2. SNK 40th Anniversary Collection General hints and tipsUpdate notes

The solution for each game revolves around the "Watch" feature. What you will do for each game is the following:

Watch to the point I tell you => Press cn_start => Start Playing =>IMMEDIATELY press cn_back => Quit Game => Quit (Save) => Continue.

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Practically every single game pops when you reach the credits. Therefore, for time's sake, you're going to want to pause as close to the credits as possible. That's where this guide comes in: to tell you what time to stop.

You can press cn_RT to quickly jump forward in the game to the end. You can manipulate the time with cn_left and cn_right to get to the right time. If you miss the achievement after actually playing the game, replay, go back a second, and redo. That should do it, but I've worked out the times pretty well. toast

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