4. Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (Win 10) Challenges

On this section of the walkthrough, you will find advice on how to complete the challenges. There is no mention about the silver medal parts of the challenges as obtaining gold automatically gets you the silver. If you are struggling getting the gold medals, simply reduce your game difficulty.

Credit goes to I Solus I for this following list:

Complete All Other Challenges
Earned when completing all of the challenges.

Blazin’ Gold Medals
The gold medal time is 15 seconds for each course. Reaching a checkpoint stops the clock, and be sure to avoid fire as it reduces time by 2 seconds.

Genki’s M.O.M. Gold Medals
Be as quick as possible moving from location to location.

Insurance Fraud Gold Medals
Jump high and rag doll yourself. Hitting cars will multiply your score. Saran447 says that if you fast sprint towards a car and press cn_RT/LMB just before you hit the car, it can fling you into the air. Especially useful because even if the car is stationery, it will still throw you into the air.

On-Foot Mayhem Gold Medals
The best strategy for these activities, if you are having trouble, is once you reach level 26, unlock the Super Sprint 'Tornado' upgrade. Then instead of using the weapons or TK/Stomp powers, just super sprint around running into cars, people, everything. For the TK Mayhem, be sure to grab the giant orb as well. Thanks to Cornflopper for this tip.

Super-Powered Fight Club Gold Medals
Best done after upgrading all powers to max or at least near max. This was the most difficult activity for me. Freeze and stomp were the most effective. Only go after the boss in the final round as he is the only one you have to defeat. Another way suggested by SiebeTolsma is to just sprint from enemy to enemy, and using the beatdown to quickly take them down. Another strategy by Perfidious Sinn is to use the Shrink (Stomp) element. If you shrink any enemy, even a boss, and then melee them it kills them instantly.

Vehicular Mayhem Gold Medals
Blow things up with the given vehicle.

Platforming Rift Gold Medals
Upgrade your super jump. Better to take your time rather than speeding through. Falling off will reduce the score bonus at the end of each segment.

Speed Rift Gold Medals
Use the boost as much as possible. While boosting, hitting barriers increases score.

TK Rift Gold Medals
Upgrade Telekinesis throw cost and recharge. Keep your combo high to get the maximum score from each hit. Also, it helps to have the ability to not rag doll from explosions.

10 Aliens Super-Kicked
Click cn_RS/F while unarmed to super-kick.

100 Death From Above Kills
Unlocked late in the game by completing the "The Very Next Day" main quest. If you are having trouble getting kills, you can use freeze blast on the enemies before bombing them. Leave some Flashpoints or Virus Injections unplayed until this is unlocked. Start a Flashpoint or Virus Injection and get some kills, then right before you are about to complete it, run away. The quest will cancel and you can restart it. Another method by InfernalDante34 is to start the Medium difficulty Super Power Fight Club (the one with Julius). The third round is a "King of the Hill" round, and the enemies will continue to spawn (two on the map at a time). Also, it takes TWO hits with Death from Above from any height to kill them, so it is quicker to do small jumps and hit the enemies with it quickly. You MUST finish the Fight Club for the kills to count though, if you let the timer run out none of your kills will count.

25 Miles Super Sprinted
You'll get it over time. The Unlimited Sprint upgrade is unlocked by completing Keith David's side quest "Executive Orders".

10 Superpowered Beatdowns
While unarmed, start super sprinting and use cn_RT/LMB on an enemy to perform a melee attack. Credit to fuzzyjw510.

1800 Seconds of Super Jump Air Time
You'll get this over time.

5 Telekinetic Catches
To unlock the Telekinesis Catch element, you need to earn all Silver Medals in the Genki's M.O.M. activities. When attacking a Warden, wait for him to pick up an object and when he throws it, press cn_RB/Q and if you snatch it out of the air then it will count. The red balls do not count towards this challenge. If you are struggling with this, get your notoriety up, and kite the Warden to a built up area where he can hopefully grab some cars.

30 Telekinesis Kills
Telekinesis someone and throw them at a nearby wall. They must die from the impact. This is easier to accomplish when upgraded. Telekinesis is unlocked by completing the "Ghost in the Machine" main quest.

Throw 100 Enemies With Telekinesis
Don't have to kill them, just throw them.

10 Vehicles Super-Kicked
Press cn_RS/F while unarmed and standing next to a vehicle.

10 Arc Lightning Hits
Use the telekinesis lightning element or buff lightning element on enemies. You don't have to kill them. The telekinesis lightning element is unlocked by completing CID's side quest "Obey (One More Time)". The buff lightning element is unlocked by completing Ben King's side quest "The Climax".

10 Enemies Mind Controlled
Use the blast mind control element on enemies. You don't have to kill them. The blast element mind control is unlocked by completing Matt Miller's side quest "The Prestige".

10 Fire Element Ignitions
Use the buff fire element on enemies. You must kill them. The buff element fire is unlocked by completing the "Emergency Situation" main quest.

100 Freeze Shatters
Use the blast or buff freeze elements to freeze enemies and shatter them. You must kill the enemy. The buff element freeze is unlocked by completing Ben King's side quest "Ghost Writing".

10 Gravity Float Kills
Use the stomp gravity float element on ten enemies and kill them while they are floating. The stomp element gravity is unlocked by completing Fun Shaundi's side quest "Something to Prove".

75 Ground Stomp Stuns
Use the stomp rock element on enemies. To get a ground stomp stun, just run into the middle of a group of enemies and ground stomp with the rock element. You don't have to kill them. Ground stomp is unlocked by completing the "Anomalous Readings" main quest.

10 Enemies Health Stolen
Use the telekinesis life stealing element on 10 enemies. You don't have to kill them. Unlocked by completing CID's side quest "Obey".

10 Shrunken Enemies Squished
Use the stomp shrink element on enemies and then step on them ten times. The stomp element shrink is unlocked by completing Fun Shaundi's side quest "Shaundi's List".

250 Bounce Rifle Kills
Get kills with it. Unlocked during the story mission "Ghost in the Machine."

250 Dubstep Gun Kills
Get kills with it. Unlocked after completing the Keith David side quest "Campaign Trail of Destruction."

150 Targets Abducted
Use the Abduct-O-matic gun. Unlocked by completing the "Complete One Other Challenge' challenge.

250 Targets Blackholed
Get kills with the Singularity Gun. Unlocked after completing Johnny Gat's side mission "WWGD."

100 Enemies Disintegrated
Use the Disintegrator to kill enemies. Unlocked by completing the "Back by Popular Demand" main quest.

50 Inflato-Ray Kills
Get kills with it. Unlocked after completing Pierce's side mission "Fun Trumps All."

250 Mech Suit Kills
You will get most of these during the main story and Mech Mayhem activities. Replay the Mech Mayhem activity if you are still short.

30 Tentacle Bat Beatdowns
Beat people with it. Unlocked during Kinzie's "Customizations" side quest.

Destroy 100 Alien Vehicles
This will probably come naturally but Tank Mayhem is the shortest route.

Destroy 100 C.I.D.S
Kill the orbs that fly about and give shields. You can farm these during the last mission of the game.

Destroy 60 Murderbots
You'll get it over time.

Destroy 30 Portals
You'll get it over time.

Kill 1000 Aliens
You'll get it over time.

Kill 30 Wardens
Max out your wanted level and they will appear if you still need some post-game.

20 Minutes of Alien High Notoriety Time
You'll get it over time.

50 Aliens Taunted
Walk up to and enemy and hold cn_left/X. Wookiee Hairem suggested doing them at flashpoints because you can get 4-5 each time you taunt. Samphaa said that if you need taunts, but have finished all the hotspots, replay the fight club in Loren Square. Get to the 2nd round and just keep jumping in one spot, when you have about 10 enemies below you, freeze them, then land and taunt them.

39 Audio Logs Collected
They appear on the map only after completing each characters rescue mission. Unlock the Collectible Finder upgrade to find them.

150,000 Feet Traveled in Alien Vehicle
Post-game, grab a Void (the alien jet) and fly from end to end of the city. When the jet reaches the edge of the map it will turn around and enter hover mode. Hit cn_B/F to switch it back to flight mode. If you care to do this early on, xxB3averHunterx suggested that the UFO mayhem activities give you roughly 30,000 feet traveled in 3:00 if you switch to plane mode & just circle the area right from the start.

4 Miles Traveled in Mech Suit
Will get this playing the main game and the Mech Mayhem. Replay Mech Mayhem if you still don't have it.

8 Text Adventures Collected
Unlock the Collectible Finder upgrade to find them.

120 Minutes Spent With Homies
Call Homies to get them to follow you. Starting a main story quest or side quest will dismiss them.

36 Zinyak Statues Destroyed
Destroy Zinyak Statues found around the city. Every Planet Zin (Planet Saints) clothing store will have 2, one on the front of the store and one inside of the store in the back. Unlock the Collectible Finder upgrade to find them.

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