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Rogue Aces - Just Over Two Minutes of Gameplay

During the past weekend, Infinite State Games held a QA session for fans with their shoot 'em up Rogue Aces. During the session, the team recorded a bit of gamplay which we can now take a look at.

Posted 5 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Rogue Aces Video Demonstrates an Aerial Steal

Developer Infinite State Games has continued its steady stream of gameplay videos for upcoming retro dogfighting title Rogue Aces with a short teaser demonstrating the aerial steal.

Posted 5 years ago by Chewie

Rogue Aces Shows Us The Enemy

We've seen plane fights, plane escorts and daylight plane robberies from Rogue Aces so far, but do we really know our enemy? The developers give us a full roster, plus two more videos of the game in action.

Posted 5 years ago by Sam Quirke

Rogue Aces Showcases A Vicious Dogfight

A new gameplay video has been released for Rogue Aces, developer Infinite State Games' upcoming aerial combat title. Watch as the main pilot tries to take on the dastardly Baron.

Posted 5 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

In Rogue Aces, You Can Steal Planes

Previously titled Wing Kings, the upcoming shmup will allow you to hijack planes midair after ejecting from the cockpit just like real pilots do. The game also features music by Kevin 'Kevvy Metal' Black.

Posted 6 years ago by Kevin Tavore

Wing Kings Announced for Xbox One

This aerial combat 2D roguelike is coming to Xbox One. You'll fight other planes, go on a bombing run, shoot down paratroopers, and more as you conquer aerial dogfight after dogfight.

Posted 6 years ago by Kevin Tavore

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