Rock Band Country Track Pack 2 Reviews

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    09 Feb 2011
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    Welcome to the second country track pack for Rock Band. With the release of the second track pack this brings rock bands country song library to well over 60 songs, making it one of the most represented single genres in rock band!

    Well with all of that out of the way lets get into the meat of this game. Since its only worth 250 gamerscore and really is more of an expansion than a game meant for standalone play I'm going to break this down into three sections: track list, gameplay, and achievements.

    Track List:

    Because music is such a personal experience its difficult to really come right out and say whether or not the track list is good or bad. Personally I rank it as mediocre. As a pretty big country fan there are about a bazillion songs I'd rather see brought to the game than some of the songs that were picked. That being said lets take a look at some of the songs I felt should be highlighted as good one and bad ones.

    "Alright" - Darius Rucker
    "Awful Beautiful Life" - Daryl Worley
    "Crazy Town" - Jason Aldean

    "Party for Two" - Shania Twain (feat. Billy Currington)
    "Single White Female" - Chely Wright
    "Giddy on Up" - Laura Bell Bundy

    There are many other good songs on the list but that just highlights a few.


    The gameplay is pretty standard although for those out there that are used to Rock Band 3 you will be in for a bit of a shock as this game only uses the Rock Band 1 engine. Many of you may not know this but these track packs are outsourced to a third party company and not developed by Harmonix. As such they don't want to give out any more proprietary software than they have to. Even though this is achievement related I feel it bears mentioning here that because it uses the Rock Band one engine when you start a solo career you will have to choose the difficulty before you start your career not for each song. I mention this because some of the later songs are actually quite tricky on guitar and it would be a shame for you to have to replay the whole career on a lower difficulty because you couldnt nail a song or two.


    The achievements in this game are very straightforward and all pretty easy to get. They consist of things like "5 star _______ song on hard or better on ________ instrument" The biggest drawback to this pack is that there are a couple of achievements that require you to play as a band. Some of them can be done dual wielding (guitar/vocals) but others will absolutely require real live friends to play along with you as there is no xbox live support.


    1. Easy achievements
    2. Decent Track List
    3. Challenging guitar parts for those less than partial to country but still want the achievements
    4. No xbox live support
    5. Rock Band 1 engine

    3.5/5 stars!