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    Why is it that I have a knack for reviewing awful games, (Coincidentally awful games that I have all achievements in) and each review tends to have a quick little quote to sum it up; "Too little, Too Late" sums up Rock Revolution: An embarassing attempt to compete with games like Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour. (Those two came out around the end of 2008, alongside this one)

    Like other crap i've played, (Monster Madness was a good example) I didn't really know this game existed. I had heard some things about it, like how it wouldn't even come with a guitar controller, but it was fairly unknown to me. In fact, a week after its release I spotted a PS3 copy for 25$. THEN I saw a xbox 360 copy for... 10 dollars. Did I mention this was a week after it came out? Everywhere else (with the drumkit, which I'll talk about later) it was a whopping 120$. I didn't see ANYONE buying this anytime soon.

    The best game to compare this to is Guitar Hero 2, in terms of features. There is no character creation, all the songs are covers, and the setlist is fairly small. However Guitar Hero 2 came out in 2006, and that game was awesome. If Rock Revolution came out two years ago, it would have been one hell of a competitor: It's got online play, a music studio, AND drums. But just looking at it now is a flatout joke.

    How about the presentation? It has a sense of "blah" to it, it's not truely awful but doesn't do anything well. Visually it's okay, and the band members look decent. (The singer really needs to stop punching the air though...) The crowd looks so bad it makes the guitar hero crowds look realistic. The audio quality is solid, even though the actual audio is pretty awful. (I'll talk more about that in a bit) It gets the job done, but still feels generic at best, and vomit-inducing at worst.

    But does it work? Personally I'm a huge fan of music games so I wanted to give this game a shot, but like other awful games (Again, gotta bring up Monster Madness) it's unintentionally hard to play, for one reason: the notes. In Band/Hero, they come towards you and are easy to see. In Rock Rev, they go down on a 360 degree angle. This isn't very hard when you get the hang of it but it's a really stupid design choice. Different isn't always better!

    Your not travelling the world in this game, rather recording records. Each record has 6 songs to complete: 4 songs, and 2 challenges, which are the highlight of the game. These challenges involve playing a song without hitting certain notes, the note track speed increasing as you play better, or playing a certain part of a song 100%. These are actually different from other games and have a certain novelty, but these are overly difficult to complete, mainly the challenges where you have to play a part of a song FROM MEMORY. Thank god for youtube.

    So i've said how the game comes with no guitar controller, but other ones work well at least. I tried a guitar hero 2 and rock band controller and they worked great. The drums however are a mess. I've haven't actually played the RR drumkit, but just look at the damn thing! 7 pads! At least the Rock Band one works okay, but you still have to deal with that vertical note chart. Also the kick pedal is the middle note. So it goes Red, Yellow, Pedal, Blue, and Green. Again, if you try hard enough you can get the hang of it but it's just not worth the effort.

    The setlist, dispite being covers, isn't actually that bad. It's got great songs from other games in the genre, (Like Run to the Hills, Pull me Under, and Spoonman) plus other kickass songs we didn't see yet, (Like Stone Cold Crazy and the Metallica version of Am I Evil?) but the covers range in quality from "Whoa that's a cover?" (Spoonman) to "HOLY SHIT MY EARS ARE BLEEDING." (Run to the Hills, All the Small Things) The guitar sounds awesome in the songs, but the vocals are hyserically awful. There isn't even 50 songs on the disc... compare that to Rock Band 2's 78 songs or GH World Tours 80-something. Oh, did I mention there is no vocal support in this game? Likely because drunken college students could sing better than these developers.

    Online play is balls. There is nobody playing. I do like however that you can play with 4 instruments on a song head to head online. Up until Guitar Hero 5 no other games did this. Props?

    Achievements are a nightmare, and I did not have fun with this one. If you are ace at guitar hero, you shouldn't have much of a problem with the majority of the achievements, but some are just nuts. Getting all platinum albums (Which means beating every event) on expert is insane because of the challenges, but on drums it's even worse. Try doing 100% on expert drums of "Holy Wars" by Megadeth for a solid minute. I DARE YOU. At least the online stuff will only take 3 hours of your life if done right. You have to play 100 games but only win 50. So bring a friend to the pain!

    I didn't even bother with the music studio. World Tour did it so much better, dispite it being overly complex.

    This is just another game that trys to cash in on the music game craze. Rock Band has been going solid as a multiplayer experience, Guitar Hero World Tour may have gotten mixed opinions but it was a good transition into the multiplayer (Band) experience as well, but Rock Revolution is just a disaster. It's ironic how Konami (the publisher of this stinkburger) not only started the music genre with DDR, BUT THEY ALSO STARTED THE GUITAR PERIFERAL AS WELL! (Look up "Guitar Freaks" if your curious) How fitting, because that game sucked, yet paved the way for better games. How also fitting that how Konami started the genre, then go on to crash and burn.

    *The only reason i'm not scoring this embarassment to the genre a 1 is because of the decent (But poorly done) setlist, and the fact i've had some good times throughout the guitar career.*
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    Tasty PastryReally like your reviews! You gotta stop playing such bad games though champ. Bad is one thing, but extremely bad is another :).
    Posted by Tasty Pastry on 17 Nov 09 at 12:18
    VioLeNcE NLCThis game is so bad that expert drum tracks have bass notes that fall out of beat/line with the other notes.
    Posted by VioLeNcE NLC on 01 Jul 11 at 16:17
  • Madtown BMadtown B469,035
    23 Aug 2009
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    Like the reviewer before me, I am a sucker for the music game genre. I can't get enough of those plastic instruments. So when I saw Rock Revolution at Gamestop for 7 bucks, on a "buy 2 get one free" weekend, I picked it up. I was not expecting anything from the title except maybe a few laughs at how bad it was. And while I did have those moments, there were a few points where I thought to myself "Hey, that's a good idea!" or "This song would be great in Rock Band if it wasn't a ear attacking cover".

    You are a rock star trying to make a name for yourself by releasing the most cover songs known to man, yada, yada, yada. Nothing too original here. You play through "Albums" consisting of 4 songs and 2 challenges, then after every two albums you play a live show consisting of songs from the last two albums. Get's pretty boring after a while, to say the least.

    There's a bag of hit and misses here. The 2D scrolling notes are awkward, and it's harder to look at what is coming up and play in time. Also, the note charts are pretty bad, especially during solo's. They seem to dumb down the difficulty on solos, even on expert, which is disappointing to say the least. The challenges are a good idea but some are just obnoxious with the difficulty. Also, this game has a freestyle jam mode and recording studio where you can record your own tracks if you are so inclined, and the sounds are actually decent, putting the "gameboy" sounds of Guitar Hero World Tour's recording studio to shame. The selection of songs was fairly good, although there were alot of repeats from other music games. Keep in mind though that this game came out before Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour, so the repeats from those games shouldn't be held against the developer. One other thing I liked was that you don't lose your entire multiplier with one small mistake. Your multiplier fills up to 8x in this game, and every time you miss a note, or strum at an inappropriate time, you lose one multiplier. So if you miss one note, you drop down to a 7x, or if you strum an incorrect note, you drop to 6x. But if miss a big chain of notes, you will be dropped all the way to 1x and it is a long road back to the top, making 5 stars more of a challenge. Also, I like how completed songs are rated from 1 to 5 stars, instead of 3 to 5, giving you a better idea of how well you did.

    Meh. Not too bad, not too good. Some animations are laughable, such as the vocalist trying to sing. But there aren't any so bad that it detracts from the game.

    Ugh. This is the big stinker of this game. Out of the 41 songs on the disk, there are only 2 songs that are not covers. A few of the covers are decent. But the vast majority make you die a little on the inside if you actually liked the band who preforms that song. The three worst that I would avoid at all cost: Somebody Told Me by The Killers, Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones, and Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden. Half of me was laughing at these, and half of me died a little. Some of the songs are good songs that belong in music games such as Rock Band or Guitar Hero, but the awful awful covers don't belong anywhere, not even in a 5 dollar bargain bin game.


    Seeing as this is an achievement site, I should make some mention to the achievements in this game. Unfortunately, they seem to cater towards the expert crowd, as most music games do. Many are fairly straightforward such as Note Streaks and Career completion, but some will make you want to pull your hair out, such as beating all the challenges on expert, and there are far to many online achievements.
    Difficulty: 8/10, Quality: 3/10

    Overall, I actually had more fun then I was anticipating, but this game still can't stand up to the behemoths that are Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Also my personal theory as to why they left vocals out: They didn't want ordinary gamers singing better then their cover artists. Because it would have happened, without a doubt. My voice isn't heavenly but I probably could have done a better job.

    Overall: 5/10 rounded up to 3/5
  • dudecrazy108dudecrazy108361,303
    09 Jan 2010
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    Rock revolution review for the xbox 360:

    Story: You start off as a new band starting to make it big. Since it's a music game no cares about the story.

    Graphics: Well these graphics look like early 360 late PS2. The animations for everything and everyone are ok but nothing amazing. Everything looks like it should be coming out around the time of GH1.

    Sound: Well this is a music game so you would expect the music to be good. Well your dead wrong. The setlist in this game is pretty good except for the fact that every song is a cover. And the covers aren't good even. You will want to mute your tv after awhile. You have songs like Youth Gone Wild, Run To The Hills, Stone Cold Crazy. Spoonman. and The Spirit Of Radio which are all great songs to play and are just ruined in this game.

    Gameplay: There is nothing positive here. The gameplay is terrible. To start off since no one ever bought the drum kit for this game you have to go under options and switch it to normal drum set since if you don't you will be getting like 7 notes flying it you at once. Also the notes come down really weird and they tried to make everything overly complicated. Also who decided to make the foot pedal a note that comes down in the middle. Just thinking about this game makes me angry!

    Achievements: After going through all this you would hope the achievements are easy but they really aren't. There's the ones you will get for just playing and then there's the online ones which are boostable.

    Overall 2/10