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To all my fellow Gamers,

Though this amazing story is fictional per the creator, Nate Berens, it is based on his research of real cult/high control group stories. I personally found it to be too real during my own stage of recovery, but despite that, it was done so well that I still think that it's a vital game for every gamer to play. You can take a short journey and witness how insidious a destructive cult's/high control group's formation can be and the biggest question many have of how the heck so many people get convinced into joining one (and why they stay even when it no longer makes logical or even factual sense).

The word has been watered down through the years, but cults aren't always about religion. Sometimes they're masquerading as a self-help or recovery group and now, as you've seen around the world lately, they can also pretend to be about politics, but often use predictable methods of coercive control (and fade into other teachings and away from the original idea). They very often run a similar and predictable path and rely on known weaknesses of the human mind and our natural biases.

With a good idea at first, they fade into something destructive and/or abusive as you progress through the stages/rankings of the group. It's easier than you might think. These types of leaders/people are very good at manipulating people into something destructive/abusive and usually for personal gain (like selling books, seminars, training classes/manuals/videos, programs, etc.), leaving you alone to pick up the broken pieces when it all falls apart (and maybe even leaving you a trail of victims, regrets, and maybe even a criminal record to deal with by yourself). Some unscrupulous leaders will also take a successful program that already exists and simply relabel the steps and try to sell it as their own.

They intentionally target those that have been ostracized, neglected, bullied and abused, those with codependency issues, are societal/social "loners" and "outcasts", people that are gullible, and/or those with low self-esteem/self-worth and also likely struggle with boundaries because of it. They may even try to relabel/distort/hide the typical "Light Bulb Moment" that people get when they discover the existence of these types of groups/leaders. Though not all self-help groups are destructive/abusive, it's vital for you to familiarize yourself with the signs and the leader profile so that you can learn to listen to that little 'red flag' gut feeling that is meant to protect us from harm. If you're part of the more vulnerable people above, seek out help from someone to is highly-trained, credentialed, and specialized in the recovery process so that you can actually heal, protect yourself, and break the out of the cycle.

With my guide manager's permission, I have included helpful links to those that might have been affected by this game's story at the end of my guide.

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P.S. Thank you to TrueAchievements for allowing me to write another guide. For another easy achievement game about a subject that is dear to my heart, check out my other guide for Fractured Minds and, well, my love for battle bots: Roombo. <3


Official Game Description:

"I met Anne first, waiting for the bus. I asked her what she was selling and she laughed and said nothing, nothing at all, that what she had to offer was free for anyone who wanted it bad enough. I asked her what had helped her. She just said 'James.'"

Sagebrush is a first-person narrative adventure about exploring the compound of an apocalyptic Millenialist cult in remote New Mexico years after they collectively took their lives in a mass suicide event.

In Sagebrush, you'll investigate the long-abandoned Black Sage Ranch, the former home of Perfect Heaven, an apocalyptic cult formed in the early 1990s under the guiding hand of the prophet Father James.

Inspired by Real-World Apocalyptic Cults

Based on extensive research into cult groups both famous and obscure, large and small, Sagebrush avoids simplistic motivations and easy answers. The members of the Flock are diverse and complex people with varied needs, hopes, and fears.

An Immersive, Lo-Fi 3D World

Sagebrush features an evocative low-poly, low-resolution, less-is-more art style that combines retro aesthetics with modern technology, along with a fully-realized soundscape and an original ambient musical score that immerses you in the remote New Mexico desert.

A Whole Compound to Explore

Black Sage Ranch is yours to wander, from the trailers that housed the cultists, to the halls where they gathered for food and prayer, to the old mines that stretch out below the compound, untouched for nearly a century.

Uncover the Real Story

Find notes, recordings, and belongings that give insight into the people who lived at Black Sage Ranch. What did they believe? Why did they join? Were they happy? And why did they choose to end it all?

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