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Posted on 01 May 19 at 02:27
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Originally made as a spiritual successor to the Road Rash series, Road Redemption provides a nice revisit to the past in terms of style. The game takes on arcade-style gameplay and really embraces cheesiness. From the art style and dialogue all the way up to the physics of the game itself. The game was created in the spirit of the old Road Rash game series, one entry of this series I personally still enjoy to this day: Road Rash on the PS1. As a result this game brought back a lot of memories since the gameplay physics felt a lot like that game at times.

The combat is the center point of this game. Not only are there bats and swords, but also dynamite, C4, pistols, machine guns, and even rocket launchers. The combat works surprisingly well, but the aiming for the ranged weapons takes quite a bit of time to get used to. But once the learning curve has passed, it is a blast.

The game's campaign is a series of 20 or so tracks. There is an element of randomness, however; with the exception of boss levels, the objective on any track each time you play it will change. There are four types of objectives:

Race - Obvious. Just race the other vehicles to the finish line. The goal is to place 3rd or better.

Kill The Targets - There will be a set number of marked targets. They have red targets over their head.

Survive - You're basically being ambushed by cops. Get to the end of the track without losing all your health.

Time Trial - Get to the end of the track within the allotted time.

These four different objectives give a nice variety to the game. There are also the three boss races, which are essentially just another Kill The Targets objective, but there is only one target with significantly more health than the other riders. While the boss races are a nice touch and give some semblance of an actual story, they do not add much to the variety. There was nothing unique to these fights other than one biker occasionally trash talking to you. However, this trash talking is with horribly cheesy dialogue and terrible voice acting to the point where it was actually pretty humorous.

There are no saves through the campaign, so if you run out of health, that's it. Game over. For whatever reason, a phone number of one of the developers pops up and says to let them know if you're enjoying the game. There may not be checkpoints for death, but there are checkpoints for if you wish to quit the game and come back to play later. The checkpoint can even be used to change which rider or which bike you are currently using. This is not the case in Campaign + mode.

At the end of each race in the campaign, you will be awarded with money both from completing the objective and the other riders that were killed on your way, or you will suffer health reduction (and usually a very severe) if the objective is failed. The money can be used to buy temporary upgrades for turbo, health, weapons, extra experience or other miscellaneous power-ups. This is a nice addition as it really hammers home the arcade feel. The upgrades are all reset upon death so several different play styles can be attempted.

At the end of every attempt at the campaign, experience will be awarded to be used on the skill tree. Things like permanent boosts to health, damage resistance, and money and experience awards can be bought. The skill tree also allows the player to unlock new bikes, and even the ability to start from later levels in the campaign. This makes initially beating the campaign easier and easier as you play since more upgrades can be purchased at the end of each attempt.

There is one other mode in the game, and that is classic quick play. This is just simply picking a track and racing against the AI in a regular race. There is a timer but the medals awarded are based on the position placed in the race, not time. It is a decent mode if you are looking for a quick race.

As for the achievements, the list is pretty much completely uncreative. Cumulative kills with certain weapons, getting gold on all quick races and completing the game with every character. To top it all off, one character requires 8 playthroughs with 8 different riders in Campaign + mode. Thankfully there is a checkpoint abuse at the end credits to quickly unlock these achievements, but the game will still have to be completed at least 8 times in order to unlock the final character.

As much enjoyment and nostalgia I got from this game, by the end of my final playthrough I was worn out and was happy the game was done.

In conclusion, this game was a moderately fun experience, enhanced by a love for the games that inspired it. If the arcade style isn't your thing, and playing through the same tracks with only slight variations in experience multiple times isn't your thing, I recommend staying away from this one. But if you enjoy that, and also like senseless violence, motorcycles and racing, then this may be the game for you.
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