1. Saints Row 2 Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the Walkthrough for 'Saints Row 2'. Here we will guide you through the entirety of the main game including all DLC and unlocking every available achievement in the most efficient order. The following sections have been placed in the recommended order of completion:

  • DLC

You are not only awarded with achievements, but also with various permanent in-game advantages for completing certain missions, activities and collectibles throughout your journey to 100% completion. These advantages include: Unlimited ammo, unlimited sprint, reduced personal damage, reduced notoriety, store discounts, and custom weapons, vehicles and clothing. It is therefore much more efficient to unlock the most useful advantages as early as possible in the game.

The first group of achievements is unlocked by completing the missions of the Main Storyline. It is required to complete these in co-op so you may as well wait for a co-op partner and complete them all in co-op first. The Main Campaign of Saints Row 2 is not all that difficult and completing it will reward you mainly with character customization and custom vehicles. However the most important advantage you gain is turning the neighbourhoods of Stilwater into friendly territories where your own homies roam the streets helping you out. The most efficient way two unlock all the achievements related to the Main Campaign is detailed in the 'MAIN CAMPAIGN' section of this Walkthrough.

Another group of achievements are tied to the Activities. These Activities are separate from the main campaign and the rewards for their completion are very good. You will unlock quicker health regeneration and unlimited ammo for most weapons by completing them. It is therefore recommended to complete these as early as possible to make the most of these advantages. To help you decide what to complete first I have listed the specific rewards and ordered the Activities in the most efficient way in the 'ACTIVITIES' section.

IMPORTANT: The 'Confidence Men' achievement requires you to complete all levels of the main 12 Activities in co-op over Xbox Live. You must complete every Activity FOR THE FIRST TIME in co-op. The main 12 Activities are: Snatch, Fuzz, Fight Club, Septic Avenger, Heli Assault, Mayhem, Drug Trafficking, Insurance Fraud, Escort, Crowd Control, Demo Derby and Trail Blazing. If you have completed any level of any of these main 12 Activities in single player alone this achievement will not unlock, and you will have to restart an entirely new campaign and game save.

There are also achievements tied to various collectibles in the game, CD's, Graffiti Tags, and Stunt Jumps. I have covered these in the 'COLLECTIBLES' section. The rewards for these are negligible so you should do these after the Campaign and Activities.

There are some achievements which cannot be categorized in the above sections, these include some petty tasks and smaller side missions which I have covered in the 'MISCELLANEOUS' section. The rewards again for these aren't important and should be completed with the collectibles.

The multiplayer for Saints Row 2 is very much alive at the time of publishing this Walkthrough. However it is a very glitchy and exploited environment. Many online players have developed a lot of ways to manipulate the bugs in the game and playing legit can be extremely frustrating. The achievements tied to the MP are for the most part quite easy, however, there is a mammoth achievement requiring up to 100 hours boosting time to unlock all of the MP badges. Depending on how you decide to play or boost this achievement the amount of hours you spend can vary greatly. I have explained the most efficient way to unlocking all MP achievements in the 'MULTIPLAYER' section.

There are two DLC packs available for SR 2 that include achievements. 'Ultor Exposed' has 5 achievements, it has one unlocked by completing a small storyline, two concerning a new co-op competitive mode, one for simply playing a party match on XBL and one for calling a homie you unlock by completing the storyline missions. 'Corporate Warfare' also has 5 achievements, one for completing a small Ultor related storyline, two concerning a new co-op stuntman mini-game, one for winning 10 Gangster Brawls (deathmatches) on XBL, and one for holding all the Tags in an online Strong Arm match. All of these are pretty easy and are covered in the 'DLC' section.

So without further ado, let's move onto the 'SINGLE PLAYER' section and get cracking homie.

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