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    Neil Patrick Harris fighting Zombies... with a guitar. If that isn't the greatest concept for a game in the history of man, I don't know what is... maybe a button-mashing game where Chuck Norris kicks Adolf Hitler in the groin with each button press.

    But anyway, this is Rock of the Dead: A game that can only be described as the bastard child of Guitar Hero and House of the Dead. It's a 20+ level rail-shooter where instead of using a lightgun, you use a guitar controller. AWESOME.

    (Or you can use a drum controller/xbox 360 controller if you wish. Wouldn't recommend it)

    There actually IS a plot to this, which involves zombies, aliens, meteors, Rob Zombie, and burgers. It's dumb, but far from normal. From a graveyard to an alien mothership, you cover a decent amount of ground throughout the game.

    When the enemies appear, a brief note chart appears as well. Hit the notes, kill the enemies. It's simple, and works well enough. Simple, stupid, fun.

    The presentation is simply awful. Visually it's bland, boring, and uninspired. At times, it's too hard to view the notes on screen.

    (The game uses the "Vicious Engine," which we also saw in Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard. Interestingly enough, NPH was also in that game, as the antagonist, where as in RotD, he was the protagonist. Coinsidence?)

    The soundtrack isn't bad, but it could have been much better. Within seconds of starting the first level, "More Human than Human" starts blasting from my TV. It's like they took a Rob Zombie CD and slapped it in the game, along with some "metalized" versions of... opera music? The quality is decent, maybe iTunes quality, but you'll BEG for more tracks and artists. I don't know how many times I said to myself "man, this could really use some Slayer or something." Oh, and the tracks loop and repeat through the game. UGH.

    If I had one BIG thing to complain about RotD, it's the difficulty. Much like Guitar Hero, each difficulty adds new notes. "Easy" difficulty gets you nothing in terms of rewards, but you only have to worry about the first three buttons on the Guitar. "Thrasher" difficulty however has an unholy amount of notes, and throws in 3-note chords to boot. When enemies are swarming you, it gets frustrating, particularly since the game tends to lock on to the enemy you WEREN'T AIMING AT.

    There's little in terms of rewards and collectables. There's some power-ups for your TWO (just two) abilities (one of which is completely useless once the other is maxed out), concept art, and a secret boss who is frustratingly hard... if you can unlock him by finding the specific collectables in the levels. There's NO guide for these collectables (yet), so that's a challenge by itself.

    Oh, and you'll NEVER 1k this game. It's that tough. You'll probably get 500G or so after a playthrough, but to finish it, you have to master the unholy "Thrasher" difficulty. Embarassingly high scores, absurdly tight time challenges, and godly accuracy are required. As of now, ONE GUY has finished it... probably in the world. But hey, i'm about 1/2 way there, that means something... right?

    In conclusion, Rock of the Dead is like a shitty horror movie, along the lines of something like Troll 2. The production values are laughable, you know it's horrible, but you can't help but love it. If you have a Guitar controller, and find this game for cheap (it'll be 10 bucks in a month or two), it's worth a look.
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    Potato HandleI consider myself pretty good at the the ol' 5-button guitar, is the difficulty of the note charts the only major factor for the difficulty for a 1k?

    How long would it take to 1k for a good RB/GH guitarist? Still virtually not possible? Hundreds of hours? I noticed you've finished this now, 6 days after writing this review which states that you were half-way, is it perhaps a bit more forgiving than you first thought?
    Posted by Potato Handle On 13 Jan 11 at 05:55
    Potato HandleAlso; good review; +1. :P
    Posted by Potato Handle On 13 Jan 11 at 05:56
    EarthboundXYeah, this is one game I'll never 1000, I can't even seem to get all the badges on Normal.
    Posted by EarthboundX On 17 Jan 11 at 09:28
    Chakaal StarrYour review makes this game sound a lot better than it is. This game should get about 1 star and that is for the soundtrack. You were right about the notes being hard to see and the game being terrible, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone and it isn't worth a look. I got it for 25 dollars and that is 25 too much, this game should have been an xbla game.
    Posted by Chakaal Starr On 21 Jan 11 at 07:26
    kewlkid360Your review got me to thinking.....can I actually 1k this game and I took it as a bit of a challenge to play something as bad as this and attempt to complete it and I did +1 great review for a crap game
    Posted by kewlkid360 On 26 Jun 11 at 08:57
    AhayzoI paid $10 for this a week or so ago

    It's a horrible game tech-wise in almost every way. But something about it makes it fucking awesome for me, I honestly voted 5 stars for it.
    Posted by Ahayzo On 21 Jan 12 at 18:50
    It's essentially House of the Dead with a Guitar Controller, I REALLY want this game. Why is it only available in America? I have 1000G on Guitar Hero 3, Smash Hits, Metallica, Van Halen, Rock Band 3, pretty much every music game so I think I could really get 1000G on this.
    Posted on 06 Jun 12 at 17:05
    Really want this, shame it's not available in Europe :( does anyone know if it's region locked? I mean it could easily be bought and shipped to UK, but no point if it doesn't work on PAL systems. If anyone knows please let me know
    Posted on 02 Jan 13 at 09:59
    ZemidekI picked this up a couple days ago for $0.99 laugh
    Posted by Zemidek On 27 Feb 15 at 21:01