Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Reviews

  • MisterIdjitMisterIdjit168,217
    15 Nov 2020 15 Nov 2020
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    This is the first game in the series I ever played, and I have completed it about 7 times on multiple platforms thus far. I think it would be safe to say I really like this game. It's kind of interesting (and more than a bit relieving) that the console versions lack the co-op achievement available on the Steam version (of which I helped several others attain).

    While the story is bizarre nonsense, it is a fun and humorous ride nonetheless. I also count it as one of the best superhero games out there, even though the series itself is supposed to be more inspired by GTA. Controls are excellent, the powers and weapons are interesting and plentiful, and the character customization options are outstanding. Huge variety of clothes, guns, and body options enables the playa to make this character his/her own. A decent amount of voices with pitch controls really further add to the character customization. The weapons themselves range from the badass to the ridiculous, and remind me of the arsenal available in the Ratchet and Clank series. In addition, the robust weapon and power upgrade system really help round out the awesomeness of this title.

    With the niceties out of the way, there are a few irritations to consider. First, one of the more time consuming achievements is bugged, a carryover from the 360 version, apparently. Luckily, there are guides available that will assist in avoiding wasting your time for 25+ hours on leveling and collecting. Secondly, the game really only takes about 30 hours to complete, but to get the "Fourth and Forty" achievement, you've got to be playing for 40 hours. So I just left my XBox One running with a rubber band around the right analog stick while I slept.

    Having completed this on multiple systems, I found it odd that the final mission was not replayable here like on it's PS4 counterpart. This makes one particular achievement missable if you haven't completed every side quest by the end of the game. It would have been nice if the developers had at least added that quality of life feature to the game. Hell, just having mission replayability (and maybe even a ranked medal system like in GTA V) would have really helped out here.

    While it's not quite as satisfying as the PS4 or Steam versions of the game, I still think this is worth a play. Other than the 40 hour achievement, I had a really good time completing this.