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    31 Aug 2012 04 Sep 2012
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    Hey folks,

    I thought any hesitant prospective buyers would appreciate a review like myself wanted so here goes!

    A quick sentence for the story, this isn't a story driven game and that's ideal, its a pick up and play a level and come back to it later kinda game, perfect for short bursts of gaming. The story is your panda, has had his 'ice' stolen by a big monkey, and the levels are chasing it through wormhole after wormhole as he drops 3 lollipops as a level.

    Its one of those game in the title games. The objective is to roll the panda into the hole at the bottom of the level. (some levels its' technically not the bottom and you have to use momentum to get there). The rolling is very intuitive and can use both control methods, it works exactly how you'd hope on the touchscreen front.

    The levels progress in difficulty very gradually so far, I hope to update this as I go along. I haven't reached the latter levels yet but so far there's nothing ridiculous for the sake of being ridiculous.

    *Update* Having finished the game I can say that the 1st two planets are rather introductory, the game is split up into 5 and, the 'Space' planet is far away the best set of levels and the only ones in the game to have a different soundtrack. You can finish the planets in any order so I'd recommend saving some of these for last so you can really enjoy it. The last planet is a bit tougher and requires a bit more timing and precision but really not that much.

    Edit: One thing I forgot to add initially but really like, is that if you die, and you will, the game instantly starts you back up. No delay, no error message saying you failed, just... here you go again. It really makes the experience more enjoyable for me and the levels don't require so much forethought that trial and error won't fix, so its win win really.

    Graphics and audio:
    Cute, functional and effective. The game doesn't need to have a panda in at all, that's just a skin on a big bouncy ball really. The sounds with the panda go nicely but they're really not panda sounds, more cute animal sounds, but I think it gives the game a theme so that's all good. The music is just good enough to be memorable, I think if I play it enough I'll be happily humming it, but its really not lifechanging and doesn't need to be.

    The achievements seem very well done, and totally reasonable. The collectible achievements aren't out of the way, the games point is essentially to collect them as you go through the levels. So the achievements are rewarded as such. There's nothing uniquely challenging about them but it does make sure you explore the whole game. For the last achievement, be sure to view the credits and collect the lollys there! (three men picture on the help and options menu)

    The reason I picked this up is because my windows phone games at the moment are Splinter Cell and Assassin's creed and I wanted a pick up and play title that I could play for very short periods of time and this is perfect. Not only that, but its £0.79! That's the cheapest to free, I already feel its paid for itself! I pay £15 a day commuting so its perfect for me and I'll give it a 4/5!dance

    If you're still on the fence, I'd add the demo is very small and shows exactly what you get so that will easily say for sure if you aren't already on whether you'd like it!smile
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    SilentRich69Nice review man helped me decide whether to buy this cheap little game.
    Posted by SilentRich69 on 18 Sep 12 at 00:47
    Paully05Completely agree, really fun little game.
    Posted by Paully05 on 22 Aug 14 at 23:15