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Posted on 25 August 13 at 03:48, Edited on 25 August 13 at 05:01
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I'd like to start by saying if anyone has played and enjoyed the previous Saints Row games or Crackdown games they will absolutely love Saints Row 4. The additional super powers combines the best part of Crackdown with Saints Row while doing a better job of super powers than Crackdown did. The clusters are also a nice Crackdown touch. As with previous Saints Row games the humor is cranked up to 11 but I would understand if not everyone appreciates the Saints Row style of humor.

As far as the story goes I don't want to spoil anything but I felt that 4 had a very nice variety of missions, including a 2D Brawler mission. The game is literally dripping with movie references. Especially the Matrix and Transformers (Original animated movie), as well as game references to Mass Effect and more. So many games these days have serious stories and no humor. Humor is typically something very hard to pull off in a video game. But I would say Volition has been able to the funniest games this generation. And the game never takes itself seriously which is I think one of it's best qualities.

Gameplay is the same as Saints Row the Third and some of the super powers from the DLC of SR3 were held over. Considering this was originally planned as DLC this is not a shocker. During my play-through I suffered a few lock ups and got stuck in a wall once. The game took me 20 hours to complete all story missions and activities. Which was definitely faster than my time with SR3. However I'll attribute the speed of my play through to the fact that I didn't spend a lot of time messing around. The missions and activities were a blast and I couldn't put the game down. But mainly getting around Steelport has never been easier and faster. You'll quickly find that sprinting and gliding around town is much faster than driving or even flying jets around. Some activities from previous games like Snatch and Trafficking did not return for this installment. However I still felt there was a good variety of new activities or at least old activities with an old spin that will entertain.

I'd say my biggest disappointments with the game is that Steelport, mostly unchanged from SR3 feels much too small considering how fast you can get around with your new powers. I personally have just come off playing Just Cause 2 which probably has the largest open world map period. But the difference in size is considerable. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and characters from Saints Row 4 more than Just Cause 2. Most of Just Cause 2 I felt was filler with very little meat. Where as Saints Row 4 is a much leaner experience and I think is better for it. You'll be hard pressed to be bored in Saints Row 4. Until I got to the very end of the game I always had something to do or somewhere to go.

As for my play through I finished all the homie loyalty missions has they became available so by the time the final few missions rolled around I was maxed out on all powers. I also played on casual as I have with all Saints Row games because if there is no achievement for hardcore who suffer the frustration. The achievements were all very straight forward and doable. The game is an easy 100% the same as SR3 was. Due to the fact that I made extensive use of the super powers I only had to grind out one challenge (Travelling 2.5 million feet in an Alien Vehicle) All the other challenges came naturally with almost no grinding. I did not have a co-op partner so I could not try the story in co-op or any of the co-op activities. Like SR3 there are no co-op or multiplayer achievements.

In summary I'd say anyone who enjoys open world games with a healthy dose of crazy should pick this up immediately. And as I said before, if you enjoyed any of the other Saints Row games or the Crackdown Games I imagine you'll also thoroughly enjoy Saints Row 4. It's refreshing to play a game that doesn't take itself seriously and just lets you have a good time.
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Posted on 07 September 13 at 23:17
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Enter a fantastic superhero game that includes smart writing and hilarious parodies of tropes in other games. Much has changed. Let's get started.

Saints Row IV's story, while not going to win any awards, is clean and functional. Much of the baggage of prior Saints Rows has been removed. The writing is as tight if not tighter, the jokes and delivery generally on-point.

Now, there is the superpower aspect, one of the games main selling points. It is, ironically, the game's greatest strength AND weakness. How, you ask? While soaring through the skies is liberating and quite enthralling, the role of vehicles is completely diminished, relegated to a few missions. Not only that, but gone are the days of being part of a gang. Sure, one still has the ability to call in homies, but the superpowers make the ability moot. The game has essentially lost much of its identity. Is it a superhero game? A gang game? It doesn't know what it wants to be.

And yet, I can respect the decision. I am glad that Volition had the integrity to make their series its own and not a GTA clone. If the game is understood to be purposeful of its tone, then there is much fun to be had. To that end, those mantras, "embrace the crazy" and "fun trumps all" are in effect in spades. This game is undoubtedly fun. Sure, it's not the most dramatic, intricate, polished game, but if taken as a game that wants you, the player, to run amok and have fun, then you are bound to have an enjoyable time.

I completed the main story and all activities/city takeover, collected all clusters, and completed 60 of the challenges in around 25 hours. This was noticeably shorter than Saints Row: The Third, which took me around 45 hours to complete (although you need to play for 40 hours in SRIV for an achievement anyway). Still, what's there is engaging and devoid of unnecessary, boring content. The pacing is excellent and with your superpowers, the game always moves at a breakneck pace.

It is hard to find much fault in Saints Row IV's core. The gameplay is as fun as ever. What keeps the game from being truly exemplary is a number of glitches and inconsistencies. The game froze ten times during my playthrough; nothing earth-shattering, just irritating. A certain audio log would play every single time I loaded up the game. One achievement was a bit glitchy. All attribute to a sense of annoyance that breaks the mood. Even still, I give this game my recommendation to anyone who is looking for a game that tries successfully to entertain. Sure, there are bumps, and it doesn't know what exactly it wants to be, but when taken as a whole, it's just so darn fun. Plus, an enjoyable achievement list is waiting (if you're going for 100%, read up on the achievement for buying all superpower upgrades first... don't buy them all right away!).
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F33r K00laidman
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F33r K00laidman
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Posted on 09 September 13 at 02:21
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Once again, Volition games has added a new element to the Saints Row franchise since they started running the show back in Saints Row: The Third. If you did play SR: The Third as well as played any of the DLC released, you were shown some of the elements that were going to be key features surrounding SR4. So, where should I begin.....

First, you start out as THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. How many of you ever played a game where the main character was in fact the leader of a whole nation??? I know I've never done that ever. Anyway, your gang has also been promoted to be key personnel within the White House. The game begins with the main character discussing with other members about what to say at your next meeting with the reporters, (which is handled by none other than Kinzie.) After you meet up with Kinzie, all hell breaks loose as you have to fight off an alien invasion in which you and your crew are taken captive by the Alien Overlord who goes by the name of Zinyak. When you come to, you find yourself in the middle of a simulation program that is a near exact replica layout of the city of Steelport. After being rescued with the help from Kinzie, your goal throughout the game is simple:

Retrieve your gang members.
Survive the simulation.
Kill Zinyak.

So, how would I rate this game???


- The addition of superpowers within the simulation gave players new ways to kill your enemies. How would like to freeze your enemies and made them shatter with a simple swing of your fist? How about walking next to an enemy and setting them ablaze or sending a current of electricity down their body? How bout tossing enemies around of even causing enemies to become easy targets floating in the air just by stomping on the ground? I personally thought it was exciting to try something new besides just shooting cops and aliens with bullets/lasers.
- The introduction of alien weapons was quite interesting. Killing enemies with just bullets wasn't good enough. How would you like to disintegrate aliens with a simple push of a trigger? How about causing enemies to explode by inflating their heads to epic proportions, or spawning black hole to suck in anything from bodies to even full-sized vehicles? That was fun.
- Activities, activities, activities. Talk about flipping a switch on what types of activities are made available throughout the city. Instead of causing mayhem with a simple military tank and weapons, you can now cause mayhem with either alien tanks, specific superpowers, and even a MECH!!! Talk about havin fun blowing stuff up. Volition even expanded the computer technological activities to include anything from collecting X amount of fragments to stabilize "connections," to playing target practice on platforms, to even throwing power spheres to destroy power cores blocking your path. The best part about these challenges is that they can be quite "challenging," even though you may want to throw your controller at your game cause it may give you headaches.
- The dialogue for this game gave me multiple laughs, to the point where i couldn't even see my TV. There were even references taken from some popular sci-fi films that gave the story a little difference from other SR games. It even got interesting when you can "have fun" sweet talking your fellow gang members.

- The game is obviously quite short. When I got it on a Tuesday, I was done the game, including all activities, collectibles, and side missions by Friday. Then again, this game was originally supposed to be a huge add-on for SR: The Third, until it became too large.
- Glitchy! This game tends to glitch at the most random times, from anything from going through the ground, to the in-game menu freezing without anything coming up on the screen. This issue doesn't clear up much even when you install the game to your hard drive. The in-game menu freezing happened to me mainly when I was playing co-op with one of my friends.
- Steelport now has the feeling that the entire city is too small. With the new superpowers given to you in the simulation, cars are now pointless to drive a quarter of a way through the game since you can now travel twice as fast as a vehicle. Hell, you can travel the entire width of the city in a mere few minutes.
- The in-game camera can frustrate everybody, especially when your flying at supersonic speed up the side of a building. I don't know how many struggles I had while I was climbing up a building the collect many of the data fragments located all over Steelport. I went up a couple buildings where I started to even get sick and dizzy from how swiftly the camera switched to being on the left side of my character the right, and vice versa.

My overall rating:

Saints Row IV goes to a whole new level of a city-wide, gang feeling RPG game that allows players to experiment with using alien technology and superpowers, while having fun listening to some of the things that you and your gang members say to each other. However, the game is too short and filled with multiple glitches that can ruin the amount of you and your friends can have as you try to 100% the game.

Note: Achievements are fairly straight-forward and quite easy to obtain. The challenge achievements and the specific superpower kills on aliens can take some time, but are still easy to get. Just keep an eye on one of the secret achievements, since it can be easily missed.
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Current Future
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Current Future
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Posted on 04 September 13 at 02:10, Edited on 04 September 13 at 03:14
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As a story-teller myself, I appreciate being told a good story regardless of the medium. That said, I also can appreciate a movie, TV show or game basically asks me to turn my brain off an enjoy the ride; Saints Row IV is the latter. This is not to say a story is absent, as in... say Crackdown, but being a street gang leader - who thwarts a terrorist plot - then rides the fame generated by that event into the Presidency - but Earth is invaded by aliens within their first term... it's not exactly Shakespeare. What makes the game fun though, besides the great and diverse gameplay, is that it knows it's over-the-top.

From guns like the Inflato Ray (which does what you would by the name,) Black Hole Launcher, Abduct-o-matic to Super Powers like Elemental Blast, Telekinesis & Stomp you can cause mayhem pretty much anyway you please: got an incoming alien horde? Whip out the abduct-o-matic and they get yanked into the sky, or the Black Hole gun which launches a singularity that traps everything nearby. Or freeze enemies with a blast of ice and shatter them with an earthquake.

As the title denotes, this is the 4th game in the series: SR1 was little more than a GTA clone. It had it's own brand of humor, but it showed little of the direction the series was about to take. SR2 is where the "saga' came into it's own; from spraying bystanders with raw sewage and chainsawing purse snatchers while dressed as a cop - it proved the series was about to become more than just Xbox 360's GTA. SR3 amped it up even more, and every level seemed crazier (in a good way) than the last. Sadly, gone were some of my favorite activities and some customization options, but I still give it high marks. It somehow manages to be both classier, and raunchier, then the two previous titles combined.

Which brings me back to 4. Haven't completed it yet, but I'm close. Even after I get 100% on the achievements I fully believe the game will stay in the disc tray more often than not. The humor, the gameplay, the nostalgia (for me, having played 1,2 & 3 - a new player would obviously not be as well versed, but I think it handles callbacks to it's early days well.) I almost forgot to mention the game, as with SR3, has essentially 7 protagonists - so there's added replayability. In my opinion the game deserves Game of the Year consideration, but doubt it will actually get any (as it's never been that type of title.)

The minuses: for a game that looked at first like a cash grab - with it's rushed production time - it really has very few. I've seen people harp on the graphics - I mean they're not next- gen, but they aren't back to 8 bit or anything (well, one level is, but that's by design.) It has a little bit of the problem I had wih Fallout 3 & New Vegas: the more of the world I'd "unlocked" the less stable the game became; but since it autosaves often - recovering your point in the game isn't cumbersome, just a little annoying. Finally, achievements; so far I think I have 7 left to get 100% - while most were easy or presented an moderate challenge, some were tear-out-your-hair-with-one-hand-and-throw-your-controller-at-the-TV-with-the-other hard: gold medaling Genki's M.O.M., UFO Mayhem, TK Mayhem & TK Rift are prime examples. Also, 2,500,000 feet in an alien vehicle is time comsuming!!!

All in all, I give it a 5 out of 5. It may not have the glitz and glamour of GTA 5, or have a ground-breaking story like Mass Effect (talking the original, not ME2 or 3, those were... well let's just say they weren't up to par with the first.) Anyway, my point is that the game's not trying to be something it's not.

It knows it's audience, knows what they want, and delivers.

That is all. Farewell,

Current Future
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Posted on 07 September 13 at 09:25, Edited on 13 September 13 at 19:19
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This game is a very nice game to play. You are the president in the USA. You are in a simulation room and got superpowers . With that superpowers you can set aliens on fire. You can freeze them, you can trow them with telekenesis and you can make them shrink, and you got a lot more superpowers you can use. The weapons are also awesome, you get spacial weapons if you complete missions, you get for example the dupstepgun. The dupstepgun is my favorite weapon, because you can make people dance with you music and if you have purchased the upgrade of your weapon, you can blow almost everything up and you get a lot more of weapons trough the campaign. The activities are better; you can complete the activities easier than in the previous saints rows. The only activity that is really difficult is to get gold in the fightclub. To get gold a bit easy in the fightclub, you must play together otherwise it is gonna really hard for you to get gold. About the challenges; there are to much challenges to do, and they are too difficult to do in my view. There are some challenges that are easy and there are more challenges then in saints row 3. The characters are really awesome and funny; you can choose for romantics , some things are strange but they are awesome. I am not gonna say what happens, it is more fun to find out by yourself. There are some difficult and some easy achievements. One of the difficults achievements is to kill 1000 aliens with your superpowers. It looks like easy, but there are not much aliens to find. The only place you can do this is through the campaign or the very easy way go to the fight club, but if you wanna complete a challenge, you must complete the activity before the time is running out. There is one achievement where i am not sure about it. That is share a character online, it is a difficult achievement because if you want to make an account on the site it don't work. I don't know if everyone have this. If I make an account i can do the first step and then i get a white screen and then, nothing is gonna happen so i don't get this achievement. I am not gonna tell much about the storyline, because it is a lot funnier to find out by yourself. So, this was my rewiew about saints row 4. I will really recommend this game, it is a great game:)

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