Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360) Walkthrough

9. Backtrack - Siberian Wilderness and Installation


Relics: 2

Travel to the bottom of the map and use a roped arrow to destroy the roped barricade. Inside the cave will be ARCHER'S RING (RELIC 2/3). Go to the left of the cave and find another cave blocked by a barricade that can be shot down. In this cave will be MONGOLIAN TUG (RELIC 3/3). Fast Travel to Logging Camp Base Camp in Soviet Installation.

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Tombs: 1
Strongboxes: 1
Relics: 2
Documents: 2
Survival Caches: 6
Coin Caches: 1

The Unlucky Ones - Locate and free the prisoners
Dangerous Territory - Clear out the animal den
Gulag Recon - Discover enemy troop movement plans, find guard schedule for the gulag, and reclaim archaeological discovery evidence.
Misguided Intelligence - Locate the carrier bird in the Soviet Instillation

Behind the stairs is a roped barricade that you can now pull down to collect STRONGBOX 6/14 as well as start THE UNLUCKY ONES (MISSION 2/5).

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Going forward to the building in front of the logging camp, is an injured man which will give you DANGEROUS TERRITORY (MISSION 3/5). Go to the cave by the monolith and kill all of the wolves inside. Return to the injured remnant and COMPLETE DANGEROUS TERRITORY (MISSION 3/5). He will give you pistol sights, a weapon attachment, upon completion.

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While going to the cave near the Sheltered Ridge Base Camp on the right of the map, collect SURVIVAL CACHE 8/21 on your way. Once inside the cave, collect COIN CACHE 6/9 and then take down the barricade.

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On your way to the tomb, light Frozen Gorge Base Camp. Climb your way to the next tomb entrance and, once close to the entrance of the tomb, there will be an EXPLORER SATCHEL to your left. To the right of the satchel will be SURVIVAL CACHE 9/21and down the wooden path, behind the cache, is MANIPLES (RELIC 10/18). Head into the tomb.

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To the left of the tomb's exit, is SURVIVAL CACHE 10/21. To the left side of the tomb is THE SCOUT (DOCUMENT 17/26) and ARCHIVIST MAP.

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Start by pulling up the first counter weight by the entrance to close the door. Climb up and around the cracked wall with the door. Collect MOUNTAIN SONG (DOCUMENT 18/26) on the other side.

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Break the wall and put the entrance counterweight down. Tie the counterweight to the winch using a roped arrow. On the other side of the winch is the mechanism you use to release the counterweight. As soon as you start seeing snow blow in, release the counterweight so it breaks the other one out of the ice. Now you can lower the exit counterweight and collect INNER STRENGTH.


Go back to the roped post and connect it with the roped trunk with the red flag. Behind that is higher ground where SURVIVAL CACHE 11/21 will be. From here, make a zip line down to find CENSER (RELIC 11/18).

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Climb the wall behind it and make another zip line down. Fast travel to the Copper Mill Yard Base Camp and use your survival instincts to follow the green markers. At the top of the mountain, after killing two guards, collect the EXPLORER SATCHEL near the vent. To the right of the vent is SURVIVAL CACHE 12/21. Enter the vent and at the bottom of the stairs will be three guards. Kill them and free the remnants.

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At the top of the stairs is another door you can enter. This leads to a previous section of the game, but follow its path, past the Train Yard Base Camp, to SURVIVAL CACHE 13/21. Zip line down to COMPLETE THE UNLUCKY ONES (MISSION 2/5), collect the infiltrator, and unlock:

Good Samaritan in Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)
Complete 3 Missions
  • Unlocked by 3,254 tracked gamers (63% - TA Ratio = 1.25) 5,169

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In the cave where mission 3 took place, start GULAG RECON (MISSION 4/5). Fast travel to The Gulag Base Camp. Pass the gate and kill all the guards in the area. In the building to the right, collect the GUARD SCHEDULE. Continue to the building with the dead bodies and reclaim the ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISCOVERY EVIDENCE. Backtrack until you find the ENEMY TROOP MOVEMENT PLANS inside a building. Fast travel back to the Hidden Refuge Base Camp, drop down into the cave, and COMPLETE GULAG RECON (MISSION 4/5) and get a rifle suppressor as a reward.

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Go back to the Logging Camp Base Camp where mission 1 and 2 were given. Accept MISGUIDED INTELLIGENCE (MISSION 5/5). Using Survival Instincts, locate the green marker and kill the crow. Once you kill, you can return to the Remnant who gave you the mission and COMPLETE MISGUIDED INTELLIGENCE (MISSION 5/5). You do not have to loot the crow.

Go to the Copper Mill Yard Base Camp.


Time Codes:

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