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    Hi everyone. I have done a video review on youtube for this game. I have also reproduced the review in text below if you wish to read it instead.

    This is my first review! Today we have Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mega Battle and my friend and I played through the first chapter in the background once we levelled up our characters almost to max to give you an idea of what to expect of the game.

    It is available on xbox live for AUD $20, but we got it on sale for $15 during the spring sale. It caught our eyes because we both used to watch power rangers religiously as kids and we thought we were overdue for a trip down nostalgia lane. The game play is simple to pick up and has a great skill tree to unlock new moves, powerups and health/damage increases. The game play is really fun and fluid and the nostalgia level is high and reminded me of coming home from school and watching power rangers. It has all the characters form the TV series - Zordon, Alpha, Rita, Goldarr, Lord Zedd and all 6 original rangers - black, blue, yellow, pink, red and the green ranger which was a nice touch. The story doesn't really have any surprises but is certainly entertaining throughout the six chapters you will need to finish to complete the game.

    The game play doesn't really change much between the chapters, apart from the new moves you unlock. That keeps it fresh enough, but it does get a bit repetitive at points. Each chapter you fight through 3 levels and at the end of each 3rd level, you get a boss fight as the rangers, then once you're about to win, they are transformed to mega size and you have a Megazord fight against the super size enemy. All chapters follow this same formula and it works. The Megazord fights are quick time events to finish it after a point blank arcade type shooting game. It does the job without
    reinventing the wheel.

    Even with the power ups, the game offers a pretty good challenge as do the games achievements. We played for 6 hours and got all but 3 achievements. It is worth noting that achievements only unlock for player one, which is a gaming sin in today's gaming landscape. However, the game can be completed in 10-15 hours so doing that twice won't be all that tedious. Given the budget price of the title, it is understandable that local coop (up to 4 players) only is available, however online would have certainly been a nice touch.

    The game is very sparing in its spoken dialogue. The game could have benefited greatly from some decent voice acting, especially if the actual original rangers would have lent their voice to the game. However, Dean and I had fun imitating the rangers voices as the dialogue appeared on screen, so this is but a small complaint. The other sounds are pretty solid, especially the fighting noises! Classic power rangers over the top sounds.

    The sale price of $15 seems perfect for this game. There has definitely been a lot of work put in to make this a faithful recreation of power rangers and solid all around beat em up arcade game. $20 isn't a bad price, but it just seems a bit over what I feel it's worth. There's definitely a lot of fun to be had here.

    The achievements are definitely a lot of fun, but some grindy achievements to finish out the game exist. All in all a great trip down memory lane to my childhood and I definitely recommend this game.
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    EarthboundXI disagree myself, found it to be a very lazy and dull game. Almost felt like a simple and fast development, just so the publisher could hold onto the the license or something.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 03 Dec 19 at 11:13
    ProfessorPlutoI don't agree. It's definitely not the best game out there, but everything works which is more than you can say in today's landscape. Yes it's quite repetitive in the time you have to spend to complete it, which i still haven't done, but the sound is well done and the game play is fun and challenging. I can certainly agree the game is very simple and small, but i personally don't think lazy or rushed are fair words to describe this game.
    Totally fine if you don't like it, but that's just my (admittedly nostalgia driven) opinion.
    Posted by ProfessorPluto on 03 Dec 19 at 11:38
    EarthboundXWell now it just deleted my save data, I still had 3 achievements left.

    So that lowers my score from 1.5 to a 1.0. Guess I'll never be finishing this game, not gonna waste my time doing that all again.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 04 Dec 19 at 00:40