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    Rocket League is the genre mixing game I never knew I wanted so badly. Taking soccer and ramping up the action by throwing rocket powered cars into the mix makes for a surprisingly great formula, one that I have been impressed with match after match. After playing hours and hours of matches, I am still blown away by how intense and fun the 5 minute matches can be. This is the epitome of what casually competitive games can be, and other developers should take note of how important a structure and formula like the one Pysonix has brought forth with Rocket League can be. The terms “easily accessible” and “anyone can play” are used often and truthfully so, but I do not think there has ever been a game that I have been more sold on than this that supports those phrases.

    During my time with the game I invited a variety of friends and family to play, all of which had amazing responses too it and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s already become a staple in my girlfriend and I’s entertainment selections, and I have longed for the day where I finally found something that she genuinely wanted to play and that game is Rocket League. It’s perfectly balanced, and I do not say that lightly. Before online gaming was a household thing, competitive split screen sessions were the norm. In those days, practice meant a lot more than it means now, but practice is still important in Rocket League and this is legitimately praiseworthy in an industry filled with micro-transactions and pay to win schemes. What players are presented with is a customizable car that is purely aesthetic, 5 minute ranked or unranked matches, and a friendly community that all seem to love the game they are playing.

    There are several different match types that usually just vary the amount of players. These are 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4. While I have played each type, my preferred mode was the standard 3v3. It felt a bit more balanced than the rest in terms of pacing and arena size. The matches follow the basic set up of soccer with two goal, but no player has to be a goalie. Everyone is free to drive around and go nuts for the ball. There is a surprising silent comradery to be found, as you can quickly chat with everyone via the D-Pad text shortcuts. Players can still play offline, participating in Exhibition matches as well as customizable seasons that mirror other sports games like Madden without the statistical depth. Even better is playing split screen, which supports up to four players at once on Xbox One. It’s an absolute blast, and the concept could have easily worked on any generation of consoles as a popular party game. The 5 minute length of matches make the notion even truer as you can play 6 matches in a row without much time going by. It just works.

    The cars control like a dream. You can boost and dodge, which help sink the shot or block the opponents. The maneuverability of the car takes practice to master, but it’s so satisfying to knock the ball away or score with explicit accuracy. Better yet, all of this is done in fully customizable cars. Nothing affects your stats, which in my opinion is great. Among the customizable parts are the tires, bodies, paint, accent patterns, antennas, toppers (hats), and boost effect. Many of these are original, but a lot are also licensed pieces from other games. On the Xbox One, there are items from Halo, Gears of War, Sunset Overdrive, and more! Much of the DLC from the PS4 and PC versions of the title were included in Xbox One, but regardless the amount of unlockable pieces is impressive.

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    The potential for continued support extremely exciting to consider. During my time with the game an additional mode was added called Snow Day, which I believe is not permanent, added a fun twist on the standard gameplay. In Snow Day, you are treated to a hockey themed 3v3 match where the floor is icy and the ball is replaced with a puck. This mode is extremely fun and just as good as the original ( I hope its here to stay) but is just one of many examples of what can be done with the game. A new Esports series was recently announced for Rocket League, as well as a collector’s boxed version and Batman v Superman DLC. The game is insanely popular and after playing the hype is without a doubt supported by the fantastic gameplay.

    Rocket League is phenomenal. This is one of the few games on the Xbox One that I prefer to play online. It’s fair and balanced, with a formula that needs to be respected and mirrored by future games. Backed by an extremely cool original soundtrack, near-perfect gameplay, Unreal Engine 4, and a rock-solid formula, Rocket League deserves all the high praise it gets. It is a stand out game in an increasingly growing crowd of competition, and if you were like me having only heard of it but never played, change that as soon as possible. This game is truly for everyone, and is genuinely fun for everyone.

    +Perfectly Balanced Formula
    +Casually Competitive
    +Easily Accessible
    +Awesome OST
    +Proven Support and Future Potential
    -Can’t Save Car Set-Ups

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    EvieLeafI agree on near all of your points, it's a truly fantastic game.
    One thing i don't agree with is that it is the first and only game I have ever muted the music.
    I find the music in this game horribly irritating and obnoxious.
    Posted by EvieLeaf On 20 Jun 16 at 10:57
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    If you prefer a text review please see below:

    Are you ready for a review of the most exciting soccer game on 4 wheels? It's soccer, but in rocket powered battle cars. Easy to pick up but difficult to master, this is ROCKET LEAGUE.

    Rocket league is beautiful in it's simplicity, like the beautiful game. Score more goals than your opponents and you win. Simple right? Well thanks for coming to the review. See you on the field.


    Ok, now the icebreaker is done, let's get into the important bits. The game is very accessible to gamers of any level - gamers can pick this game up and know what to do straight away. Players who play racing games might pick this up faster, but it is not necessary to gain enjoyment. The fun really starts when you are able to leave the ground by jumping and boosting into the air, like a LITERAL ROCKET. BOOM

    Rocket league is best enjoyed with a group of friends, online or couch co-operatively and who are close to your level of experience. Since the matchmaking will find you opponents close to the top ranked player in the party, if there is a large skill gap, you're gonna have a bad time. However, the matchmaking is usually (USUALLY!) pretty good at finding you opponents within a few ranks of where you are at. That's because over 4 years after release there are still hundreds of thousands of players still playing it!

    There's so much to play and enjoy! Do you like to "1v1 me bro?" You're covered. There's also 2v2 and 3v3 in ranked as well as casual. Gather a party of 4 and hit the 4v4 casual chaos mode. There's a very good reason it's called chaos.
    If you get sick of the soccer mode, the fun doesn't need to stop there. There are extra modes: hoops the basketball equivalent, snowday is ice hockey, drop shot where you have to break open the ground to score. And there's rumble. Think Mario kart power ups crossed with 3v3 mode. There's a solid selection of powerups to use that drastically change the game and it gets very crazy very fast. But that's half the fun, right?

    You will no doubt decide early if you want to "git gud" at the game or just play casually. If you decide the former, you will want to hit up the training menu. You can hop into freeplay where you can hone your skills. You and the ball. Nothing more required. Or you can hit up the custom training packs. Many legends of rocket league have created specific training packs for rocket leaguers of all levels from new to professional.

    It's a lot to choose from, but you will find what you like playing best and likely stick to it. 3v3 ranked is my game!

    There's not much to cover. It sounds pretty much as expected. You can pick your motor noises to change it, the most annoying being the motor mouth *motor mouth noises* to big v8s and futuristic cars.
    The arenas often have different level's of voice commentary based on what is happening. For example if you make a good save, a voice will scream WHAT A SAVE or GREAT HEADER of you score. It's different for every map and always remains enjoyable.

    ROCKET LEAGUE IS STUNNING. With the creation of the xbox one x, we received an upgrade pack for 4k graphics. It looks superb on a good 4k enabled tv. Even without the 4k enhancement, the game contains very bright and colourful arenas. Neo tokyo is the best map, don’t @ me.
    There are also endless customisation options that look great on the cars. My favourite loadout is my watermelon. I have the watermelon car decal, water melon slices for wheels, worried water melon car topper, warm watermelon slice antenna and watermelon boost. I am often worried for my opponents when I play in this car, because it is usually too much awesome for them to handle. My friends and I joke that the car is too overpowered, but the reality is that all cars behave mostly the same way, apart from their hitboxes. There are only a couple of different hitbox sizes, but don't worry about that, just pick the octane. It's the best car. You're welcome.

    In game purchases
    A controversial topic for many, when Rocket league launched, they had random luck lootboxes. In a recent update, these crates were removed and replaced with blueprints. The idea being that you buy premium currencies (credits or esport tokens) which allow you to buy the specific item in the blueprint. No random luck involved. These purchases are completely optional, but the better items can be very expensive. The best value credit pack is AUD$73.45 and you get 6500 credits. Many of the higher rarity items can cost 2000 credits. That's almost AUD$25 for one item. It definitely bears mentioning that these items are PURELY COSMETIC, they do not give you an advantage over the opponents and you can be the best player in the world with no cosmetic items if you desire. You don't have to do that though, just make sure you collect all the awesome watermelon items for maximum awesomeness.
    However, if you want to earn items as you play and level up, a much cheaper option exists: rocket pass. There is the free level of rocket pass where you pay nothing and get customisation items every few levels. But for 1000 credits (AUD$11.30), you can unlock the premium rocket pass which will reward you with a variety of sick items every time you level up. You can complete 6 weekly challenges to level up the paid rocket pass even faster and gain more items. There are 70 unique items in the premium pass and past level 70, you can unlock coloured variants of the coolest items in the game. You also earn 100 credits regularly throughout the levels. If you reach level 110 of the rocket pass you will earn enough credits to buy the next edition of the rocket pass if you don't spend them.
    The esports decals are exactly what they say on the box. Customised items that represent your favourite team colours and financially support the esport organisations themselves.
    You can also trade many of the items you own with other players. There are guides online as to what items are worth to assist you in making fair trades with other players. There are also many social groups online to find someone to trade with.

    Online interactions
    This is the double edged sword of rocket league. The online mode is where the game shines, an doesn't.
    There truly is nothing in gaming I have experienced like a sweaty tryharding ranked 3 v 3 match where your scores are locked at the end of regular time and you head to overtime. You don't want to mess up and cost your team the game. Pressure is mounting. Your palms are sweaty, mom's spaghetti. The elation of hitting that winning goal is unbelievable. The complete depression of losing in overtime hits like a sledgehammer.

    The non shiny part of online are the toxic players. Unfortunately they appear on both your team and the other team. They can range from slight quick chat abuse - dropping a passive aggressive "Okay." when you mess something up, to a multiple spam of "WHAT A SAVE" if you miss something. The worst occurs when people type things out in chat. A lot of the common words are censored, but gamers are always finding new ways to type toxic things in chat. Thankfully you can just turn this off in options. Quick chat only, or team chat only are two good options if you find yourself getting heated because of this behaviour.
    can have very toxic players, but you can turn off opponent chat if you wish.

    Rocket league also have a decent esport backing, with Rocket League Rivals Series, Rocket League Championship series as regular events. There are also adhoc events run by big youtubers. The prize money is pretty good, but not on the level of League of legends. Still a great addition to the game and awesome to watch when active!
    Speaking of youtubers, there are many content creators making excellent videos, from tutorials and finding out why you suck at rocket league, game shows, stories behind iconic moments, montages and much more.

    There's really nothing like it available, and the feeling of muscling out an overtime win in ranked is utterly exhilarating


    Drive it like it's hot and I will see you on the field.
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    Rocket League is a Xbox One Racing/Sport game developed by Psyonix and costs £15.99.

    Having heard a lot about this game I was very eager to get this and I am so happy I did as this is an absolute joy and pleasure to play, this game is so much fun.

    The games basics are that your playing football but it doesn't involve humans instead you are a car. I love football and a I love racing so its an ideal game for me but anyone who plays it will have such fun as it is amazing.

    Simple idea but everything about the game is amazing, You can play a variety of players on each side in 5 minute games trying to outscore the other team.

    There is a season mode playing v the CPU but the real joy is in playing other players online in 5 minute games. The games are so fast and frenzied that it just flys by while playing. Anyone can pick this game up and play it, its that simple.

    Accelerate, Brake (Why??) turbo, jump and turn that's all that's needed to know. The cars can be customised by unlocking items after each game and though none affect the cars performance its great to see a great deal of customable items across each of the cars in the game.

    While I played the game a number of DLC packs were made available and I'm sure there is many more to come including the batmobile etc so players can pick and choose which car they want to use and I'm sure it will bring lots of money in as well.

    The stadiums look fantastic and shows of the impressive graphics in the game. The lightning of the game is equally impressive and shows how much time the developers have put into this game.

    The music and sound is fantastic and the bashes and bumps along the way have never sounded as good.

    The game deserves so much praise there is not one bad thing I can say about it and I'm just so glad that it is now available for Xbox owners. Buy it, its a joy to play and you will have so much fun be it online or split screen with friends at home.

    For completionists I managed to get the full 1000 in approx 10 hours, the achievement list is fun and even though there are a couple of grinds you don't actually mind doing them as its so much fun.

    Please give this game a try you wont regret it.

    I stream all my games at please follow me and check my past videos out and watch me stream.
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    Was a bit unsure at first as it had been around for while and games like this if you are behind the curve when you join online you get destroyed and never win or there is never one online to play with as they have moved to another game.
    However i must say the online server are very good at matching you to people at the same or slightly better ability to allow you to enjoy the game. The more you play the more experienced you get and so do your opponents which is good.
    Game itself is mainly an online game, but those without PS Plus can still play offline against bots or a friend in split screen. Playing online those is what this game is made for

    Very nice bright visuals which are a pleasure on the eye and with games usually being 4 mins long. With the odd stoppage for a goal keeps it very fast pace and constant changing of opponents/team member meaning one game is never the same.

    Like the game due to the fact you can just pick up play a couple of games and drop unlike some of the other like COD where you get sucked in for hours.

    Great game!!