Saints Row: The ThirdThe Trouble With Clones

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The Trouble With Clones

The Trouble With Clones Achievements

The The Trouble With Clones Add-on for Saints Row: The Third has 10 achievements worth 100 gamerscore.

  • B.A.M.F.

    Defeat 15 enemies at Technically Legal using only melee attacks.

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  • Public Enemy #1

    Destroy 45 Police and Swat Vehicles while protecting Jimmy's car.

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  • Weird Science

    Complete mission 'Weird Science'.

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  • Eye of the Bee-Holder

    Spray 25 rabid fans with the Swarmitron.

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  • Sting Operation

    Destroy 5 Steelport Guard vehicles during mission 'Tour de Farce'.

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  • Tour de Farce

    Complete mission 'Tour de Farce'.

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  • Supaa-Excellent!

    Shoot down a helicopter with a Saints Flow fireball.

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  • Send in the Clones

    Kill a Brute using only melee damage while under the influence of Saints Flow.

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  • The Johnnyguard

    Prevent Johnny Tag from taking damage on the Magarac Bridge.

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  • My Pet, Monster

    Complete all missions for "The Trouble With Clones..."

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