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Posted on 14 August 19 at 21:47
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When it comes to Xbox One games with a ridiculously easy set of achievements, Ratalaika have often been mocked by the community for how easy the games are, and of course the questionable quality of their releases. Step forward Sagebrush to well and truly turn the tide, and hopefully, we will not only see more games of this ilk in the future, but maybe people will pay attention. For Sagebrush isnt just any old side scrolling platformer or simple shoot em up.

As far as Indie games go, I generally enjoy them and whether or not they have an easy list of achievements is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Sure it is a nice bonus to have another completed game on your tag, but when a game stands out with its content, that's when this Beaver takes note. As mentioned above, Sagebrush isn't your standard Indie affair, bar the quick completion, it does stick with you after completion, and that my friends is the mark of a good game with a story to tell.

So what is Sagebrush I hear you ask? Well it's a first person adventure game with a highly pixelated visual display, which exudes a charm that the older generation among us would enjoy having played many games in our youth with graphics resembling a similar quantity. It's not terrible on the eyes though. At least I dont think so. The premise of the story however, surrounds a secluded camp of religious fanatics following the word of the Lord through a highly manipulative leader, who tolerated very little and dished out abuse to those who committed sins. As is the norm with these cults. I don't want to go into much detail here, as spoiling the story would prevent enjoyment of unravelling the story which is told through hidden audio cassette players and notes left by the previous occupants of Black Sage Ranch.

Whilst it is a minimalistic game at its heart, Sagebrush is certainly one that pulled me in with regards to the tragedy that struck it, and with how these religious cults work, it's always an interesting tale. For those that do or do not know, Jonestown in South America way in in the 1970's was one such cult, and again, that one ended in tragedy. Being religious isn't something I personally have issues with, more to do with those who will take advantage of others and their beliefs to manipulate and control them. Still, Jonestwon is worth reading up on if it piqued your curiosity.

Back to Black Sage Ranch though, and there is voice acting in it to help tell the events that unfolded prior to your visit, and upon completion, you will find out why you are indeed there. When you arrive, the creepy vibes that you get feel all to real, knowing full well what happened as you go. You have to search for any items that you need, and aside from a map you can look at, there is little else to help you. Not even a map marker, nothing. So unless you have a guide handy, you may well find yourself wandering around in search of clues. Which can be fun, as it's not that big a sandbox to explore.

The controls are simple enough to get to grips with, and whilst it's not the most polished game you can pick up for the cost of a pint and a packet of crisps or two, it's definitely one of them special little Indie adventures that you really should treat yourself to. A diamond in the rough if you will.

To wrap up, Sagebrush is a gem and Ratalaika have chosen wisely to bring this to console. Like I said, it's not polished and is a bit rough around the edges, but it's cheap enough to not break your bank balance. Plus there is a nice easy list of achievements to unlock. So what are you waiting for?

Developer: Redact Games
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Release Date: 7th August 2019
Price: £5.99

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