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Posted on 15 March 15 at 14:39, Edited on 15 March 15 at 14:40
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One of my favourite video game developers is Twisted Pixel. Something about their canny humour and simplified game-play makes their games very enjoyable and addictive. I remember buying The Gunstringer on Day One, and I recall one of the developers by the name of DeliciousBees. Fast-forward 3 and a half years, and he is now the CEO of No Goblin, the developers of Roundabout.

Roundabout is definitely a unique game. It seems like an ordinary top-down sandbox/action game when you first look at it, but it has a “twist” unlike any other. The limo that you control is always revolving. You play as Georgio Manos, a newly licensed limo driver that only drives through revolution. From the beginning of Roundabout, I was thrown for a loop when I was manoeuvring the limo. It’s more challenging than it looks to move a revolving limo through narrow spaces, but the game-play is surprisingly really enjoyable. The controls couldn’t be simpler. You move the left stick to manoeuvre, A is jump, and RT is used to speed up the limo and its revolution. You can also click in the left thumbstick to honk your horn, but more on that later. Simply put, Roundabout is a title that is simple to pick up, yet difficult to master. It almost reminds me of a Twisted Pixel game in that way.

As you progress throughout the story, you will pick up different characters, each of which has their own personality. The game’s humour is where it really shines. Since each of the characters has their own eccentric personality, the 70’s theme of the game starts to come to light. Even though it’s nothing but enjoyable to drive a limousine that’s revolving all the time, Roundabout’s core game-play never really changes much. You drive from checkpoint to checkpoint, stopping sometimes to run some people over, or possibly to play a mini-game. The main story only took me about 4 hours to beat, but just like any sandbox title, Roundabout is very time-intensive. There are loads of collectibles, including the cash stashes that give you in-game money, the horns that allow you to change what your horn sounds like, the sick jumps that are almost like the gaps in Tony Hawk, and the Stars that are present in each story mission.

Money is an interesting addition to this game, because it plays more of an integral role than you would initially think. It can be used to buy property (which gives you even more money) or to customize your limousine. Money can be accumulated through story missions, collectible cash stashes, or through what I would consider the “action” portion of this game. As you collect multiplier pick-ups, you can increase your multiplier, which gives you money. You can keep this multiplier going by running over poor, innocent bugs, I mean civilians. You can also unlock upgrade for your limousine that give you specific power-ups. For example, if you knock over 250 traffic cones, you unlock the Traffic Coner, which allows you to shoot traffic cones from your limo. If you hit 50 blue tires, you unlock the Reverser Wheel, which allows you to change the direction of your revolution at the press of a button. All of these power-ups are quirky and unique in their own way, and they only accentuate the innocuous joyousness of this game.

As I stated previously, there are also mini-games in Roundabout. These mini-games are challenge missions that require you to use the limo in unconventional ways. One of these challenges requires you to bounce a ball for as long as you can. Another requires you to drive away from falling cars. I found a lot of these really enjoyable. The most controversial of these would have to be the Desert Limo mini-game, which is a spoof of the famous anti-game, Desert Bus.

Oh, and this is a perfect segue into the achievements in this game. One of the achievements requires you to drive for 8 hours straight in the Desert Limo mini-game. The floor makes a fine toilet, right? Then again, I should have been expecting this from the guy that devised Strings of Steel. The rest of the Achievements are pretty enjoyable. There are the obligatory collectible Achievements, and there are also some that are tied to unlocking the upgrades or accomplishing specific tasks in the mini-games.

Even though Roundabout is an awesome game that you should definitely pick up, it’s not perfect. In fact there are a few evident flaws. For example, two of the game’s main selling points I had an issue with. Even though I appreciate the 70’s style humour, I don’t exactly care for the tint it has on the screen. The graphics were nothing special in the first place, and the tint makes the exterior of the screen look Gamecube-esque. Even though I had a blast trying to control the revolving limo, this is the dizziest I’ve ever been while playing a game. I can play video games for hours on end without being fazed, but something about this game made me do 360s in my sleep. Once again, the game-play itself is somewhat repetitive. That being said, Roundabout is an excellent addition to the Xbox One catalogue, and I was caught by surprise at how addictive it is. I love the humour of the game, it’s unlike anything else I’ve played, and I’ve been playing it for hours on end. I highly recommend it, and make sure to keep an eye out for when I go for Smoke and Mirrors. No Goblin has made a really enjoyable title, and I hope this review influences your decision to buy it.

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Lil Miss Cherry
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Lil Miss Cherry
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Posted on 07 March 15 at 11:41, Edited on 17 April 15 at 14:40
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Experience the twists and turns of Georgio's exciting life as a revolving limousine driver

Developed and published by No Goblin games a studio founded by designer Dan Teasdale after working at Twisted Pixel and Harmonix, Roundabout is a unique open world driving puzzler that has you controlling a continually spinning Limousine as you navigate your way round the colourful and crazy world of Roundabout.

A bizarre taxi simulator where you control Georgio Manos, a soon to be famous revolving limousine driver who has a fierce rivalry with Ronaldo, also a revolving Limousine driver, what are the chances? The game is set in the 1970s and has a whole host of cheesy, yet likeable characters that you take on wacky journeys around the city.

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What makes this game so unique, apart from the spinning Limousine of course, is that like LocoCycle the games cutscenes are full motion video and the way animation and video is blended together works brilliantly. Georgio remains silent throughout the game but pulls a series of stern and funny faces as she listens to what her comical passengers have to say. It’s not easy being a Limousine driver, there are highs, lows and heartbreak as passengers come and go out of Georgios life in a spinning blur.

What is constant though is Georgios knack for surviving explosions that would devastate a normal human being. When you play this game, expect to die a lot. Navigating around the many obstacles of the game can be a bit tricky to master but the game doesn’t punish you too severely for this and you respawn at the last circle you passed which is normally pretty close to where you unfortunately exploded, fortunately not killing your passengers or you.

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There are spinning planes, cars and narrow streets all stopping you getting to your destination. There are a host of upgrades that help depending on your playstyle. Upgrades that make your limo float on water, slow down time so you can get around that tight corner and a music box which plays a sweet, tantalising tune that makes pedestrians run straight towards you, causing the majority of them to run straight to their deaths whether they’ve died on a fence or under the wheels of your spinning limo of doom.

Although the story is short, collectibles are rife throughout the city. With horns, stashes of cash and jumps to be found. You can also use your well earned cash to buy properties which generate more cash that pay for new paint jobs and “hats” for your ride. You can have everything from a Burger, cash or a pumpkin sitting proudly atop your car or even an Eagle flying above.

There are also numerous challenges to complete and compete against the world or your friends. Running over pedestrians, bouncing a ball or harvesting crops. You can also compete in the speedrun mode once the game is done which takes you through every ride in the game and puts you on leaderboards to compare your rank.

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You’re scored for rides in a percentage. There are different requirements that you have to meet to get 100%. Completing the ride quickly, not dying, collecting all the stars and not losing your streak all factor into your score. So mastering and completing the game may be a challenge for some.

Overall I love that the game never takes itself too seriously, deaths are comical as are the passengers you escort to various destinations. The landscape changes from a hot beach to snow covered fields and is colourful and fun. The game mechanics can be slightly frustrating to master but easy enough for you to be able to complete the story without having too much difficulty. The only problem I had was the game glitched out on occasion, spawning me straight into death or through buildings, but as you’re not punished too bad for death this doesn’t become more than a slight annoyance.

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Posted on 20 February 15 at 19:54
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When I first saw Roundabout a long time ago I thought it looked rather ridiculous. As I continued to see it, the gameplay only further concreted this idea. That's until I actually got to playing it and I am really pleased with the short, yet sweet experience. Playing as Georgio Manos you drive about in a limo picking up passengers, facing challenges and collecting things. This is achieved with one wacky variable on that's the limo you're driving is constantly rotating or well spinning around. This adds an extra layer to things and makes it more a puzzle type experience as you try to fit in-between cars or other objects on the road. The story has you driving around across all sorts of differing places as it progressed with across an array of areas while still strongly maintaining its interesting cast. Cutscenes were present in full force, and they actually worked quite well splitting the gameplay up. They were done in real life video form which worked well and I like seeing this being used in games a tad bit more as it can meld well while creating some decent comedy. When I started playing the campaign I actually just stuck in it and kept rolling through to conquer your apparent arch driving nemesis, help your friends and eventually find love. Aside from the main narrative there are a bunch of challenges that are more like mini games to complete and collectables to grab. These are in the form of horns and cash stacks. With the horn you get a new sound, whereas money you can buy vanity items or properties for more money.

Playing as a limo you're constantly revolving while driving around completing missions. The graphics were done in a cartoon style which could have been better, but definitely had moments like when you splatter poor folks caught in the crossfire. I did have a bunch of issues getting stuck on certain objects and some spots were annoying to pass through, but overall no real complaints with the movement system. The hopping was also very wild when unlocked as the limo flew about in the air and landing in strange areas.

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The Conclusion
Roundabout is a crazy 70's style driving game that mixes real visual cutscenes within gameplay for a beautiful experience. The campaign length may feel short to some, but it's well worth it and there's a ton of extra things for you to do. It may also seem weird, but it's got a nice quirky thing to it that makes the experience a lot of fun. Side missions also give you a lot to do afterwards bringing almost mini games and speed runs into the mix. I definitely suggest checking out this wacky game that brings its own puzzle driving to the consoles.

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