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Posted on 12 June 19 at 11:04
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Riverbond is a game brought to you by Cococucumber. It's a small action adventure game with a very cutesy Box/Pixel art style, and the overall presentation of the game is very clean and visually pleasing, as the aesthetics of the cubic maps are inviting and friendly and all keep a consistent tone throughout. There are also plenty of hidden collectibles and items throughout that will make the most of the very small maps.

Riverbond has a good amount of skins and hidden objects around, designed too keep your attention and give you some character customization to work towards. There is also a good range of different weapons that fit the tone of the game well. As the game is designed as a "Score Attack" style game, with one to four players aiming to gain the most points, the areas have enough small collectibles to find to try raise your score to beat your friends, however, I feel like there isn't much re-playability due to the lackluster combat style.

The combat in this game isn't very nuanced in the slightest, with a very basic hack and slash at it's core with several weapon types you can find around the area. with a basic attack and a mostly useless heavy attack, and a range weapon that reloads as slow as paint drying, it is a tedious way of making your way through this game. This coupled with the fact that death really doesn't effect you in anyway, you just get teleported to the start of the map with all enemies that are damaged staying damaged, and enemies defeated stay defeated, so you can just run at enemies with your highest damage weapon and just face-tank your way through even the final boss of each stage.

The game keeps a good pace throughout however, with a steadily increasing difficulty curve. The enemy numbers increase as you proceed through, so the challenge will slowly increase as you go through the eight different stages, with roughly five parts a piece. However the game isn't very long, and it will only take roughly three to five hours to finish, depending on how much time you spend looking for collectibles and fighting the creatures, which you can mainly avoid if the objective doesn't concern them.

There isn't much more to say about this game, it's a very simple game with simple combat and simple design choices taking place in a well designed environment with a very easy on the eyes art style. It will keep you interested long enough too see the story mode through, however I can't imagine you will want to keep on playing past that single play through.
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