2. Saints Row IV (AU) General hints and tips

As with all Saints Row games, you gain XP to improve your character, but in addition with this game your character also learns Powers to make you super human. In order to improve your character you simply have to complete activities, quests, kill people, etc. to obtain XP. However, improving your powers is a little more time consuming and requires you to obtain collectible Data Clusters, of which there are 1255 to find.

This game does a very good job of directing you through quests and gives extremely clear instructions. Therefore, unless there is a particularly difficult part, I will not mention a step-by-step guide on how to complete a quest.

This game has several cumulative achievements such as kill X amount of enemies with Y weapon or collect X amount of collectibles. These can be very time consuming so I will be mentioning when you can start working towards these achievements. It is very possible, depending on your play style, that you won't actually unlock these until you have finished the game or you may unlock it way before the end of the game. Essentially, the point I am making is to not panic if you read an achievement in this walkthrough but have not unlocked it yet. As long as you follow the method of how to unlock the achievement then you will eventually obtain it.

There are a number of different collectibles throughout this game. Initially, this will seem overwhelming, but if you collect them as you progress through the story then this won't seem as much of a grind. Also, through the game you will obtain an ability to have the collectibles show up on the map, so collecting these will not be too challenging.

You will also have to contend with challenges throughout the game and I have included these in a separate section of the walkthrough for your convenience.

Missables Achievements

There are technically three missable achievements in this game and one these requires an XBL Gold account. I would strongly recommend that before you start the game you head over to www.saintsrow.com and create an account. This will allow you to upload your character for the missable achievement that requires the Gold account. One of the other missable achievements is avoidable if you complete all the side quests so just be sure to follow this walkthrough and you'll be fine. The final missable achievement is linked to a decision during the game, but I will make mention of this so you won't miss it.

I would recommend utilizing the unlimited save option, and always keep two saves up and running, just in case you make a mistake and don't have to start again.

Glitchy Achievements

One of the achievements in this game is reported as glitchy, Where's my Cape - Purchase all Super Power upgrades. This achievement may glitch on you if you max out any powers upgrades quite early into the game. It is recommended to leave a couple of upgrades from each power until you get closer to the end or not upgrade them at all. Here's a method to fix the glitch, thanks to Ponypo2011 over at x360a:

  1. Make sure to have a save before the "Betrayed" side mission. This will be used if the achievement does glitch on you. It is recommended that you have not done Gat's loyalty missions nor collected all of the data clusters.
  2. Complete all side missions and loyalty missions
  3. Collect all of the data clusters
  4. After the mission, purchase the new powers will be available to unlock and any remaining ones you have left
  5. Receive achievement
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