Saints Row Reviews

  • YohCeezaXYohCeezaX256,251
    06 Aug 2009
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    Saints Row is a sandbox-style action-adventure video game produced by Volition. Set in Stilwater, a fictional city based heavily on the likes of Detroit and Chicago, the game begins with the unnamed protagonist being caught up in a war between three rival gangs. He is rescued by Julius Little and Troy Bradshaw, who lead the 3rd Street Saints, a street gang tasked with bringing an end to the ongoing gang war that has crippled the streets of Stilwater. When he is offered a position in the gang, the protagonist gladly accepts and the storyline follows the protagonist's journey as he aids the Saints in bringing down the other gangs and giving the Saints full control over the city.

    Saints Row is composed of elements from driving games and third-person shooters and features open world gameplay that gives players control over their playing experience. An array of land-based weapons and vehicles are included in the game and an in-depth customization system allows the player to modify the protagonist's appearance and clothes, as well as vehicles. Saints Row also features competitive multiplayer modes and an online gang system.

    The open, non-linear environment allows players to explore and choose how they wish to play the game. After a short cinematic-based prologue, the entire environment can be fully explored. Although storyline missions are necessary as they are part of in-game progress, players can complete them at their own leisure and after filling up a bar of 'respect', which is in-game currency used to unlock missions. As missions are separated into three linear mission arcs with different storylines, each mission can be completed at the player's leisure or played through in respective order. In addition, the player can replay any mission or cutscene through use of an in-game movie theater. Should the player ever fail a mission in Saints Row, the option of instantly retrying the mission is given to the player, instead of having to drive back to the point in the city where the mission originated from.

    The game is highyl fun, and takes a far less serious tone than a similar series, Grand Theft Auto. This, along with the multiplayer and the very easy to use character customisation brings a new way forward, and shows the creativity of Volation.

    I would give the game 4 out of 5 overall, and praise its uniqueness, and highly enjoyable gameplay and story.
  • Wull ScottWull Scott450,765
    20 Jun 2011
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    Saint's Row is a game that is immersed a bit too deeply in the turgid "urban" culture that is incredibly popular just now, and that is its main sticking point. The controls are solid, the gameplay incredibly fun and the voice acting well done - it's all just a bit too shallow and empty. Starting with something fairly positive, the sound is just that - fairly positive. Weapon sound effects provide excellent feedback and are highly satisfying. The voice acting is superb, Volition wisely keeping the player's character completely silent, but made up for by a wide range of well acted NPCs. However, the music is just so rubbish and generic - unless you happen to like generic modern R&B or pretty guff rap - that I actually turn the radio off. The tracks may or may not be licensed tracks, I'm not up on the music type, but considering the joy to be had with the old skool (fool!) rap in San Andreas, it is frankly utter pap.

    On that note, it is difficult not to compare Saint's Row to Grand Theft Auto 3, and with the best will in the world, it is hard not to say that it is a blatant rip-off in the laziest of ways. This would be bad enough were it only the game mechanic (which, to be fair, is better in many ways than GTA's), but it is the "humour" that is jarringly cut and paste from Rockstar's effort. What SHOULD have been transferred is the feeling of consequence from San Andreas, where even your gang members would be unimpressed with your assault on innocent bystanders. In Saint's Row, I accident kicked an old lady, and then watched as fellow gang members kicked her to death. Admittedly funny, but it also leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Maybe it's just me, but I do attempt to not kill innocent bystanders in this type of game, and pride myself in completing San Andreas with "only" 7 killed. I realise that this type of game relies on the choice and morality of the player, but I felt that this was removed slightly by at least one of the car stealing animations where your character automatically shoots the driver in order to steal their car. Not exactly what I would have chosen to do.

    That being said, I don't believe that the game should be taken that seriously, and I suppose when you see the box you know what you're letting yourself in for. In summation, the game can essentially be called adequate. It is fun to dip in and out of and I have been doing exactly that for quite some time. The "but", however is fairly big but (ho HO!) - Saint's Row is missing something unquantifiable - a spark, an X Factor, if you will - leaving it strangely soulless.
    11 Jun 2012
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    This is one of the best games I played, I recently played it. even for an old title it's entertaining and fun. It can be redundant at times and tedious but well worth the play thru. The beginning throws you immediately into the game without skipping on a story line, it also isn't time based so you can run around goofing off almost all the time. The insurance scheme mini game is creative and addicting. So if you're looking for a fun game with a more gang related feel to it like san andrios, this is the game for you.