Rockstar Table Tennis Walkthrough

Please note that the details below reflect the time and playthroughs required to get all the Achievements in this walkthrough.

Walkthrough Summary

Achievements in this walkthrough
Total Gamerscore
Total TrueAchievement
Estimated Time
40 to 50 hours
Playthroughs Required
Missable Achievements
Unobtainable Achievements
Online only Achievements
Contains DLC Achievements
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Full Achievement Breakdown

Offline Game Mode
19 of 29 are Offline Game Mode Achievements
Single Player
19 of 29 are Single Player Achievements
10 of 29 are Versus Achievements
Online Game Mode
10 of 29 are Online Game Mode Achievements
Difficulty Specific
5 of 29 are Difficulty Specific Achievements
Main Storyline
4 of 29 are Main Storyline Achievements
Cumulative +
4 of 29 are Cumulative + Achievements
Buggy -
2 of 29 are Buggy - Achievements
Multiple Playthroughs Required
2 of 29 are Multiple Playthroughs Required Achievements
Players Required
2 of 29 are Players Required Achievements
Online Skill
1 of 29 is a Online Skill Achievement

Gamers Involved

Ergo Me Smart
Ergo Me Smart (Overseer)
Tasty Pastry
Tasty Pastry (Overseer)

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