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TA Playlist Wrap-Up – Superhot

Thanks to this year’s GTASC winners for nominating five standout games for the October 2023 TA Playlist. Check out all the stats and community feedback from our playthrough of the featured game, Superhot!

Posted 4 days ago by The TA Playlist Team

TA Playlist game for October 2023 announced

We had the winners from this year’s GTASC nominate a record five games for this month’s poll, so come and join us for the October 2023 TA Playlist Game, Superhot!

Posted 3 months ago by The TA Playlist Team

Vote now for October 2023's TA Playlist game

The 2023 GTASC has ended, and the winners have taken their place in TA history. Now, they’ve nominated games for us to play as part of October 2023's TA Playlist.

Posted 3 months ago by The TA Playlist Team

Best Xbox first-person shooters

From sci-fi worlds filled with futuristic weapons and alien monsters to games based on real conflicts that recount some of the darkest moments in our history, here's our list of the best first-person shooters on Xbox.

Posted 1 year ago by Sean Carey

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