3. SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Here we go. Once again, the steps for each one are: Watch to the point I tell you => Press cn_start => Start Playing =>IMMEDIATELY press cn_back => Quit Game => Quit (Save) => Continue. At some points, you may have to move slightly. I've noted those for you.

Remember to IMMEDIATELY press cn_back after you start playing. The time should be around 1-2 seconds after you restart, so I cut it close. smile

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Alpha Mission (Arcade): Watch until 35:50, then Start Playing => cn_back => Follow the above instructions.

Athena (Arcade): Watch until 19:12, etc.

Skip down to Crystalis: 149:08 (This one takes about 10 seconds into the credits.)

Guerrilla War (Arcade): 10:52

Ikari Warriors (Arcade): 9:19 => Move up to the big green guy.

Ikari Warriors II (Arcade): 13:59 - This one is really close. You kill the guy on the left, then immediately when the text pops up, the achievement pops. Make sure to do it right at 13:59 and immediately pause the game after playing.

Ikari Warriors III (Arcade): 25:10

Iron Tank: 35:38

Skip down to P.O.W. (Arcade): 17:51

Prehistoric Isle: 18:49

Psycho Soldier: 28:29

Skip down to Street Smart, and don't use drugs!: 11:07

Skip to TNK III: 18:26 => Move up (don't worry about the guy behind you)

Vanguard: 6:16

Congrats on your 1000! Hope this helped! toast

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