mill Yard Base Camp where FLAG 7/7 will be near it.

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Fast travel to the Remnant Bazaar Base Camp in The Acropolis.


Document: 1
Coin Caches: 2

Collect COIN CACHE 2/3 west of the base camp and then fast travel to Tower Courtyard Base Camp. Head towards the last document until you get to the open room you fought in. In the middle is now a hole you can climb down. Open the gate and collect THE REMNANT (DOCUMENT 10/10). Head deeper into the cave until you reach COIN CACHE 3/3.

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Fast travel to the Chamber of Records Base Camp in Flooded Archives.


*Coin Cache 7 is incorrectly labelled as Coin Cache 6 at 1:11

Time Codes:

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