1. Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the walkthrough for Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder.

If you've played the first title you pretty much know exactly what to expect. If you haven't, the gameplay is a mix of tower defense and platforming/racing. The tutorial level will do a wonderful job of explaining the basics, but I'll describe it here for the sake of completeness. The objective of each level is to knock down the castle gate of your opponent before he knocks down yours. You do this by rolling a giant boulder across an obstacle course that your opponent setup as quickly as possible without sustaining too much damage on the way. The "healthier" your boulder and the faster the speed you are going when you hit your opponent's gate the more damage you wind up doing. Generally you can take out an opponent's gate in 3-4 hits. Each time your boulder needs to be rebuilt, giving you time to setup your defenses to slow down and injure your opponent's boulder.

The real highlight of the game is the absurd sense of humor. The game doesn't take itself seriously at all. Every intro sequence is a treat that plays upon the historical and mythical characters involved in some sort of way. If you like Monty Python-type of humor, you're in for a treat.

There's also good news for completionists. The game is fairly short and the achievements fairly straightforward: I finished it in 4 and a half hours without using a guide. There are no difficulty based achievements, no missable achievements, and (unlike the first title in the series) no collectibles. There are multiplayer achievements but the game will put in a super easy AI opponent if you don't find an opponent (which will probably be the case). The game is pretty easy to begin with. So long as you can do a decent job of guiding your boulder at the enemy and set up enough defenses to slow him down even just a bit you'll pretty much win.

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