Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360) Walkthrough

4. Story - Syria


Relics: 2
Documents: 4
Murals: 5
Coin Caches: 3

Hang 'em High - Shoot down the gold incense burners


The Lost Tomb - Search for ruins in the cliffs

*Underlined and bolded text will reflect the text that will show up at the top of your screen. This is your current objective.

Starting off dazed and confused, move forward and climb the cliff. Once you make it to the top, before entering the cave, take the path to the right and find the GILDED CROSS (RELIC 1/2) near the edge of the cliff. Enter the cave and progress to get a small cutscene.

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The Lost Tomb - Explore the chamber of murals

Read MURALS 1-3/5 to the left of, right of, and behind the monolith.

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This will raise our Greek to level 1, we can now read the MONOLITH in the center of the room.

Translating the monolith reveals COIN CACHE 1/3 near the monolith (coin caches can NOT be dug up until they are revealed). As you head towards the exit, read MURAL 4/5 to the left of the exit and head out of the chamber by breaking the wall.

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The Hidden Oasis - Find a way into the Prophet's Tomb

Make your way across the bridge, the side of the cliff, and through a narrow cave full of scorpions. Once you get out of the narrow cave, you will unlock:

Following in Father's Footsteps in Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)
Enter the Syrian tomb of the Lost Prophet (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 5,134 tracked gamers (99% - TA Ratio = 1.00) 5,167

The Prophet's Tomb - Explore the tomb's passages

Move forward until the room opens up a little and look to the left to see MURAL 5/5. Facing the mural, look to your left and you will discover THE BISHOP: WORD FROM ROME (DOCUMENT 1/4).

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Head to the corridor to the right of the mural.

Along the corridor you will trigger a ceiling spike trap. It can't kill you, but it does teach you to shoot an object's structural weak point to destroy it. Continuing down the corridor where you will eventually fall into water. Shoot the raft's structural weak point to drop it, break the wall to the left to raise the water level, and escape by climbing the raft.

However, your troubles don't end there as you'll soon get caught by an ankle trap while a ceiling spike trap comes towards you. With no wooden beam to protect Lara, you're going to have to shoot it's weak point quickly in a QTE (quick time event). The water level rises and you'll have to get out of the ankle trap by mashing cn_X and swim to safety. Move forward and discover an small area.

The Prophet's Tomb - Navigate to the top of the main tomb chamber

Jump down into the water and break a wall to your right to raise the water level. Now go across the room, climb up some shelves, and jump on the wooden weight to bring it down, opening a floodgate and raising the water level again. Swim to the land across from the floodgate to find WOODEN CROSS (RELIC 2/2) on the ground near a pillar to the your left. To the right of the relic, shoot INCENSE BURNER 1/7's weak point (challenges will be bolded and italicized). Across the room, to the right of the first incense burner, you will find INCENSE BURNER 2/7.

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Go to the left of relic 2, where you will pass a small tree and climb up a fallen pillar. INCENSE BURNER 3/7 will be to your right in the middle of an arc and ARCHIVIST MAP to the right of the burner (you'll have to use the fallen pillar to get to it). Archivist maps reveal the location of all relics, documents, and murals on the map. Climb back down the pillar and face the arc where burner 3 was. Look to the left and find INCENSE BURNER 4/7 in the middle of another, higher arc. Go into the small alcove where burner 4 was and collect COIN CACHE 2/3 near the back of the alcove.

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Facing away from the back of the alcove, go forwards and right of the coin cache 2 and dig up COIN CACHE 3/3 in the center of the other alcove. With your back facing away from the second alcove, THE KNIGHT: DEATH OF THE PROPHET (DOCUMENT 2/4)will be on a small ledge to the right of coin cache 3.

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Go back to the fallen pillar and follow the objective. You will trigger a spike trap where you simply have to jump over it after it activates to avoid falling into it. Turn right after the trap to find THE KNIGHT: ON THE TRAIL (DOCUMENT 3/4) on the floor. Looking towards the objective beacon and shoot down INCENSE BURNER 5/7 far away in the middle of yet another arc. To your left, you will find INCENSE BURNER 6/7.

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Jump to the first pillar and then look behind you and up. There you will find INCENSE BURNER 7/7 in... *drum roll* ...the middle of an arc.

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Jump to the second pillar and onto more stable land. Enter the corridor and avoid a spike trap closely followed by an ankle trap and ceiling spike traps (you can jump over the ankle trap and the ceiling spike traps won't activate. You'll miss 10 XP which is not a real loss in the long run). Exit the corridor and find THE KNIGHT: AT THE GATES (DOCUMENT 4/4) on the floor to the right.

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Now for a small puzzle. Start by shooting the raft's weak point on the left then quickly run across the wooden weight in the middle to the other side. Break the wall to the right and then stand on the weight, allowing yourself to get swept away by the current. Quickly climb the raft and jump towards the wall to your right. Go up to the pillar and then jump to the bar above the weight where you will then get a cutscene.

After the cutscene, shoot the two soldiers and run out of the tomb.

You'll get a few more cutscenes before reaching the next area.

If you happened to miss something, don't worry as you'll be able to revisit this area after you complete the game.


Time Codes:

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