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Posted on 12 May 17 at 10:03, Edited on 12 May 17 at 19:35
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Hi everyone. I have done a video review on youtube for this game. I have also reproduced the review in text below if you wish to read it instead.

This is my first review! Today we have Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mega Battle and my friend and I played through the first chapter in the background once we levelled up our characters almost to max to give you an idea of what to expect of the game.

It is available on xbox live for AUD $20, but we got it on sale for $15 during the spring sale. It caught our eyes because we both used to watch power rangers religiously as kids and we thought we were overdue for a trip down nostalgia lane. The game play is simple to pick up and has a great skill tree to unlock new moves, powerups and health/damage increases. The game play is really fun and fluid and the nostalgia level is high and reminded me of coming home from school and watching power rangers. It has all the characters form the TV series - Zordon, Alpha, Rita, Goldarr, Lord Zedd and all 6 original rangers - black, blue, yellow, pink, red and the green ranger which was a nice touch. The story doesn't really have any surprises but is certainly entertaining throughout the six chapters you will need to finish to complete the game.

The game play doesn't really change much between the chapters, apart from the new moves you unlock. That keeps it fresh enough, but it does get a bit repetitive at points. Each chapter you fight through 3 levels and at the end of each 3rd level, you get a boss fight as the rangers, then once you're about to win, they are transformed to mega size and you have a Megazord fight against the super size enemy. All chapters follow this same formula and it works. The Megazord fights are quick time events to finish it after a point blank arcade type shooting game. It does the job without
reinventing the wheel.

Even with the power ups, the game offers a pretty good challenge as do the games achievements. We played for 6 hours and got all but 3 achievements. It is worth noting that achievements only unlock for player one, which is a gaming sin in today's gaming landscape. However, the game can be completed in 10-15 hours so doing that twice won't be all that tedious. Given the budget price of the title, it is understandable that local coop (up to 4 players) only is available, however online would have certainly been a nice touch.

The game is very sparing in its spoken dialogue. The game could have benefited greatly from some decent voice acting, especially if the actual original rangers would have lent their voice to the game. However, Dean and I had fun imitating the rangers voices as the dialogue appeared on screen, so this is but a small complaint. The other sounds are pretty solid, especially the fighting noises! Classic power rangers over the top sounds.

The sale price of $15 seems perfect for this game. There has definitely been a lot of work put in to make this a faithful recreation of power rangers and solid all around beat em up arcade game. $20 isn't a bad price, but it just seems a bit over what I feel it's worth. There's definitely a lot of fun to be had here.

The achievements are definitely a lot of fun, but some grindy achievements to finish out the game exist. All in all a great trip down memory lane to my childhood and I definitely recommend this game.
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Posted on 19 January 17 at 20:40, Edited on 19 January 17 at 20:54
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For many of you who have known me, this will be a shock as I have never written or done a Review on any game for Trueachievements... until today. shock
So whilst this will be my first ever Review I have done for the site, please forgive me as I'll try and do this the best way as possible. smile

Note: Some information in this Review may be updated or changed depending upon my personal progress when playing the game.

Be prepared that this will be a long read, so I suggest you grab yourself a coffee or an enjoyable beverage whilst reading through this. wink


Finally! After nearly 10 years I finally have a game added to my XBox Collection that matches towards my Gamer-Tag! clap
I can also finally stop using the Transformers Series as a close relation toward the Power Rangers Series in gaming as I've got a true Power Rangers game added to my collection!

So as you can tell by my Gamer-Tag, you can see that I am a fan of the Power Rangers since I, myself was raised with the "original" TV Series when I was a kid.
I remembered the day when I actually watched one of the Episodes based within Series 1 of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and I got hooked into it straight away. Collecting the classic VHS Tapes, the Action Figures, the Toys, the Zord models and probably even having a costume at one point. I even managed to complete my collection of VHS Tapes in 2014 & 2015 by purchasing the last ones I missed out. shock
Whilst the original TV Series faced critism due to it's possible violent relations, each year we have been given a new Power Ranger TV Series since 1993. But in truth honesty, nothing in my opinion beats the "Original Season 1" of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV Series. Season 1 was a blast with 60 Episodes to watch... then we we're introduced to Season 2 - The Thunder-Megazords... it slightly went downhill in popularity. Then Season 3 with the Shogun-Zords... can't remember watching anything related to that when I was a kid. But I do have the DVD Collection aside I still need to watch whilst I boost some of my games on my game-list. roll

But at long last, a trailer was announced in late 2016! Nearly 25 years after the original TV Series got it's release and to tie with the Power Rangers Movie that is out in 2017, we are treated to a video-game based on the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV Series - Mighty Morphin' Power Ranges: Mega Battle. And... it's a blast. clap


Based upon the first 2 Seasons of the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV Series, 5 normal teenagers Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Billy & Trini from Angel Grove decide to do some Combat Training at the park, when an Asteroid item crash landed nearby them. Upon investigation a group of minions known as the Putty Patrol spawn and start commencing an attack. The teenagers defend themselves but are outnumbered.
They are then teleported to a Command Centre and are greeted by Zordon, an interdimensial being trapped caught in a Time-Warp and Alpha 5, a robot and his servant. Zordon shows them the evil sorceress known as Rita that threatens to terrorize the city & Earth, to claim it as her own. Chosen to save the Earth, Zordon enstrusts them by giving them Power-Morphers to transform into Power Rangers and also having the ability to control the Dino-Zords.

With these Powers in hands, the teenagers can now head out onto a quest to defeat the Putty Patrol, defeat Rita and her henchemen and prevent the Earth taken control by the evil hands of Rita.
But... there is a far more evil that lures behind the shadows of Rita. Who or what is it?

Game-Play & Features

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is a side-scrolling beat-em up game in which you can choose one of the five Rangers and take them through 6 Gigantic Levels, consisting of 3 Chapters each. You will find this game pretty similar if you have played games such as Double Dragon Neon Achievements, Streets of Rage 2 Achievements, Final Fight: Double Impact Achievements or Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Achievements. If you ever owned the Power Rangers games for the Super Nintendo and/or the Sega Genesis/Megadrive, then you'll be pleased to know that this game has revived the features from those games back into this one. wink

The game has included a Couch Co-Op feature. The first in any Power Rangers game, which means that up to 4 people locally can link up, team up and play along with you to help defeat Rita and her evil minions & monsters. Currently the game does not support co-op via XBox Live and it's unknown if this feature will be included. Some users have found this choice dissapointing.

Each Ranger you choose from has their advantage and disadvantages, such as Speed, Power, Defense, Techniques etc. Whilst you will likely have a favorite to choose from when you begin the game, you will eventually have to play as all of them since the game has an Upgrade feature. Explained later.

Your Ranger has a vast array of attacks such as using their arms for punching and legs for kicking, with the addition of jump kicking whilst in the air. You can also perform dash attacks whilst sprinting to knock over enemies. And unlike any other Power Rangers game I know, you can also block attacks. Like the TV Series your Ranger also holds their signature weapon which can be used when attacking, but it will drain energy.
Despite you have all this as a Power Ranger, to become a Power Ranger you have to earn your rights as you will not be morphed into Ranger form when you start a level and you are required to defeat enemies before you have that magic ability of pressing RT to morph when your character starts to shine.
Your chosen character you play with also has a level basis. As you battle and defeat more enemies, you will gain an extra level and you can use this to upgrade your character to use new abilities and attacks again your enemies, attempting to make the game more of a breeze to complete.

There are unlockables in the game as well. As hinted in the box-art the Green Ranger is an unlockable character once you've followed the chapter he's included in. Addtionally the White Ranger is also playable at some point in the game too. Then you'll eventually unlock Rita's Tower, an extra game mode available to play some point during the game. clap

The graphics are cartoonish, but very polished into fine detail. There's no frame-rate issues as far as what I can see so far during my game-play. Loading times as well are very fast, ready to make you play the game in such a short period of time. smile

The sound quality in this game is pretty decent. Notably what this game has done unlike any other Power Ranger game is bring in sound effects, music and even voices from the respectful actors/actresses from the original TV Series into the game. The voices do not include full speeches, but rather it being quick comments such as a taunt when you choose a character in the main menu, or a familar grunt sound as you attack against enemies. This is something highly praised, making it a fine addition to the game. rock

Last but not least, if you thought this game just had you playing as Power Rangers... you are wrong! You will have regular occasions where Rita will grow the monsters into a gigantic size and you've got to call in your Zords and take them out in Tank Mode and then eventually transform into the famous Megazord for a 1-on-1 battle!
The Zord fight in honesty is the part that could downgrade the game. Rather than it being full on action like you are when playing as the Power Rangers, the Zord battles first have Tank Mode where you are in First-Person Mode, and then you've got to aim at the targets and press X to attack. If you think that was awkward, the actual battles with the Zords are quick time events, asking you to press the right buttons before the countdown meter runs out. Despite this as a disadvantage, it does provide the player a challenge, attempting to confuse the player with the coloured circled buttons and the letters presented in the circle. For instance A is a Green Circle on the XBox One Controller. Whilst at times it's the same in the game, the A in the Circle could be Red, Yellow or Blue instead.

I hope my beauty Dragonzord appears too! redface


Currently this game has 19 achievements for 1000G Gamerscore. Each achievement in the game is worth 50G with the exception of one for completing 50 Floors on Rita's Tower that is 100G.

Here's a well known fact - don't expect this game to be an easy 1000G completion. This game will set you back for a fair amount of time, which unfortunately includes replaying the game multiple times to upgrade your characters or just to even pass part of the game.

The achievements consist of playing through and completing the game at least once, upgrading one & eventually every single character, misc related enemy defeat achievements, co-op and finally surviving Rita's Tower.
At the time of writing this Review, "no one" on Trueachievements has completed the game and there's over 1000 people that are playing the game as we speak. It is also unknown if updates or download content will also be added into the game.

It is unknown how long the completion is, but it is considered over 20+hours needed so far.

Advantages & Disdavantages


Currently at the price it is, the game is a steal. You seem to get more than what your money's worth. The game is also only 1GB in space to download to your Storage Device

Nicely Detailed Graphics.

Short Loading Times for each level you want to play.

Nostaliga from the classic sound effects, music & voice clips from the TV Series placed into the game.

4-Player Local Co-Op instead of just 2-Player like the original games had on the older consoles.

Unlockables and Extra Game Mode.

Great set of Achievements despite how many there are in the game.

No Internet Connection required to play the game.


Lack of XBox Live Co-Op feature added at the time of review.

Controls can take a little bit of time to master, especially the blocking.

Quick time events for MegaZord battle instead of full on action same as when you play with the Rangers.

Requires replaying multiple levels to upgrade characters, or pass areas in the game.

Can be quite difficult, especially playing solo since if you get eliminated, you are required to restart the Chapter from the beginning.

Completionist will need addtional controllers for Co-Op related achievements.

Ultimately a game that is put off by many users since it is known to be based on a Children's TV Series. However this is not the same as Hannah Montana, My Horse & Me 2 & Horse Racing 2016. angry


This is nothing like the Power Rangers Super Samurai Achievements Kinect game most of us we're dissapointed with. If you are or we're a fan of the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV Series back in the 90's, this is an absolute treat for you and a game I so far highly recommend.
I would also recommend it for anyone who likes the side-scrolling fighting games as listed above.

It is early days for me since I've only played the game for a few hours before I decided to write this review, but the fact is that I was just so happy when the game even got announced for release and finally I now own and played a Power Rangers on the XBox that is truly tied to my Gamer-Tag!

The truth is even though you think this game is aimed for "Children", the Nostaliga and the Graphics save it from becoming a cheap budget tie-in game for the movie, even though it has no releation to the movie (Power Rangers 2017) that is being released in the year.

I am honoured to have this game in my collection and I hope you are the same if you decide to pick up and play this game. However if you are still un-certain if you want to add this game to your collection or not, I recommend you look at the Game Clips someone has created or watch some Game-Play Videos and see if this game is going to be your cup of tea or not. warning


I so far give this game a Mighty Morphin' 5 Stars which equals to me = 9/10!

You could say that it's too early for me to rate a Score for this game, but I've chosen "5 Stars" due to the Game-Play, Graphics, Features, Nostaliga and a pretty decent Storyline & Extras! I believe when I've finished the game, 5 Stars will still remain.

Thank you for reading my first ever review and I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did. wave

"We've Got To Save The World Rangers!! IT'S MORPHIN TIME!!!" rock
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Posted on 26 January 17 at 02:21
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This game isn't bad for the money $15 dollars its worth it. Its especially better if you play co-op local with friend. If any yall gamers remember one on Sega that was a classic. Its the same 4player fight bad guys and go level to level. You can upgrade them different moves. You fight the boss. Once he's defeated he turns monstrous and you morph in to Megazoid and fight by pressing xxbb or xybx.. It has extras so once you beat the regular levels there's more to beat. Survivor mode gotta last 50 rounds to make it to the last floor to get Rita.This game is after the very first power ranger TV show.
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