Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360) Walkthrough

6. Story - Glacial Cavern


Tombs: 1
Relics: 3
Documents: 4



Best Laid Plans - Follow the Mongolian Path and search for signs of the Lost City

Enter the cave and try to climb the craggy ice wall. It will break and you'll go tumbling down the slope. Now turn around, climb the craggy ice wall, and pick up SHORES OF SVETLOYAR (DOCUMENT 1/4) on the floor.

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Continue into the cave and, when you pass the part where Lara crouches, look to your left to find BONE ARROWHEAD (RELIC 1/3). You can examine the arrow's tip to earn more XP.

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Enter the water and dive under the first arc. Before diving under the second one, turn right and you'll find some low hanging ice that you can dive under. On the other side is PAIZA (RELIC 2/3). Turn it around to the side with writing to earn more XP.

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Continue forward until you're out of the water and you'll find the Mongolian Passage Base Camp. Continue and Lara will see a large ship hanging off of the ice. Believe it or not, that's the ICE SHIP TOMB, our first tomb to raid. Continue forwards until you see a craggy ice wall that you can climb on your left. Climb it, approach the ship, and, once you're on solid ground again (well, it's not that solid considering that it's a ship hanging on ice), pick up IMPOSSIBLE PURSUIT (DOCUMENT 2/4) to the right.

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Let's get to raiding some tombs.


Use the crank in the middle to lower a frozen metal object to the right. Go the right side of the crank and climb the wooden board. Follow the pole and jump off of the end to grab on the metal object to break both the ice on it and on the wall. Climb up the now-iceless wall and you'll reach another crank that you'll have to turn. This will lower the left metal object and you'll have a few seconds to reach it to break the ice on the left wall (don't worry, the time is lenient). Now you can climb all the way to the top. Once there, THE CAPTAIN'S REVENGE (DOCUMENT 3/4) and an ARCHIVIST MAP will be on your right. Open the codex and unlock ANCIENT ABILITIES which will allow you to shoot two successive arrows and unlock:

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Face away from the codex and use the zip line to the left. Once you land, look behind you to find ENAMEL BROOCH (RELIC 3/3). Look at the back to earn more XP.

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Climb a craggy ice wall, do a few dangerous jumps, and, after emerging from the water, collect THE FROZEN WASTES (DOCUMENT 4/4) to the right of the fence.

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With this area completed, emerge from the cave, into fresh air.


Time Codes:

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