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A spoiler-free review.

If there's one criticism of sandbox games that I hear over and over again, mainly from the voices in my head, it's that there is always too much time spent doing mundane tasks. From Far Cry 2 making you drive half-way across the dullest stretch of Africa for malaria jabs, to San Andreas making you exercise and eat burgers, to numerous games making you make taxi runs for non-playable characters, games designers always mistake the popularity of these games as an indication that we want to perform menial tasks over and over. Well we don't. All we really want to do is unlock the story by killing a lot of things or driving really fast.

THQ's Saints Row 2 showed signs of understanding that. A riotous rampage through a brightly coloured fictional city that gave you all the toys you could ever want to create digital chaos with. The plot, a slightly hackneyed tale of a gangster crew trying to earn respect and influence by wiping out their competition and the shade Ultor Corporation was pretty much an aside but did have moments of decent humour. It was a far cry from GTAIV's grey interpretation of city life and all the better for it.

It wasn't perfect though, with a bit too much chore thrown in with the action and a multiplayer component that was full of antisocial dicks ruining it for everyone. A heaping of ranked badges made the achievements something of a grind too. A few other techinical issues and glitches didn't help either but overall Saints Row 2 was a fantastic example of the genre.

Set three years after the previous game, Saints Row 3 sees you taking on the role of gangleader of the Third Street Saints again. Three years is a long time in the gangster world as the Saints are no longer just a brutal and effective criminal operation but now a fully-fledged media empire with their time split equally between doing dirt (I'm getting my terminology from the Wu Tang Clan here) and setting up legitimate businesses and a popular line of merchandising.

Starting out with a bank heist, it looks like the Saints are in familiar territory from the off. Things soon take a change for the unusual when it is revealed that they have an actor in tow researching them for a role and the gang are wearing characature masks of themselves. The heist goes wrong and soon turns into an all-too-real bloodbath. This opening sequence is breathtaking as far as cold openings go and the action soon ramps up to sublime levels.

At this point, if you've got any sense of fun in you, you should be well-hooked and expecting things to settle down a little. The game follows up with a second, unbelievable playable setpiece which sends a strong message. This game is going to be more ridiculous, hilarious and dynamic than anything you've played before. Mission after mission of amazing set pieces and full-on laugh-out-loud humour will reward you for your purchase. You're just along for the ride.

Inbetween missions, the Saints concentrate on building a new empire in the fictional city of Steelport - a typical mix of business, industrial and residential areas. It it a city full of shops to visit and take over, side-missions to conquer and all the vehicle and weapons you can eat. The opportunities for chaos are everywhere and the game's strong but exaggerated engine just enhances everything.

Many of the side-missions will be familiar to veterans of the series but newcomers such as Dr Genki's and an odd twist on the taxi driving missions (a very odd twist!) up the ante suitably well. Of course these endeavours, and the main missions, can all be performed in co-op although it's still just a two-player affair.

Graphically everything is what you'd describe as pretty but functional. Steelport is a big place to play in (not so big that it's a chore to navigate though) and so the level of action catered for does mean the graphics aren't going to be up there with the likes of Skyrim or anything. It looks good though. Where the presentation really excels is in the sound. Everything sounds great from the gun battles to the snippets of incidental speech that you get when wandering around. The voice acting takes it up a notch though with some truly memorable performances that I won't spoil for you. The best thing is the music selection though. A great selection of dance, hip hop, indie and metal are on offer from the in-game radio stations, the best of which is The Mix which plays everything from Adam Ant to the theme from the Karate Kid! Oh and Return of the Mac!

Just as Skyrim simplified and polished the gameplay set down by Oblivion so does Saints Row 3 when compared to the original. Levelling up, collecting money and organising your weaponary, missions and contacts list are all a lot easier now with most options all being accessed through your phone. They've taken out a lot of the collectables too so it's all just a lot more immediate than Saints Row 2 was.

When it comes down to it though, Saints Row 3 is all about impact. It starts at 100mph with big set-pieces and funny cutscenes and even when it settles down to street-level, there is always a great story mission, a new weapon or a great character around the corner keeeping the momentum up. The game concentrates on fun. Distilled, bottled, swigged and vomited all over you. Instead of being mired in a concrete world of realism, Saints Row 3 is set in a sugar-frenzied world of imagination and possibility, knowingly ridiculous and proud of it.

You can look at minor niggles in the game, some of which are design choices, others that will no doubt be patched out and consider whether or not points should be dropped from the score but if you're going to drop a couple of points, you'd better start from twelve because no other game strives to give you this much to do and this much fun doing it.



A streamlined list compared to the previous game's bloated list of on-and-offline chores. A couple of missions need to be replayed for choice-related achievements (not too much of a chore) and the location of collectables can be revealed via an in-game perk so they aren't too bad.

The stiffest challenges are to complete all the car-stealing missions and assassinations (both doable within a few hours each) and to complete all the challenges - a list of in-game accomplishments which will take an extra day or two to take down. Overall though this is an easy 1000 which can be taken down in a week or two.
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Does the third installment to the Saints Row series keep up to par? Yes. Now, if you don’t have the game yet, go buy it. It has kept the arcade feeling and the over the top action that every fan of the series love.

Didn't The Saints overtake Stillwater?
When the dust settled in Stillwater, The Saints had to find a way to earn money. They ended up going all in in the name of glam: the movie business, and made it big time. Right up to the moment another gang named The Syndicate appears, demanding a big chunk of the cake in Stillwater. The deal is a joke to The Saints, and they reject the offer which leads to a shootout on board the plane. Flying bullets and lightweight metal isn’t a suitable match, and the plane heads towards the ground.

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After bailing out of the free falling plane, shooting Syndicate members and saving Shaundi, you end on the ground safely. You’re in Steelport, and appearantly, The Syndicate has their HeadQuarters here. After finding an ATM with the intentions of getting back to Stillwater, you’re quickly figuring out that The Syndicate has taken all The Saints money and you have to start from scratch – now with the intention of retaliation. With two other gangs in the city you’ll have your hands full.

As fun as ever!
What I was most happy to see was the planes – the first time I ended up in an airport, I ran straight for the nearest plane, with the intention of entering it, and I could. I took it for a whirl instantly and got too courageous, ending up in the water. Well that was fun for the little amount of time used.

One of the most surprisingly funniest moments in the game was driving around the city with a tiger as a passenger. The goal was to keep the tiger’s rage bar low and waiting for your own courage bar to fill. That was one of the truly golden moments for me, not even the epic battles scattered throughout the city could top it. Next time, Volition, please make this an activity.

Edit update January 3rd 2012: It appears that this is in fact an activity. It doesn't have it's own logo, it shares it with the whore escort activity.

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Most activities are the same; pimp missions, mayhem, trail blazer, you name it. There’s a few new introductions such as riding a lightbike through the virtual world, and it’s a refreshing experience, albeit a little too inspired from TRON. We’ll take this discussion later in the review. Professor Genki’s shootout TV show is quite amusing, as you have to navigate through a number of rooms, avoiding electrical charges and fire, shooting other contestants and signs to gather time or extra money.

Girls go wild for fashion, right?
While it’s cool with so in-depth customisation, it might get a little tiring, especially if you have been looking so much forward to the game that you really just want to get in on the action. It still pays off in a great deal if you take the time to make the character that suits your taste. Other than gender and base look that you can change in all forms, colors and shapes, you also get to choose voice and personality. Personality means you choose one taunt and one cheer.

It’s hard for me talk about clothes, since I don’t even care that much about it on the daily basis, but I still like to find a style for my character in games and mix match something cool. I had two different major styles in my playthrough of this game; the business woman with cool sunglasses, a hot colored lipstick, suit pants and some kind of cardigan. Later on I switched to this cool cowgirl outfit with a tartan shirt that were tied up in the front, revealing the stomach of my hot looking player and of course suitable cowgirl pants and boots – with hot pink on some parts. God, if I had a hot body that could slip into anything and look good, I would spend so much money on clothes…

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Now it’s time to earn your money and your respect back. The war is on against 3 other gangs, The Syndicate which is by far the most normal one in my opinion, The Deckers that are inspired by TRON as they wear suits that looks a lot like what we know from the movies and the game, earn their money by hacking into certain valuable systems. Then there’s the Luchadores, and yes you guessed it. They wear masks and the boss is of course the best wrestler in the area – this gang earn their money from the wrestling community and media covering.

Small tidbits from other franchises
From the start to the end of the game there were so massive hints to movies and franchises it made me think if the developers even stopped up for a bit and tried to do something unique to this game. It kind of felt like they discussed and settled a range of different franchises and just smashed them into one big bowl of Steelport. While small hints to other franchises is really fun if they fit in, I think they overdid it in this game; from the Star Wars text in the intro with the appurtenant 2001: A Space Odyssey theme, to Bane (from Batman) inspired henchmen over GlaDoS inspired voice from your friend Zimos (while I was explained this was something DJ’s did I still call the Portal reference!) and last, but not least, the TRON clone that The Deckers cover so fully.

The good stuff has been kept
The game has stayed true to the roots by hanging onto the arcade style feeling, especially of the cars. The visual style is great, not on par with top tier games out today, but still pretty satisfying with great colouring and art. Most of the sights are really great made but with some dull and grey spots, especially behind buildings and in factories scattered around the city, but this aren’t a mood killer, just making the game and experience fluctuate.

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I can accept that sandbox games has small errors, but this one had a few that were surprisingly interfering with the gameplay – even so bad that I ended up failing the mission. Oleg, one of the henchmen that helps the player in a few missions, died a few times because he jumped out into a plane in one mission – which were scripted, yet he died and I failed the mission. In another instance, my character jumped out of the helicopter that I was supposed to stay in, and the helicopter left me behind. Flickering characters when a scripted animation runs out of cutscenes, ending the cutscene before the last sentence spoken was finished and heavy clipping occurred as well – none of which made the game unplayable, though I had to replay a little of certain missions.

And the music award goes to:
The radio includes a wide variation of different stations that has themes such as 80’s Hits (my favourite) over Heavy Metal to Classical, each genre on each station, with the name making a vast hint towards the genre. Voice acting is up to par, working as it should, sound effects are as they should in a game like this, but one thing I noticed, that really got on my nerves. I’m not supposed to curse here, but I am really that close to, just because of the engine sounds – the sound loops. You’ll notice it when you have had the speeder floored and have been close to top speed for a while, it sounds like the car keeps speeding up.

Now that I finished the rant about all the errors the game comes with from launch, and all the games skeletons now out in the open I can safely confirm what I said in the beginning of the review: Yes, it’s worth a buy. The game is damn fun, with a glorious story, great characters and over-the-top action, all spiced up with fun powersliding when you’re trying to reach your goal in time, even with glitching and horrifying engine sounds.

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Sitting back and listening to all the main character voice actors sing a song sort of describes the oddball atmosphere and silliness that went into Saints Row: The Third. You won't find a melancholy story about a broken man trying to make it in America, or the real dangers and hardships of a life of crime in this series. Instead, you will be tasked with shooting mascots on a game show, get experience points and money for slamming into pedestrians, and spend the last level fighting on the set of a sci-fi gangster movie. It is off-the-wall, goofy, ridiculous, and every other thing that makes me love video games.

I stumbled across this series years ago after an almost-perfect recommendation from Zero Punctuation. If you've ever heard one of those reviews, you know the man is very short on kind words, so the fact that he loved a game from a series that I'd just dismissed as another terrible GTA clone meant that I ought to take notice. After only playing it for an hour, I found that I could keep as many cars as I wanted in my garage, that I could unlock weapons with infinite ammo by doing sidequests, and that the sidequests weren't just more terrible story missions. On top of that, the levels had checkpoints, the guns all worked well and were easy to aim, and the car controls were designed for fun more than realism.

That last bit really sums up Saints Row The Third: fun over realism. The people in charge of this game realized that, well, they are making a video game. This is something someone is going to be playing for fun. A serious, depressing story attached to realistic driving physics where you can fly out your window can make for an interesting game, but where is the fun in it? The open world criminal sandbox, given all of its options for causing silly mayhem and destruction, still had a serious and depressing game as its figurehead. It needed someone new and fresh, someone who understood the real reason why people buy these games.

If you need any reason to play Saints Row The Third, it's because it takes all of the goofy things you do for fun in other open-world crime games, and it rewards you for doing them. Want to surf on top of cars? Hit a button, and you'll make some money and experience points doing it. Hit 500 pedestrians? Another reward. Just killed two dudes with the same shot? Another reward. The game is constantly giving you money and experience just for goofing off, or playing the game in outlandish ways. Driving down the wrong lane for any period of time, blowing up cars, doing big jumps in your car, robbing stores, buying stupid clothes, getting hit hard by oncoming traffic, and just about anything else you can think of results in rewards that help you have even more absurd fun.

What would an experience system be doing in this kind of game, you might ask. Well, you unlock upgrades at every level, ones you can buy with your money once they're made available, and I'm not talking just a few health upgrades. I'm talking stuff like infinite ammo, invulnerability to bullets, nitrous in every car you drive, tank drop-offs, and notoriety wipes. Those are all high-level examples, but the point is that you can turn your character into a real powerhouse just by screwing around with the game. If a particular mission keeps giving you trouble, you can literally bounce yourself off cars until you get enough experience to hit the next level. It's pretty bad when you get excited over not beating a mission, laughing as you go shoot a bunch of cars with rockets until you gain a level.

Money isn't all that hard to come by either, once you start doing things. Beyond messing around, you can do activities, where the real money is. Riding around in an atv that makes everything it touches explode is a pretty fun way to earn a few thousand bucks, as is driving around in a car with an angry tiger while dodging PETA vans. If you're feeling more violent, there are lots of gang operations to break up by shooting every thug in a given area, or places where you may be called to survive several waves of increasingly-difficult enemies. Even if you're feeling lazy, you can start buying up property, which gives you places to instantly lose your notoriety level just by going inside, but also gives you 10% of what you paid every in-game hour. Since that's about every twenty minutes, expect to see some solid returns in a few hours, especially once you start buying a lot of them. By the end of the game, I was collecting about forty-five thousand every couple of minutes.

And the game itself? How about riding a bank vault while a helicopter carries it through the sky, finding the bank belonged to another gang, and then falling out of their airplane and fighting their thugs as you plummet to the ground? How about changing into a toilet with a gun as you try to disable a hacker's avatar in cyberspace? How about smacking a giant luchador around with a blow-up doll or shark? Maybe you'd just like to use a jet plane that converts to a helicopter, one that has an infinite amount of lasers and missiles? The game has you doing over-the-top things in every mission, fighting off waves of enemies in either extremely intense or absurd situations. I don't want to spoil it, but suffice to say that the 'Pony Ride' is one of the weirdest things I've played through in a game.

You're given tons of options for guns to play with as well, allowing you to use whatever you're the most comfortable with in combat. If you like handguns, you're in for a treat with this game. Each gun has a few levels it can be upgraded, and no level cap to restrain you. I highly recommend maxing out the basic handgun as soon as you can, as it fires exploding bullets that literally devour enemy health. I was using them almost all the way through the game, with only an infinite ammo rocket launcher being able to displace them. Combat is fast and up close, so snipers might not get as much out of the gunplay as others, but I don't think it will upset people much when they're shooting mind-controlling octopi at passer-by.

This game isn't stingy with enemies, either. If you want to have crazy shootouts with the enemies, you'll find no shortage of them here. It doesn't take long before the game starts throwing huge waves of gang members at you, with each faction having a specialist that has its own weapons and abilities. On top of that are the Brutes, which are basically just huge guys who can soak up a lot of damage before going down. They often have overpowered weapons as well, instantly needing your attention over whatever else you're fighting. They also tend to flush you out of whatever you're using for cover, forcing players to give up on those cover-based tendencies they're been developing from modern shooters. Throwing tanks, attack jets, helicopters, and gang vehicles into that mix makes every fight seem like a game-ending battle. Explosions go off all around you while people are dying left and right, every firefight feeling like it's the finale to a Michael Bay movie, except you can actually see the action instead of being drowned in quick cuts.

But combat is only a part of the game. On top of being rewarded for general goofing off, there are many specific opportunities for structured silliness. Stuff like the aforementioned tiger escorts, exploding atv races, and insurance fraud all give you something fun to do when you get sick of playing the combative missions. You can always take a quick break to race through cyberspace on a digital motorcycle if you want a change of pace.

One of my only gripes with the game is that I could pretty much replace every instance of Saints Row The Third in this review and replace it with Saints Row 2. Beyond a couple of changes to some of the diversions, there aren't that many appreciable differences between the two games. The gangs in this one are a little sillier than previous games, but most of what you do has stayed the same. That never felt like a problem for me, but for someone who was hoping to see a lot more content added to make this game bigger and better, you might be a little disappointed.

Adding to the annoying parts is the presence of a very powerful group that shows up about a third of the way into the game. I know that they had to throw in something that matched the ridiculous power you would eventually possess, but I found their ability to fight back to be beyond frustrating at times. Barring a huge health bar, their weapons and vehicles are just so overpowered that it leaves little option beyond taking the invincibility powers. At that point, though, a lot of the fun goes out of the game. It's fun to flick on an invincibility mode in games from time to time, but having a permanent one just made me feel like I was cheating. I would have liked an option to turn it off and have the enemies toned down a bit near the end, but these are more my problems than anything I think the developers did wrong.

Saints Row The Third is an extremely solid and fun game, one that will easily keep you busy for hours on end. If you've ever wished that Rockstar games would concentrate more on the fun aspects of the GTA series, then you need to give this game a shot. With unbelievable amounts of customization and ways to mess around, the game does its best to keep a smile on your face and to make sure you're never bored. It may feel at times like just a rehash of Saints Row 2 with a few add-ons, but even looking at it just like a substantial mission pack makes it more than worth the price of entry. It's easily one of my favorite games this year.

If you liked Saints Row The Third, you might like...

Saints Row 2 (360/PS3) – It could be because I played this one first, but this game just felt like it did a better job than its sequel. Doing most of these crazy activities for the first time lent the game a certain charm that is lost when doing the activities in the later game. It also doesn't hurt that you can have just as much fun with this one for less than half the price of the new one.

Bully (PS2/360) – This lighthearted take on the open world genre really stuck with me. There was just something innocent and satisfying about giving wedgies and firing stink bombs instead of running over pedestrians. It makes you feel like a teenager again while playing it, even if you were on the receiving end of the wedgies when you were a kid.

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Volition Inc. has always been a curious case for me when it came to their line-up of titles. I enjoyed the Red Faction series as well as their exceptional work on FreeSpace 1 & 2 but I didn’t get into either of the Summoner titles. When the Xbox 360 launched in 2005 Volition was presented with an incredible opportunity. Since Rockstar Games had gone silent to work on their Rage engine and what would become Grand Theft Auto IV there was nary a next generation open-world title to be found, something fans had been craving since GTA San Andreas. The result was Saint’s Row, Volition’s first outing into a sandbox title. The game did well commercially and was cited as what fans could play to tide them over until the next GTA title was announced. Saint’s Row 2 picked up where its predecessor left off and completely jumped the shark, ditching any sort of melodrama in favor of over-the-top gameplay ideas like the Septic Avenger, sing-alongs, and a strong cooperative element.

It’s been three years since we last saw the Third Street Saints but they are back in action and are more over-the-top than ever. Against one of the most crowded holiday line-ups in gaming history though can it hold its own?

Third Street for Life
When we last left the Third Street Saints they were at the top of their game. After having successfully taken down Ultor (Volition’s go-to evil corporation and possible series tie-in to Red Faction) and eliminated the major competing gangs in Stillwater the boss (you), Johnny Gat and Shaundi have become international celebrities. The Saints can get away with practically anything and with the power of Ultor’s media division behind them everything from merchandising to even major Hollywood films are being made about them. No one can stop them or, at least, that’s what our “heroes” thought.

During what was to be a routine “for fun” bank robbery the tables are turned on the trio as the seemingly innocent tellers draw submachine guns on them. After a daring attempt to hijack the vault with a helicopter fails they are captured and awaken on a jumbo jet owned by Philippe Loren, leader of an international criminal organization known as the Syndicate. The Syndicate is moving into Stillwater and the three are offered their lives in exchange for a huge cut of the Saints’ profits. Naturally, our heroes decline the generous proposal and one explosive, bullet-filled escape later we find ourselves in Steelport. As dirty a city as Stillwater was, Steelport is a cesspool in comparison as three gangs run the town under the umbrella of the Syndicate. Out for revenge, our heroes must find new allies and do what they do best if they want to take over the city.

If you thought taking over the city of Steelport would be as easy as it was to control Stillwater you’ll find this will be no easy task. Three rival gangs that inhabit this burg: the Luchadores, a gang of Mexican wrestlers; the Deckers, a team of nigh emo cyberpunks; and the Morningstar gang headed up by Philippe Loren and his evil Asian twin guards Viola and Kiki. Each occupy a section of the town and have missions specific to them (no missions seem to correspond with more than one gang). Just like the previous titles as well there is no required order needed to take them on in so you can handle them in almost any order you wish throughout a large part of the game.

To aid you on your conquest you have a cast of old and new allies. This troupe of characters that you interact with is certainly an eclectic bunch but, then again, when has Saints Row not gone for over-the-top? Shaundi, the murderous temptress with a passion for explosives as well as Pierce the wisecracking minion are present throughout this tale of street revenge but new allies appear to aid you in this new town. Oleg Kirrlov, a giant of a man, becomes your ally after the Syndicate decides to create a clone army based on him. Angel De La Muerte, voiced by none other than Hulk Hogan, is an ex-Luchadore and will aid you in your fight to wrestle control over their territory. Kinzie Kensington is a former FBI agent who has it out for the Deckers. Zimos, who wants payback against the Morningstars, is probably the funniest of the new supporting cast as he has a microphone cane that auto-tunes his tracheotomied voice box. Each one is quite entertaining but Zimos is easily the one you’ll want to hang out with the most.

Who Wouldn’t Want to be Johnny Gat?
Much like the previous games in the series, Saints Row The Third continues in the tradition of waging a turf war against rival gangs with the added goal of wiping out the criminal organization that owns Steelport. The game also follows in the tradition of starting you out with nothing and forcing you to work your way up, putting you through tutorial missions initially to set up your first cribs as well as each type of activity you can participate in. While the variety of activities you can take on is small (on the same order as the previous two games) it is a varied enough affair to not have you coming back to them wondering what you need to do.

Returning to Saints Row The Third are several classic activities as well as a host of new ones. Snatch, the prostitute capture activity as well as Insurance Fraud, Trail Blazing and Mayhem return from Saints Row 2. Four new activities, Tank Mayhem, Guardian Angel, Trafficking and the curiously named Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax bring the count up to twelve. Tank Mayhem plays out just like a standard Mayhem event albeit with, well, a tank and both Guardian Angel and Trafficking have you escorting someone throughout Steelport. Professor Genki’s event however is an entirely different animal all together. A Japanese game show, you are subjected to a Smash TV-esque point grinder where you have to shoot enemies dressed as mascots (furries, beer brands, what have you) as well as signs that liter the rooms while avoiding walls of fire and electricity. The end result is hilarious and really does a great job of spoofing the source material it is based on. If anything, this should be the first activity you complete all the way through.

One thing about Saints Row you will notice is that everything from the previous games has been upgraded, an enticing fact considering that Saints Row 2 was already a terrific game. The character creation system is even more powerful than before and rivals that of even Bethesda and Bioware titles. This customization factor also applies to vehicles and your gang, albeit at a smaller level. Weapons can also be upgraded to outlandish levels (visually anyway) so it is worth your time to spent that hard earned cash.

Outlandish is probably the best word to describe the Saints Row series and The Third is no exception. Nothing is sacred in the Saints’ tale of urban conquest and every single exotic taboo, fetish and otherwise deviant activity is either joked about, referenced, or utilized somewhere in the game. You name it, there’s a joke. Heck, you even visit a BDSM club early on in the game to rescue a principle character which ends with one of the most hilarious (and wrong) chase sequences ever conceived of. Volition certainly pulled out all the stops on this one.

Cooperative play, something that has yet to be implemented to its logical extent in a lot of Saints Row’s main competition, is back and while it is just as fun as you remember one new item is probably the most outlandish Whored Mode. Yes, you read that right. A take on the now classic horde mode, Whored has you facing off against increasingly harder waves of gimps, prostitutes, zombies and others using weapons such as the Fart in a Jar (quite possibly the deadliest grenade ever made), the Penetrator rubber dildo bat (I can’t believe I just typed that). Despite its raunchy nature it is surprisingly fun and extends the game a significant bit beyond the singleplayer experience.

Strapping It On
A lot can be said about Saints Row The Third but the only word that wouldn’t be used to describe it would be ‘subtle.’ Volition has refined their crime-riddled sandbox series to a fine point with The Third and it is a must have for series veterans as well as those who wanted GTA to have a better sense of humor. It definitely isn’t for everyone and much of its raunchy nature could be an automatic turn off for prospective gamers looking for something wholesome but if you are looking to test the limits of taste and have fun the whole time through you’d be hard pressed not to pick this one up.
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Game Summary: Years after taking Stilwater for their own, the Third Street Saints have evolved from street gang to household brand name, with Saints sneakers, Saints energy drinks and Johnny Gat bobble head dolls all available at a store near you. The Saints are kings of Stilwater, but their celebrity status has not gone unnoticed. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal fraternity with pawns in play all over the globe, has turned its eye on the Saints and demands tribute. Refusing to kneel to the Syndicate, you take the fight to a new city, playing out the most outlandish gameplay scenarios ever seen.Strap it on. The Saints are kings of Stilwater, but their celebrity status has not gone unnoticed. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal fraternity with pawns in play all over the globe, has turned its eye on the Saints and demands tribute. Refusing to kneel to the Syndicate, you take the fight to Steelport, a once-proud metropolis reduced to a struggling city of sin under Syndicate control. Take a tank skydiving, call in a satellite-targeted airstrike on a Mexican wrestling gang, and defend yourself against a highly-trained military force using only a sex toy in the most out- landish gameplay scenarios ever seen, igniting a city-wide war that will set Steelport on fire. Strap it on. (Taken from

Sound: The quality of the sound in this game is fantastic. Falls sound painful and hilarious in equal measure. Bullets, the main weapon used to kill enemies, sound over-exaggerated but add to the over the top nature of the game as a whole. For melee weapons, the term "bone-breaking" is an understatement, they sound bone shattering. The dialogue is however tiring for those who have played Saints Row 2 (if you haven't played Saints Row 2 and are planning on playing this game, don't until you have played SR2) the same 6 voice options reappear for the protagonist. There are few fresh taunts and compliments but the overall quality is still there. The cars sound can sound realistic but when they have been upgraded they also add to the overall over-the-top nature of this game. Whilst not immersing you within the game the sounds within the game do not detract from it.
Overall: 3/5

Visuals: The game looks, great. Whilst not on the aesthetic quality of Skyrim or GTA IV, the game is not trying to be. The cars look slick and sublime and the in-depth character creation falters rarely. There is the odd issue I have experienced with clothes fusing to skin in a pixelated mess. The quality of the buildings and the railways and bridges have vastly improved upon those in Saints Row 2. The overall darker tone of Steelport allows for more visual discrepancies to go unnoticed. Few issues arise when playing co-op through Xbox Live.
Overall: 4/5

Gameplay: Wow, this is without a doubt the crowning feature of Saints Row the Third. The controls are well mapped out and after an hour or so of gameplay they begin to feel like second nature. My only gripe with the controls are that helicopters can be difficult to control at times, although not impossible. Firefights can be tough and when on the hardest difficulty they can provide to be challenging. There is always the option of upgrading your health to the point of invincibility. There have been several new weapons introduced into the game including the FIAJ and the dildo bat, two must have weapons for any teenage boy or immature adult. There has been vast improvements to the crib system in Saints Row: The Third with the player now having to upgrade the crib when they have enough money rather than having it upgrade automatically as the player progresses through the story, the only exception being the main crib. With vehicles, colours are much more varied than in previous installments and players now have more customisable areas of the car. Unfortunately, planes and helicopters lack the ability to be upgraded meaning you are stuck with the non Saints style helicopters. The gameplay is for the most part, outstanding.
Overall: 4.5/5

Replayability: This game has lots of replayable value. Although two playthroughs are not required to 100% the game (as you can load an earlier save, detailed information is in the achievement description). The game can be played for several hours without gaining a percentage point in game completion as players can just go mad on the town that has seemingly infinite numbers of police officers. However a lack of choice in missions can detract from the replayability aspect of the game.
Overall: 4/5

Overall Score: 4/5 if you want to play online this game has an online pass. However it can be found fairly cheap pre-owned. In my opinion this game is worth the full RRP. In short get this game and strap in for the ride of your life!
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Posted on 28 July 12 at 12:50, Edited on 28 July 12 at 18:51
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Murder Time. Fun time.

Yes that's right the Saints are back for their third installment and they are crazier than ever.

You play as the leader of the saints only known as The Boss ( they don't have the technology of actually saying your name like on dirt or grid) and he is one crazy mofo.

In this game the saints are the number 1 gang in all of Stilwater. The Saints think that they are unstoppable but it was only a matter of time that someone challenges them. A gang called the Syndicate kidnaps them after their recent mission to discuss business matters. The Syndicate wants to own Stilwater and wanted the Saints to step down and only control 33% of it while the Syndicate controls 67% (because of the three gangs that formed into the Syndicate). As you might of guessed the Saints say no and attacks the Syndicate leader and escape the plane that they were in. Since that they have angered the Syndicate they try to kill the Saints And the Saints will have to kill them.
External image

Now put in your tampons and let's do this review. (One of the lines that Shaundi says).

The nice cartoony graphics actually work quite well but it isn't really that special to look at. It looks flashy but there are some ropey areas which spoils its looks. Surprisingly the Character models show off some really nice animations but some are glitched though but at least it's a step forward for free roaming games. Character design looks great and the cars are highly detailed with nice colours. The only ugly character models are the soldiers at the start of the game because they have blank faces (In fact they look like wax models to me). The game actually shows off some nice cinematics and really cool looking cut scenes.

External image

Unfortunately the game is held back by some frame rate issues and some screen tearing.

Despite those problems I'm going to give the graphics score a 9/10.

The sound design is nicely done. The sound effects are great and there are quite a lot of nice songs to play on the radio. The selection of voice actors are great. some are well known and some are new. Voice acting is actually well done with really cool and funny dialogue.

All I can say is that the car engines sound weak. They just don't roar and they sound like they have way to many gear changes even though you have met your maximum speed.

I will also give the sound a 9/10.

All I can say is wow. Just wow. It's mindless and fun. The controls are good. The gunplay is fantastic with pretty creative guns and the missions are bizarre. I've never had this much fun in a game before. There's just nothing better than driving a quad bike that's on fire and just ramming into cars which will explode as soon as you touch it and it's even better when your doing the same thing with a friend.

External image

All I can say is that there are a few glitches and driving a car can feel a bit floaty.

I give the gameplay score 10/10 for just being awesome and crazy. I would even consider giving it an 11/10.

Surprisingly the storyline is actually well written. It makes a lot of sense and has great sense of humour. There was literally a point where I was laughing my arse off.

I give the storyline score a 9/10.

Overall I think the game is fantastic. It just gives you so much to do. I have never played a game this creative so I'm going to give it a 10/10.
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Posted on 06 January 12 at 23:31
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I found this game quite refreshing. Having never played any of the Saints Row games i thought that i'd give it a go for that sake of trying new things.
So im fully ready to admit that im no officianado. However I avidly inserted my disk and let rip. I have no comparison to the other games in the series but found this particular one quite a lot of fun. It made me laugh, It made me cry and it made me want to punch things sometimes but i kept coming back for more because i enjoyed it,
Im a bit of an achievment whore myself but im honestly playing this game for the love of it and not just to get the cheevo's.
I thought the graphics and gameplay was rather good. I enjoyed the story, I found the whole package wonderful and for a few mindless hours thats all i want sometimes,

I will say that i started the game out just wandering round and completing challenges. So i did not follow much of the story at first, i just wanted to get money and buy some properties so i had a constant flow of cash coming in.
This enabled me to upgrade m abilities/weapons quite quickly and therefore made the game quite easy for me.

I thought it was nice that this game did not take itself too seriousley and the controls were easy enough to pick up.

All in all as a newcomer to the series i enjoyed it and am now wanting to play the past games so i can have a bit more fun. As ive said before im not an officianado and dont know how it compares but i thoroughley enjoyed playing.
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Posted on 23 May 12 at 11:36, Edited on 12 July 12 at 05:05
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I've been a fan of the GTA games for some time and always looked down (unfairly) at the Saint's Row games as their goofy, low-brow, knock off cousins. I received this game as a Christmas present from a friend who wanted to play the co-op. And while the "low-brow" definitely applies to this game, I was very pleasantly surprised at how good of a game it was.

I fell in love with the story, the characters, and the game play long before I got a chance to play it co-op with my buddy. In fact, I had the full 1300 GS before we even engaged in our first mission together. In general, I dislike games that pump out the DLC and additional achievement points like this. However, I enjoyed the game so much that I just had to jump on all 3 DLC packs and go hunting for those last 300 points. And for the most part, it was worth it.

This biggest advantage that Saint's Row has over the GTA model of a sandbox game is it's customization options. Nearly every car you steal or acquire can have anything from the paint job, to the rims, to the tire size and trim changed to your liking. The clothing options also out do GTA as does your ability to change your overall physical appearance. Though, having even more clothing styles to chose from would have been even better.

The story is fun. For the most part, the activities to take over different districts of the city are entertaining and worthwhile (with a few exceptions of frustration). The leveling/upgrade systems is addictive. The gameplay is well done (especially for this genre). There always seems to be something fun to do in Steelport.

The DLC is a success overall. Mostly they are short and to the point, and you usually get something fun in your wardrobe and garage for finishing them. Though, I would recommend completing them before you've completed the main story and activities completely so that you can have some fun with your new toys before all is said and done.

Burt Reynolds as Burt Reynolds.

Edit: If you're gonna give someone a negative mark on their review, how about you have the courtesy to give some reasons behind it.
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Posted on 27 August 14 at 05:24
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This game does not have an exact word to place on it. It will absolutely keep you coming for more. Definitely the apitomy of laughter, Non stop punch lines, hilarious jestures and cheesy movie references. Your in for a good time.

One of the best things about saints row the third was the ammount of over powered abilities and weapons you are able to use right from the beginning if you know how to level up fast. A must play if you are into third person shooters and have enjoyed the grand theft auto series,.

Honestly there isn't a lot to say about it that could amount to 100 words long. Just play it.
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