1. Saints Row IV (AU) Walkthrough overview

[NOTE] As with all walkthroughs, this one may contain spoilers. Great effort will be taken to avoid such, but do be warned.

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They've come a long way from a one neighbourhood street gang in Stilwater... Welcome to the TrueAchievement Walkthrough for Saints Row IV! Once again, we revisit the madcap antics of the Third Street Saints as they transcend their roles as pop-culture icons and into the leaders and defenders of not just the free world, but the world itself.

This walkthrough will be divided into two sections: 1) Story and side quests, open world gameplay and misc. achievements and 2) Challenges.

You may find there is a lot of information held in the Story and side quest section, but I decided to keep it all in one section rather than split it up to save you the annoyance of switching from tab to tab.

It will also include the Enter the Dominatrix and How the Saints Save Christmas DLC.

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