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    17 Apr 2018 02 Oct 2018
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    Contender for most pointless game of 2017

    Road Rage is a vehicular (Motorbike) combat game set in an open world and is one of the worst games I have encountered. I say that with deep regret as I really believe this could of been a great game. Most people around the 30 age bracket will remember Road Rash, it was a release on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive that i still regard as one of my all time favourite racing games. The cynical would say Road Rage is a rip off of Road Rash; while Optimists would say this is a re-imagining of a classic which was so successful it spawned 3 sequels. A clear nod towards its predecessor is visible in the character names. The problem is that Road Rage fails to deliver on every aspect which made its predecessor such a unique and beloved game. This is certainly not a new issue, Mario, Sonic and a host of platformers that ruled the 1990s have fallen by the wayside, as they simply do not translate to modern consoles.

    The game is set in the fictional open world of Ashen, visually the world is detailed and at times impresses, the scale is immense and there is a lot of detail in places although the fact there is no sky ensures the world looks cold, boring and often murky. If you have played a Spiderman or TMNT game that should give you an idea of the Cityscape. Although the world is huge and looks good it also looks bland. The NPC's which occupy this skyless world are horrendous, square pixelated assets which have the A.I of a bad 90s game, their animations are awful. I saw 8 of the same guy gathered on one corner, just bumping into each other. Normally I might not have noticed and may even have applauded the developers for the attempt to populate the world; however they saw fit to include an achievement for killing 1000 pedestrians, this made sure I noticed. Other issues include; Lamp posts seem to be invisible you can drive through them at will but hit a plastic cone and you will explode. So many times I ended up driving straight through buildings, falling through the map or spawning in ridiculous places e.g on top of parked cars.

    Road Rage's unique selling point is the combat but any player will quickly realise this is the games biggest flaw and you will be reluctant to use it. Firstly it takes around 3-4 seconds to complete one strike action, the movement is so slow that you can travel 50 meters before its done. Thinking about hitting in quick succession, think again. the strike action must be fully completed if you hit the attack button in succession it cancels the first attack out. For some reason the devs thought that hitting a pedestrian should be in Slo-Mo, with animations this terrible why on earth they would want to show-case it is beyond me. The motion is slowed down so much it practically freezes time, the only people who would benefit from watching these terrible animations are other game devs to see how not to do to it. i dreaded any mission where combat was involved as it so poorly constructed.

    Lets talk about game-play, which shouldn't take long. I believe there are 7 different types of race each one more frustrating than the last. There's the standard race, checkpoint race, escape, assassination race and stunt and a couple more not worth naming. The game recycles the same old mission type in each area of the map leading to boredom due to the repetition. For the escape races you can just pause wait 30 seconds and you win. Other races only serve to demonstrate how terrible the A.I is, watch the police crash full speed into dead ends, watch other racers just stop in the middle of the road and watch the god awful pedestrians gather in a corner. The motorbikes offered get progressively quicker and better looking as you progress but there is no desperate urge instilled in the player to acquire a certain bike.

    The only element of the game which I found to be interesting was the music, it genuinely harks back to a classic arcade era however this is not enough to save this game. I genuinely have no idea what the dev's were trying to accomplish with this game, it is not challenging, it's not impressive, it's not unique and it certainly is not fun. The game lacks depth, it lacks a purpose and critically does not forge any connection with the player. Its quite a shame as I really wanted and tried to enjoy this title. It seems as though the developers started with a unique concept and the best intentions but either gave up and settled on this version or perhaps realised that the concept didn't really translate to the modern era. In short this game has more wrong with it than right and is a very poor release for 2017. The simplistic concept which thrived in the 1990s I genuinely recommend you avoid this title.
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    Signal24Code20I have expected this game be "game of the year" and even expected it to be bad, but not this bad. Disappointing. Road Rash would be a great remake.
    Posted by Signal24Code20 on 25 Sep 18 at 01:32
    Noble RoyaleI also loved Road Rash but you lost me after you said Mario doesn't translate at all to modern. Presumably you define modern by post Megative and SNES era. N64 Mario64 amazing, Wii Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 also amazing. The Switch one I haven't played but ppl say it's great who have. It was a vague generalisation you gave that wasn't nessacery or true that's all.
    Posted by Noble Royale on 26 Mar 19 at 23:18
    JayLive510I accidentally bought this instead of Road Redemption (which i actually thought this game was). Then, I thought I will keep it but your review helped me go for a refund and get it immediately on xbox. It was on sale but money is still money. you saved me a couple of bucks. thanks.
    Posted by JayLive510 on 15 Dec 20 at 15:16
  • ChubbySweetheadChubbySweethead912,223
    12 Jan 2019
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    I have never felt compelled to write a review for a game before, however playing this for an hour has finally pushed me over the edge.

    I picked this up on one of the recent sales and even with a price reduction, I feel cheated and robbed.

    This game is awful. The graphics are bad,the gameplay is boring and repetitive and it carnt have been tested before release.

    The driving , or riding, mechanics are shocking. Do not expect fluid movement, if you want to turn a corner, you have to nearly come to a halt and turn the bike 90 degrees. While in most games this would almost definitely spell a loss, not here, as if another rider does get in front of you, he will very kindly stop in the middle of the road, allowing you to pass. Why this happens is never explained, but it makes the whole thing so easy and ultimately boring.

    Combat is also painfully slow and pretty much pointless. Unless I really needed to, I never used it, a lot down to the fact that the weapons feel all the same. A bat has the same range and power as a phone stick for example.

    However if you are looking for a quickie 1000g then this game will do. Within about the first hour of play, I had unlocked about 21 of the 33 achievements on offer totalling about 530g. This is possibly one of those games that you might keep for a contest etc.