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Posted on 03 May 13 at 12:09
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I would say Sacred Citadel is a pretty fun beat-'em-up. It's maybe not for everyone. How much do you like the genre? If, like me, you're a general fan of mindless kicking the crap out of hordes of minions, this game deserves a spot on your list. If you could take or leave the basic idea, you can probably safely pass on this title. I 'spose I would put this below Castle Crashers, Scott Pilgrim, or even Streets of Rage 2 in quality, but way better than Double Dragon 2, another recent title. The game does not appear to be selling in droves, and I think that is mainly because of price, which I will address later.

Sacred Citadel allows for online or offline co-op (up to 3 people), features 4 different classes, and boasts 20 stages in the main game, 25 including DLC. Combat can get a little dull, as it can take seemingly forever to take out some of the larger enemies when you are low level. The repetition is somewhat alleviated by a basic combo system and a decent tiered "special" attack that can be built up over time (think Golden Axe's magic attacks for a vague idea). Some levels also give you the opportunity to ride a mount/beast or tank to inflict extra damage on foes.

Level design is colorful and inventive in basic art-style, but fairly simple. You essentially are moving from left to right most of the time with the occasional jump required. The levels are also not very long, as I discovered on subsequent playthroughs, it just seems that way when it takes forever to kill everybody.

Enemy AI seems competent, but there is little enemy variety. This really doesn't kill the game, just makes it a bit repetitive.

Overall, it's not too difficult. Some of the later stages proved a tad tough, but with wise use of the "roll" move, things were pretty easily kept under control.

The main complaint comes with price. It's $15.00 for the game and $5.00 for the DLC. $20.00 seems a bit steep for the whole package. Also, the DLC was released day 1, so it feels like the developers are giving you the runaround a bit.

Achievements are not too tough, just grindy. You have to beat the game a minimum of 6 times to get everything. This isn't as bad as it sounds, as some of the playthroughs can be accomplished fairly quickly with a leveled-up character. Also, the presence of co-op makes for fun times. And, in all fairness, each character does play differently, so all is not a lost cause. Unfortunately, some of the drawbacks with achievements circle back to that pesky DLC. If you don't get it, it could take forever to max your character's level. With it, the last 5 levels get you fairly close to the top mark with not much exp. grinding to do.

All in all, I like the genre, so I could stomach the cost. Like I said earlier, if this is only marginally your thing, wait until it goes on sale.
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Posted on 10 May 16 at 18:14, Edited on 10 May 16 at 18:16
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Sacred Citadel is a pretty good beat-em-up game. While there's only a few real enemy types, the art's well done, the music enjoyable, and what little plot there is, is done well.

There are four characters you can play as: warrior, shaman, mage, and ranger. You can swap out at the menu selection, and their levels persist (unless you choose to reset them), so you can try them all out. While each of them have the same basic attacks, things can get pretty exciting - and even funny at times - with their specials.

The level cap is 40, but getting there can be a bit of a grind. Assuming you play through each level once, the main story will be finished when your character reaches level 32. DLC is available for only $2 at this time, which gives roughly another hour of gameplay.

But truly, the magic in this game is really brought out in the multiplayer.

Up to 3 people can play at once locally or online, and no character may be selected twice. I had a buddy team up with me for a Mage-Shaman run-through, and it was definitely more entertaining. In multiplayer, the enemies have more health and hit harder, so it definitely kept us on our toes as we tried to cover each other's backs.

In addition, all armors and non-character-specific weapons are immediately stored at the town's blacksmith, so it doesn't matter that much who picks up a weapon in a level, as you can immediately go and equip it once the level's over. As a result, there was no need to argue about who needed new equipment more - whoever found it first, grabbed it, and we just made frequent stops by the town.

In Summary
Sacred Citadel is a fun little game that's best enjoyed with a friend or two, over Xbox Live or just on the couch. Each level only takes a few minutes to complete, which makes it easy to pick up and put down again whenever you need. Beyond that, it's simple but enjoyable.
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