Rock Band Country Track Pack Reviews

  • nonzzerononzzero77,775
    24 Oct 2009
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    This is not a game, so it shouldn't be reviewed as a game. Its sole purpose is being a repository for these 21 country songs, the playability of the disc is just an extra perk. It's just a stripped down Rock Band 1, it has everything you need to play the songs and nothing more.

    Since this isn't a game it should be judged primarily on the fun factor of the songs, and my verdict is that they're overall very solid. The pack is mostly contemporary country with 2 classics thrown in (Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers). Sure, it has a couple simple songs but the drums and guitar for the majority of these songs is surprisingly intricate. Banjo is very fun to play, it's always all over the place and littered with HO/POs. Bass is 99% nothing special, and vocals are fun if you actually know and like these songs.

    I'm not a country fan myself but I'm open minded and I genuinely enjoy 3/4 of the songs included here, some of them I've even grown to like as songs. If you're a country fan this disc is a great deal since you're getting 21 songs for the price of 15, and 13 of them aren't available to the general population yet.

    On the merit of the songs alone I'll give this 4 stars.
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    Posted by Sneaky Tr00per on 27 Oct 09 at 11:58
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    05 Oct 2009
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    Rock Band Country Track Pack - In a Minute Review

    The fake plastic rhythm formula has been done to death in a dozen Guitar Hero releases and almost equally as many Rock Band releases. The Harmonix / Activision scorched Earth pissing match continues with Rock Band Country Track Pack.

    The first thing you may notice about this game is that it's Rock Band. The second part is that it features country songs. That about sums up this title. Incongruous Rock Band visuals and characters and a superficial mix of popular country titles.

    Absolutely no effort was mustered to make this an immersive experience, and while some of these songs are undoubtedly familiar to fans of the genre, there are no tracks from Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Charlie Pride or any of the other of the half dozen or so classic country performers that I could go on naming and make it sound like I know what I'm talking about.

    What you really have here is a cynical cash in for those who don't believe in downloading songs. It's an ok hour or two of gamerscore grinding but I'd feel bad if I actually paid for the thing.