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Posted on 29 November 17 at 10:13, Edited on 10 December 17 at 03:08
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Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure Review

Growing up with games as they were, was very trial and error. No hand holding, arcade ports that basically said: Git Gud. After having children of my own I have always been looking out for games that may help foster that love of games like I had. The problem I found is that smaller kids (my son is 4) just don’t have the sticking power with those old platformers and the like. Rush however, takes away the brutal punishment and adds characters and worlds that kids enjoy, along with competent platforming and a decent amount of things for kids to do.

The premise is that You are the new kid going to the Pixar theme park. Other kids are playing in the world hub areas and as you approach them they start telling you their imaginative story involving the characters of each of the 6 worlds: Finding Dory, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, Toy Story and Up. Then you dive into that world and help the characters in a series of linear straightforward quests. Some involve running or sliding to the next point, some have you falling through the air, some in a car or plane. Each one has a linear path that branches and has hidden passages, and as you go through you collect coins that add to the points total at the end of the level. The total coin points are used to unlock new abilities (eg a missile that unlocks areas) and characters (that you can ask for help with Y button), new level goals (to aim at for more score) and new levels (for a total of 17). This lends to some replayability for each level and depending on score you can win bronze/silver/gold/platinum medals as well which drives those score hungry young ones (or dads). The best part is that the only punishment is losing coins, and even if you have none, the game doesn't kick you out or force a restart. You just take the hit and keep going, which takes the stress from the kids and let's them play naturally. It shows them where they can go with the coin placement in the level and lets that be the carrot on the stick.

Each level is surprisingly well thought out and looks spot on in each universe. From the kindy chase in Toy Story to the tokyo level in Cars, each one looks like it could belong in one of the franchise films. The lighting and textures are great, the animations are fine and the sound effects spot on. The background work is spot on too, especially in the Finding Dory levels. They don't use the original voices, but you can hardly notice and the kids won't at all. The only time it gets choppy is when the kids are explaining their story and the thought bubble runs in between, but that's because technically they are rendering both worlds at once.

After trying Rayman and even Mario with my 4yr old, I have been really surprised by how effective Rush was with him, and at the quality of the game itself. It is a great hassle free game for kids and adults alike, all while introducing them to the world of video games, through worlds they already know. Highly recommended for those with kids from 3 and up.
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