Rugby League Live 2 - World Cup Edition Achievements

Full list of all 35 Rugby League Live 2 - World Cup Edition achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • Pass the Parcel

    Perform 10 offloads to receivers in a match.

  • Slippery

    Successfully evade 3 tackles in a row on Veteran difficulty.

  • Coach Pleaser

    Get a completion rate of 80% or more in a match.

  • World Beaters

    Win the World Cup in Career mode.

  • In the Money

    Turn a profit every year in Career mode.

  • Premiers

    Win an NRL or Super League Premiership.

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  • Hangin' Donuts

    Keep the opposition scoreless in a match on Legend difficulty.

  • Smashing

    Win a match by more than 25 points on Legend difficulty.

  • Streaky

    Win 3 consecutive matches with 1 team in an NRL or Super League Season.

  • Cool as a Cucumber

    Kick a field goal to take the lead with 5 minutes left on the clock.

  • Running Man

    Score a 85+ metre try on Legend difficulty.

  • Tricky

    Successfully kick a conversion/goal kick while hitting the post.

  • Hat Trick

    Score a hat trick of tries with one player.

  • Back-to-Back

    Score a try in the first set of tackles after another try has been scored.

  • Half Way There

    Complete year 10 of Career mode.

  • Finished

    Complete a 25 year career.