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    From the guys that brought you the timeless classic Shellshock 2: ShittyBlood Trails, comes Rogue Warrior, a bland and barely functioning FPS that has so much swearing it puts Scarface and Kane & Lynch to shame.

    Interestingly enough, House of the Dead: Overkill for the Wii holds the record for most uses of "The F-word" in a game (a 90 minute game with 189 f-words). Rogue Warrior is only slightly longer and probably BARELY missed that record.

    Now, you're thinking to yourself: "What the hell is Rogue Warrior?" You've probably heard of this one, but not much more, other than it's reportedly awful or that it contains an arsenal of f-bombs. In reality, it's just another shooter but set during the Cold War. I actually had to Wikipedia the plot simply because I lost interest in it about 5 minutes in:

    "Rogue Warrior is primarily a first person shooter with tactical elements. The player assumes control of Navy SEAL Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko, also known as "Rogue Warrior". The primary goal for Marcinko begins as an infiltration mission to disrupt hostile missiles and evolves to prevent other potentially dangerous situations. To achieve this goal, Marcinko may use a wide array of weapons and explosives. Such weapons include AK-47s, grenades, and combat knives. In addition to weapons, Marcinko may also utilize explosives barrels and gas tanks to eliminate enemies"

    So yeah, the game is based on (reportedly) the autobiography of a real life Navy SEAL. That's cool in theory, but the actual guy didn't lend his voice to the game for whatever reason, (I'm sure he's still alive) so he's voiced by actor Mickey Rourke, who does a decent enough job imitating a gruff, badass SEAL with a raging case of Tourette's Syndrome.

    I just have to address the swearing. Much like the violence in Soldier of Fortune Payback, it's funny at first, but gets old pretty quick. He says something containing the "f-word" when he shoots someone, gets shot, or just in general ("better dead than red, mother f**kers!"). To be fair, I wouldn't say something like "OWIE" if I took a bullet to the gut, but game characters say nothing, or just grunt, and it works. The constant stream of expletives just gets silly. I did chuckle when I shot someone in the back of the head and heard "F**king retard commie bastard" or something like that.

    Now the game. It sucks. It looks like something that would have come out on the PlayStation 2, the controls are horribly sluggish by default, calling the AI "retarded" is actually being too generous, and the game is freakishly (though mercifully) short. Your enemies are completely oblivious to you, provided they aren't starting DIRECTLY AT YOU, letting you shoot them in the face or use a "close kill," which usually involves some cursing ("Miss me, motherf**ker?") and jamming a knife in some part of his face. These are satisfyingly brutal at times, and almost make up for the piss poor gunplay. There are decent number of weapons though, with assault rifles, Uzi's, shotguns, and the like.

    There are 8 levels total, and I was stunned how short it was. I haven't beaten it yet (first run-through just HAD to be on Hard) but after 80 minutes, I was half done. Games like Shellshock 2 and Jumper I've blown through in several hours, but this will take even less than that! A new record for shortest game, perhaps?

    Multiplayer blows. Maps are too big, there are only two modes (DM and TDM) and there is nobody playing. The only group I found was some dudes from France presumably boosting for achievements. That or the French have a twisted definition of "fun."

    Achievement wise, it's not a tough game, but not one you'd be proud to have played. The campaign achievements don't stack (but as I said, the game is ridiculously short), some require you to kill in a certain way (such as with a sniper rifle, or 5 shotgun kills without a reload), and then there's the (seemingly now standard in crappy games) multiplayer stuff. Which again, isn't bad, but annoying. You need 4 people to do the ranked stuff, and 3 people on your friends list for one. Based on the leaderboards, only 2 of my friends have played this, and I wouldn't want to subject anyone else to it.

    Much like other bad games, Rogue Warrior is one you should pick up if only for a laugh. The fact it came out at full price is astounding, but I got it at a local BlockBuster for $14.99. The pain doesn't last long, and the "privilege" to say "yeah, I OWN Rogue Warrior" is a true honor... if you would call it that.

    Is it the worst game I've ever played? No, Hour of Victory still holds that "honor." Is it the worst game of 2009? Off the top of my head, yes. I did still find more fun with this than ShellShock 2, if only because I began to make my own sentences containing variations on the word f**k.

    "This F**king piece of f**king s**t f**ked my xbox in f**king ways motherf**king Turning f**king Point could f**king only wish it could. This piece of f**k called a f**king game is, in short, a steaming a** s**tty piece of f**king f**k." - Doominatorx6

    If that sentence made you giggle, you're gonna LOVE Rogue Warrior.
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    x InSoMniA oSpot on review, this game was a piece of sh*t. Couldn't even bring myself to complete it.
    Posted by x InSoMniA o on 18 Jul 11 at 17:25
    S4V4G3 KUHAone of the first game i played on xbox when i was truly a noob n doesnt know anything about games but now i can say this is the worst game ever i would have to see (but not play just see) that honor of victory also add it to the list like gow2 - burnout revenge n many others games that if u played em offline at some point when u recovered ur profile for whatever the reason (played on a friend house or accidentlly delete it) for some reason the order of ur achievements gots f*** up FOREVER i ask at xbox support n everything so this disgusting game didnt even worth the 1000G for me i rather lose those 1000G n got this game delete it from my account... seriously
    Posted by S4V4G3 KUHA on 12 Oct 12 at 01:26
    Malc666 EskiI love how this review still stands whilst the 'the gamer has been removed' 😂😂
    Posted by Malc666 Eski on 03 Mar at 02:17
  • Wildboy WileyWildboy Wiley496,834 496,834 GamerScore
    04 Dec 2009
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    I'd seen "Rogue Warrior" on IGN about 6 months ago, and thought to myself, "This game looks promising." But after renting it from my local video store yesterday, I can see that I was definitely wrong. Join me as I assess the many problems with the game.

    Storyline: The story is like this. You play Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko, a US Navy SEAL that is sent in with a team to stop hostiles from using missiles during the cold war. Intel is bad, and it winds up getting Marcinko's men killed, so he finds himself alone to face the mission, despite his commanding officer telling him to abort.

    Graphics: The graphics in Rogue Warrior are terrible. If I could compare the graphics in this game with another, I'd compare it to Half-Life and Red Faction 2. Some levels look bland and uncreative like RF2's, while others look like Half-Life's in the way that, things are supposed to look like other things, but just don't. Not only that, the game has a very unsteady frame rate. You would think with last-gen graphics, the game would at least be able to keep a steady frame rate.....for Rogue Warrior, that is not the case.

    Sound: I was going to save this category for last, but I might as well get it out now. THE SOUND IS THE WORST PART OF THE ENTIRE GAME!!! I say this, because not only is the main character voiced by Mickey Rourke, but every other word in a sentence is a cuss word. I counted how many vulgar things were said in one mission, and came up with almost 40 different phrases.... It's funny every once in a while to hear a guy talking about a polar bears nuts freezing, but when you hear the F word consistently, and other vulgarities within a 5 minute time frame, it gets annoying. Not only that, the Guns all sound pretty much alike.

    Gameplay: Another broken mechanic of the game, is the gameplay itself. Rogue Warrior consists of 8 very short missions, spanning over 3 difficulty levels. All three difficulties seem pretty much the same. I started on the hardest difficulty, and I beat the game without even trying, and the easy difficulty seems exactly the same as the hardest difficulty. Most the missions consist of you running through a very linear level, planting bombs on stuff, and leaving the area. You think when you're in a Russian Missile silo, the place would be heavily guarded.....nope, in Rogue Warrior, there's only about 3 people guarding a missile. You can expect to meet a total of about 20 - 25 enemies per mission, and even that is terrible, as the A.I. itself is mentally challenged. Don't believe me? What if I said, 97% of the time I threw a grenade, the A.I. wouldn't run from it.

    Multiplayer: The multiplayer is boring. The biggest problem, is the gigantic maps for only about 5-6 players. I played a map on a dock, and throughout a 10 minute time, I killed 2 people, and I was running around like my pants were on fire. The multiplayer works like this, you have Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and some other mode. In order to get weapons, you have to pick them up off the ground, then go kill enemies. Sadly though, the multiplayer is almost impossible to play, due to the frame rate being terrible.

    Achievements: The achievements can be easy and hard. The easy part of the achievements is the singleplayer achievements, they are simple, except that the difficulty achievements are NOT stackable, so you MUST play through the game 3 times. That can be punishing, since the story is terrible. The multiplayer achievements are the hard part. Not only is trying to find people to kill hard, but practically nobody plays the multiplayer, probably due to the poor frame rate and gigantic maps. If you are going for the MP achievements, you better have a boosting buddy handy, especially since a lot of the achievements require you to do something with someone on your friends list.

    FInal Thought: Rogue Warrior is only good for a rent....if that. If you have your hands on a better game, stick with that. If you aren't a fan of achievements, rent it and see if you like it, if you are an achievement collector, steer clear, because you probably will never obtain 1/2 of the multiplayer achievements. What was developed from beauty, was only designed into a beast, and a pretty ugly one.
  • N33dleInTheHayN33dleInTheHay1,953
    16 Aug 2010 16 Aug 2010
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    Rogue Warrior Review

    Forward Notes:

    Rogue Warrior What else is there to say? This is the game we’ve all been waiting for isn’t it? This is a relatively generic game that follows Richard Marcinko in his endeavors that are loosely based on his real life events. You can pick this game up for less than $15, so really, what do you have to lose?

    Single Player:

    The single player is 8 chapters of long, and can be beaten on the elite difficult in one 2 hour sitting by even the most casual of gamers. The dialogue is ridden with plenty of the use of the f word, almost to the extent of throwing it in every sentence. The main character you play as is voiced by none other than Mickey Rourke (Sin City). When playing this game, the first thought that came to mind was, “Wow, I wonder how much they had to pay him to actually lend his voice for this game…”

    The story takes place in the USSR during the Cold War, where Richard Marcinko is sent in to kill a bunch of soldiers. That’s really the extent of the story. Things that this game offers to the first person shooter genre is the usual assortment of guns: shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, and hand guns. If you are feeling particularly in the mood for a change, you can run up to the enemies and perform a kill move, in which the main character can perform an assortment of moves with his knife, or he can perform a chokehold on them. Yawn.

    There is also a third person aspect in which you can lean up against a wall and use it as cover to sneak around and blind-fire on guards. Other than that, there isn’t much else to do with the third-person mode. Players can also throw grenades, shoot barrels that explode, or shoot fire extinguishers to throw enemies off. Seriously nothing we have never seen before.

    Single Player Score: 2/10


    The multiplayer is exactly what you would expect from a first-person shooter, but much less. There are only two modes of gameplay you can choose from: deathmatch or team deathmatch. You can choose to play on ranked or just player matches. As of this review in August of 2010, it is very rare to find people online to play with, therefore forcing players who want the full 1000 gamerscore on this game to find other players to boost with specifically. Not cool for the completionists in a lot of us gamers. I would be surprised if the servers are still going to be up in a year to be honest.

    Multiplayer Score: 0/10


    The achievements in this game are not too hard to get compared to other games on the 360. The most trouble the player will have is making it through the campaign three times, as the difficulty achievements DO NOT STACK! Also, finding people to play with online is the other big challenge players will have to conquer. Other than that, it isn’t hard to get the full 1000 gamerscore in this game.

    Achievement Score: 3/10

    Final Thoughts:

    Considering you can get this game for less than $15 right now, if you are looking for an easy 1000 gamerscore, then go for this game. Otherwise, don’t expect to find anything groundbreaking at all. The game looks and feels like a game that came out at the console's launch, and seeing that this game came out the same month that Modern Warfare 2 came out, this is a huge disappointment on many levels.

    Final Score: 1.5/10
  • Wull ScottWull Scott478,961
    21 Jun 2011 21 Jun 2011
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    OK, dear reader - noticing and pointing out flaws in games is a bad thing so let's get cracking with a positive game! Lots of exclamation marks (or exclamation POINTS, as I believe our colonial cousins call them - either way, they look like this!!! And I effing LOVE them! Yeeha!)

    Rogue Warrior is a brilliant game! I mean it's by REBELLION! What more do I need to say, other than 3 words - Proven. Track. Record.

    It is perfect in almost every way, from the graphics, the script, the music, the controls and the voice acting from MICKEY ROURKE! Yeah, him out of all them films and that!

    Very much like Eternal Sonata, you play a representation of someone in their own dream, in this case, RONALD REAGAN! But get this... IT'S IN THE EIGHTIES! Therefore it is automatically awesome! So, RONALD REAGAN is dreaming that he is DICK MARCINKO, who is actually a real man who really used to be a Navy SEAL (That bit isn't just capitalised for dramatic effect, it stands for SEa Air Land - coincidentally, seals are the only other animals that live in the sea, walk on and can FLY, fact fans!!). In fact he was the bestest Navy SEAL ever because this game is a true story about how he swore at Communism on its own turf!!

    So! DICK hears about how Communism is all making nuclear missiles and he's all, like, "Effing Communism, I'll effing show it!" and he rocks up to the bad Korea in a helicopter with a black guy and a guy with beard! The black guy has THE BIGGEST cigar ever, so the guy with the beard gives him the finger for some reason, then they land and get BLOWN the eff UP despite having ample time to escape! That's right, they KNEW Dick could handle this and were, like, "We don't have the mad skillz, nor the swears to handle this - we'll just get in Dick's way!" KABLAM!

    Dick's all like, "I'm none too happy - I can handle this better now on my own, but EFF me, guys!" And so the game starts with your first act being explaining to your CO that the mission is a goatEFF and your second act is stabbing a Korean man in the BALLS before stabbing him RIGHT UP! Go DICK! The animations for this are awesome and you can tell Dick is really angry! So then the next guy, he's all like, "YEAH! No getting stabbed for you, LADY PARTS!" and bashes his head against the wall until he's dead! So there's all blood everywhere and he keeps swearing and he kills, like, SIX Koreans from behind! BUT! He isn't a racist - no matter how angry he gets he is a professional and hates COMMUNISM, not races! This is because he is cool and a role model!

    Then, right, THEN he gets a sniper rifle and shoots some guys, then it kicks off and the stealth mechanic turns into the ASS KICK mechanic as he goes mental and shoots the place up. Every level does this and it is the coolest thing! It starts off with some stealth where you stab people in the balls and in the head and everything until one of the guys see's you and then Dick goes mental. And shoots the place up. BIG STYLE! Because Dick is SOOO awesome, they've had to make the controls feel a bit detached by adding too much acceleration - think Far Cry Instincts Predator. But if they didn't, the game would be TOO easy! It already IS too easy, but you ARE Dick EFFING Marcinko - what do you expect! It took me 2 and a half hours to rip through Bad Korea and Russia, but I was RARING to go for the other 2 difficulty achievements!

    Yeah, so the sound effects are AWESOME, too! But not as awesome as the music - especially the horn section which sounds like it's about to break into Michael Buble's version of Cry Me A River, but doesn't because it's TOO SCARED! Even better is that Mickey Rourke's plastic surgery ravaged face truly lends Dick a muffled, threatening air and does sound more like Vincent the lion fella out of Beauty and the Beast (He was the beast) so it is even MORE awesomer!

    In summary, if you don't like stabbing people in the balls and head, and shooting the place up like a mentalist and swearing and being DICK MARCINKO - go back to Communist Russia and play... Metro 2033 or something else Russian. Or whatever.
  • John HanniganJohn Hannigan278,837
    17 Feb 2015 20 Feb 2015
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    After a less impactful summer of gaming, I decided to play on a game from my past to review. For some odd reason I choose to play Rogue Warrior. The game takes place with Richard Marcinko (a real life retired Navy SEAL) who is sent on a mission into North Korea with two other Navy SEAL’s in a hunt to track down a North Korean mole who has intelligence on Ballistic Missiles that are being built. Marcinko and his team are successful in taking down a small unit of North Koreans. However one of the North Koreans was only wounded and was able to kill the other Navy SEALs. Admiral Peyton (Marcinko’s boss) tells him on numerous occasions to abort the mission. However Marcinko never listens and carries out his personal war against the North Korean army and then eventually the Soviet Union. In the end, Marcinko destroys anything of importance such as a Dam, a Sub-pen and even a Mansion which have become overused and cliché to have these map designs in a shooter.

    • Instead of just fighting the usual enemies in shooters (Russians or the Nazis), the game allows you to fight the North Koreans

    • The animation in this game is very poor. For me it look like some of the animation, such as the explosions came from a Playstation 1 game.
    • Graphics are very poor.
    • Enemies have the advantage in gun fights as they are able to shoot through cover.
    • The script is dreadful. Richard Marcinko cannot go five seconds without saying at least ten different swear words.

    The Rating
    I would have to give Rogue Warrior a 2.5 out of 5
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    I have played both better and worse games than this. If you like crude jokes including livestock, funny and amusing kills, then this game may be for you if you can find it for less than $5.00. On the other hand i wanted to slap Bethesda for even putting their name on a poorly crafted and short game. One of the biggest problems that i had with it was that the skill achievements don't stack, so if you do want to 1000 it you have to beat it 3 times (not that its hard or long). Its more that your eyes will hurt from playing it that long.toast