SBK 09 Superbike World Championship Reviews

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    19 Apr 2010
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    SBK09 is a good motorcycle simulation, with lots physical details for bike-maniacs, and assistances for beginners. There are enough customization options to you to perfectly fit the game to your tastes.

    It has consistently been improved over the last iteration of the franchise, and while it's far from being a real masterpiece, it is amongst the best in its genre, but the SBK licence may not appeal as much as the MotoGP.

    Everything this game needs is there, all the teams and drivers are complete and even the umbrella girls are included. Graphically it stands at a good level, although some textures may be boring after a few races.

    Overall, SBK 09 is a good racing game, which will keep motorcycle aficionados entertained for a few weeks.