Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Rush is originally a Kinect-based adventure game set in various Pixar movies. You navigate three levels in each of six different movie settings picking up coins and finding secrets to reach the end of the level.

The Xbox One version dispenses with the Kinect requirement and allows you to play with a controller or with a keyboard if you’re playing on a Win10 in addition to the original Kinect experience.

As you play each level, the points you earn will unlock bonuses: extra goals, extra buddies that you can call, and extra abilities. You will have to play each level several times to unlock all the abilities and then once more to get all of the collectables, which unlocks a new character. Lastly one more run through the levels with this character is required.

The game has local co-op, but no online play. Only one profile is logged in so when an achievement is earned, only that profile will unlock the achievement. Having a buddy doesn’t really make unlocking any achievements easier – everything can be easily done single-player. All progress is saved automatically to the cloud and available on all devices – you can freely switch between playing on different Win10 computers and on the Xbox One console without losing any progress.

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