RISK (WP) Achievements

Full list of all 20 RISK achievements worth 200 gamerscore. It takes around 5-6 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Windows Phone.

  • Defense specialist

    Get a total of 50 Defensive kudos

  • Master defender

    Get a total of 100 Defensive kudos

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  • Tactician

    Win the game by attacking not more than 6 times

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  • Warlord

    Conquer the last territory of all the opponents in a game

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  • Homerun

    Win 5 consecutive games

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  • The wall

    Control a continent for 5 turns

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  • Cannonade

    Conquer 15 or more territories in a single attack

  • Dominator

    Win a single player game with 5 players

  • Allrounder

    Win a single player game in all 3 difficulty modes

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  • Orchestrator

    Win a game by manually deploying the troops.

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