7. Saints Row 2 MultiplayerUpdate notes

You will need to boost the multiplayer to get it done fast and efficiently.

To start off, hit Xbox Live and hit the tutorial and play the Strong Arm tutorial. To complete the tutorial, all you need to do is go into the glowing circle and read each of the boards, once you have read them all you will obtain this achievement:

Strong Armed

Complete the Strong Arm tutorial

Strong Armed
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The next easy multiplayer achievements to get are these 3 achievements. Host a private match and invite a friend. Make a Gangsta Brawl match, customize the settings to your desire, once the match finishes you will get the achievements for Party Time and Spread the Love. Do this another 9 times, and you will net the achievement for Gangster Brawler.

Party Time

Host or play in a party match on Xbox LIVE

Party Time
1 guideOnline Game ModeVersus

Spread the Love

Host and win an Xbox LIVE Party Game

Spread the Love
1 guideOnline Game ModeVersus

Gangster Brawler

Won 10 Gangster Brawls or Team Gangster Brawls on Xbox LIVE

Gangster Brawler
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While boosting the player matches, set up a player Strong Arm match, and just work on the kills for the player medals while working on this. The only activities you need to watch out for are Racing and Demolition Derby as they are the only ones which have medals. Once you have the standard win on each activity, do not waste time on it, just keep a track for the Saints Seven. Custom setting can be on any map (it's best to cycle for Saints Seven keeping a track on your progress) and turn on infinite ammo as it saves hassle and you can customise weapons to your desires. In your first boosting match, spray tag all the four locations so you can net this nice achievement:

Tag Team

Your team needs to hold all tag spots at one time in a Strong Arm match on Xbox LIVE

Tag Team
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The Saints Seven achievement requires you to win on all these maps and gametypes:

Little Shanghai, North Shore, Nuke Plant, Oldtown, Parthenon, Posiedon's Palace and Wharfside.

Theft, Snatch, Demo Derby, Racing, Fight Club, Insurance Fraud and Hitman

Once you have done these requirements, you will be rewarded this achievement. It is best to cycle through the maps when privately boosting the player badges, it does not have to be done in a ranked match as it states.

Saint's Seven

Win all seven Ranked Strong Arm Activities, and win on all seven Strong Arm maps

Saint's Seven
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After 10 matches of boosting on Strong Arm, and if you have won them all, you will net this achievement:


Win 10 Xbox LIVE Strong Arm matches

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Now to start working on the medals.

First off is the player medals which are best to get out of the way so boosting cash is easier. Some of the medals can be earned while boosting cash but it will slow it down, but not by much. I suggest getting them out of the way so you do not need to worry about them.

The player badges are:

1. Arr… - Play a multiplayer match on September 19th (International Talk Like a Pirate Day) or December 5th (Day of the Ninja). Just play a multiplayer game on either of these days to get it.

2. Party Animal - Host and win a private party lobby game. You should already have this from the achievements earlier.

3. Wrecking Crew - Earn over $50,000 lifetime earnings in Demolition Derby. When it's Demo Derby, crash into cars to earn money. Blowing up motor bikes is easy, and nets you $1000 minimum, or if you're up for a challenge, destroy the giga truck and get a bonus $10,000. This does not have to be done in one match, so it's easily done.

4. Regulator - End 5 matches with over $30,000 in personal earnings. When grinding out money this will come naturally, and will also come from boosting the rest of these medals, so do not worry about this one. If you want it done just load a 1v1 Strong Arm, set the match score to $50,000, win, and that is one down.

5. Original Gangsta - Play 10 ranked matches. This will come naturally from grinding out money for the ranks, it does not matter if you win or lose.

6. No Questions Asked - Play in 10 matches where you score at least 20 kills. Load up a private match with the time limit set to infinite and the score set to $50,000. Do not worry about the activities, just kill your opponent.

7. Pimp - Play 20 matches. This will come naturally, private/ranked matches all count.

8. Demo Demon - Drive 10 cars until they catch fire, and remain in them until they explode. To get this badge, you have to get someone to shoot your car until it catches on fire, and drive off so it will then blow up with you in it. What I did was shoot my car until it had black smoke then got on a long street and had my friend stand halfway down the street. I drove slowly down the street and he shot my car, once it caught on fire, he stopped shooting and I started to accelerate. I then just drove and blew up. Getting 10 of these will be easy.

9. Team Spirit - Kill 10 players with the pimp slap. You can set this as a starting weapon if you turn off the spray tag, if it is a spray tag, spray it, kill 10 enemies with it, simple.

10. Burnout - Kill 15 players by lighting them on fire. Using the molotovs, throw one at your opponent, let the fire die out, do this 2 more times letting the fire extinguish and it should count as a fire kill, quite annoying to do.

11. Road Rage - Kill 30 players with a vehicle impact. Kill an enemy by driving into them and kill them with the impact, if you cannot do this, get your opponent to run into your car while you are driving Bigger impact = more likely to die.

12. Assault and Battery - Kill 30 players with non-pimp slap melee attacks. Simply kill people with normal melee, beat them up until they die but be careful with the powered up punch, if you knock them up and they die when they hit the ground, that will not count as a melee kill as they will die from the fall.

13. Brain Surgeon - Kill 100 players with a headshot. Can be done with any weapon, but easier with a sniper rifle, there is no symbol for a headshot, but as long as you kill them by shooting them in the head, it will count. Turn on sniper rifles in a private match and turn on infinite ammo and this can be done very quickly.

14. Nut Job - Kill 100 players with a nutshot. I found this easy to do with dual SMG's: aim at the genitals and shoot them until they are almost dead, then put one more bullet into them and they should grab their privates in pain. If this actions occurs it has counted as a nutshot. To be on the safe side, do this to male characters just in case it does not work for females.

15. Mass Murder - Score 10 Multikills (Kill another player within one second of getting a kill). In a private Strong Arm, get 2 people to stand together and fire a rocket at them, do this 10 times and it should be done.

16. Saint Picasso - Finish 150 tags. Just get you and an opponent, in a private Strong Arm game to stand at the same tag, both hold down the Y button, come back in 20/30 minutes and this should be done

17. Trigger Happy - Empty 250 clips by firing continuously. Host a private Strong Arm with the semi-auto pistols as a starting weapon. Turn on infinite ammo, start up the match, get another pistol, tape down the trigger, come back in 15 minutes and it should be done.

18. Fully Loaded - Spend 300 seconds with all your weapon slots filled. While boosting, try and pick a weapon to fill each slot, once you have this, stay alive for a full 5 minutes and this badge will be done.

19. Leadfoot - Spend 1000 seconds racing in first place. During a Strong Arm game, while boosting anything just get into first place and stay there, do not finish the race or you will lose time towards the 1000 seconds. There is no win bonus so when boosting cash if you just get in first place, you can continue boosting without affecting the match.

20. Track Star - Spend 6000 seconds sprinting. This will come naturally if you are going for 30 badges. This will come when boosting cash, just sprint everywhere until you have the badge. Pretty simple, just boring.

Now, if you get 15 of these player badges, you will obtain these 2 achievements. It is advised you get all 20 player badges as it saves going higher up into the ranking badges than you need to.


Earn 7 Multiplayer Badges

1 guideOnline/OfflineVersusCumulative +


Earn 15 Multiplayer Badges

2 guidesOnline/OfflineVersusCumulative +Buggy +

Now the ranked badges:

1 New Jack: $0
2 Thug: $2,500
3 Killa: $10,000
4 Gangsta: $25,000
5 Soldier: $55,000
6 Assassin: $105,000
7 Enforcer: $187,500
8 Dominator: $310,000
9 Terminator: $501,250
10 Executioner: $776,250
11 Kingpin: $1,198,125
12 Kingpin of Kingpin's: $2,198,125

There is a simple way to boost cash. First off, search for a Strong Arm match on the Parthenon map. This map is good as it is open and easy to drive around and kill the people from your car. Also on this map, there is a sniper rifle in the center of the map's high point. You can see most of the map from this position, making it easy to kill players from where they spawn. You can boost with 2v2 actual players, or 2v2 dummy accounts. The difference between doing this with 4 actual players and 2 actual player vs 2 dummies is it halves the time needed to boost. Also, if there is an uneven team (as in 2 players vs 3 dummy accounts), you get extra cash awarded to your stash at the end of the match.

Try not to commit suicide, or you will lose a portion of your experience. For example, I was the rank of Enforcer and got $60,000 in-game cash and usually got $5,040 cash added to my stash, but when I had a suicide, I got $4,840 so just be careful.

Right now, the way to boost is simple: team A kills team B 33 times each. If you are doing this with 4 players then team B kills team A 33 times for each player, so everyone in the match has 33 kills each. Then, simply alternate winning the matches. If you are doing this with dummy accounts, you will always get the win bonus added to your stash. This method is the most effective way to boost.

The only spray tag you need to pay attention to is the one which gives a 2x kill bonus as this speeds up the match. Also, do not do any of the activities that occur during the match, as money earned in the activities do not count towards your personal stash. It says it does, but it doesn't as it only adds to your teams cash. Never spray the money tag as it does the same, it adds money to the team, instead of the player, so you get no experience from doing this.

You can idle boost the game. If you do nothing for the whole match you'll still get experience, it is not much but it saves boosting. It will take much longer doing it this way as it will require the match to time out. For this method, all you need is a turbo controller. Turbo the A button and matches will play, slowly but surely.

Another thing which can be helpful is, if you are boosting with 2 dummy accounts, I found if you do not receive the spray tag for 2x kill bonus it works out the same amount of time quitting out of the matches with the dummy accounts, forcing the match to end and you will still receive the same experience from doing a full match. You can get about 4 quit matches to equate to the same amount of experience from one full match of kills. If you get the spray tag for 2x kill bonus, spend the match killing as it ends quicker and works out better while playing that match.

You should only need to get to the rank of Executioner for the Kingpin achievement, as it should be your last badge. Depending on when you boost the game, if you cannot wait for the Arr badge, getting to the rank of kingpin will not take too much longer. When you reach the rank of Executioner, or the rank of Kingpin you should net the Kingpin achievement.


Earn 30 Multiplayer Badges

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Congrats for doing the multiplayer on Saints Row 2, just be grateful you did not need to reach the rank of Kingpin of Kingpin's badge.

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